Teffont Quarry (RAF Chilmark North), Chilmark, Wiltshire

Astonishingly it’s been almost a decade since I first explored the underground workings of RAF Chilmark in 2010.

Back then, opposite the RAF Chilmark southern site & topside bunkers was the International School for Security and Explosives Education (ISSEE). A company which specialises in explosives & counter-terrorism, we gave the area an extremely wide berth! Not wanting to draw attention to ourselves we kept to the south side of the Chilmark site.

Narrow-Gauge track at Chilmark Quarry
The alluring narrow-gauge track as captured by Google Streetview in 2009

In early 2015 the ISSEE headquarters relocated near Oxford and the Chilmark North site has become a mish-mash of different businesses. A chance arose to explore the previously tricky northern site, and see where the narrow-gauge track which was previously so tempting went! Being stealthy was still the order of the day even though I’m sure we would have walked straight in the front door. Always the best option.

Traipsing across the Wiltshire countryside we dropped inside the Chilmark North site from a built-up wooded area and found ourselves right in front of the mine doors. The entrance portal and immediate passages thereafter were doused in artefacts. Narrow-gauge track, switch points, signage, some impressive overhead steelwork and huge cutting machinery.

The entrance portal to Teffont Quarry
Teffont Quarry, RAF Chilmark North, Wiltshire

Salisbury council have been trying to sell off different parts of the former RAF Chilmark site since it officially closed in 1995. The area is also home to a large bat population in the surrounding caves, one of Europe’s most important bat sites apparently! A ten year lease was given to Chilmark Quarries Ltd to extract stone which expired in 2006, however I assume subsequent extensions were permitted as we found references to 2009 inside the quarry.

The quarry has been subject to many name changes, Teffont, Linda Barrow, Barrow & Chilmark North. Historically speaking, Teffont Quarry seems to be correct and ‘Linda Barrow Mine’ it’s last incarnation before closing.

Quite a small mine, Teffont is comprised of new and old sections. The markings and stone extraction methods clearly different in each part of the quarry. The whole quarry felt untouched, it’s not often you get that feeling doing this hobby. There’s nearly always some evidence of previous visitors (apart from the original workers, obviously!).

It wasn’t a good photo day for me. My photos were annoyingly under-exposed and poorly composed. It had been a while since I’d used my camera in pitch-black conditions!

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  1. Ollie says:

    Afternoon all,

    I believe I have found the rough location of the mine, near the old ISSEE building. As far as I can see the left side of the compound are old bunkers/training tunnels? With the right side being used by various companies.

    Do correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the quarry in question is just north of these two areas?


    1. Jake says:

      I went there a while back and the way in is to follow the tracks along the road that lead to a currently used estate and the entrance is semi hidden between ‘The Francis Frith Collection’ and ‘Serve on’.

      The track leads right to it so follow it and it’ll lead you to the main entrance.

  2. Mark Ward says:

    Visited today, pretty much the same as these pictures. Then visited the quarry across the road, the cutting yard. Sadly the lift shaft is now sealed shut. Went and looked at the transfer sheds, quite clean now. Went to the hidden large SAS house now in disrepair, then ran into the search and rescue guys from Serve on doing practice in the proof yard, who told us we were welcome to explore the buildings… awesome!

    Also told us to walk into EHD and see if we could look around, but we’ll save that for another day.

    All in all a fantastic day, mostly in the sunshine. Be warned the mine is now a protected bat colony, so extreme caution required.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Great, always nice to have updates on places.

    2. Thomas says:

      Hello Mark,
      I visited a few times in previous years but found last year to have been serious barred up at the rail entrance. Was wandering your route, if I perhaps missed it. Thanks. Thomas

      1. Mark Ward says:

        Hi Thomas,

        That’s the bomb store which is seriously barred! We visited the Mine across the road. There is possibly a way into the bomb store, but needs logic to find it. Cheers

  3. Dr J says:

    Mine has now been re-opened, already extracting stone and working up to full-scale product removal – with both entrances now secured. Visits accordingly no longer possible-unless being through approaching the owners (might prove accommodating?)

  4. Hails says:

    Have tried twice to find this site, literally googled the life out of the place and no luck even with coordinates in hand! Definitely going wrong somewhere! Any help much appreciated: hailsphoenix@gmail.com

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Change your search term. If you’re looking for Teffont Quarry, you’ll no doubt be drawing a blank because there’s hardly any history online.

      1. Chris says:

        Hi like you said in one of your previous messages, searching for this online is useless no results? Want to take my family there to get some pics can you send coordinates or address plz. Many thanks

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Hi Chris, I said change the search term. It’s definitely not useless. I’ve just done a quick Google search and all the information I needed to find this quarry was right there on page one of the results…

          1. Chris says:

            We were there can find the old caves with the metal railing stopping you getting in can’t find the places in the picture you’ve put on

            1. Jay says:

              Hey Chris, mind sharing these coordinates of the old quarry and ISSEE

              email me at jayremsik@gmail.com

              1. Tom says:

                Looking for somewhere to explore with the Mrs today we live in Ludgershall so don’t wanna travel more than 60 miles any help.
                Anyone can help us? 07518 636486

          2. Jordan says:

            Has anyone had recent visit in July onwards of 2021 if so can you shoot me a message on 07847746110 with details because me and my friend are very interested in visiting!!!

      2. Tazmine Bartram says:

        Hi, my Dad used to work here way back in the day. You found his old mine tag, his name is Kelvin! I remember going down into those mines so often when I was younger. They truly are pretty cool and eerie. Did you come across the office? Would love to see more photos if you have them! Feel free to email me :)

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Afraid there’s no more photos from me. I’ll see if any of my fellow explorers who joined me on the day have anything to add. It was so long ago now, I can’t remember an office, but that’s pretty cool I’ve shot his mine tag!

          1. Corky says:

            The office is the small building next to the generator just before the entrance to the mine.

    2. Corky says:

      Head down hill along what was once the railway line.
      Good luck.

  5. missy says:

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has accessed the site in 2019. Really want to get some photos for my photography project :)

  6. Oli says:

    Hi could you please send me location thanks

  7. Beckie says:

    Is this still accessible? x

  8. Olga says:

    Hello, can someone help with the right location, please? Really want to visit, but afraid to find a wrong location. Thank You.

    1. Josh says:

      Have you an email address? I could drop you a message

      1. Olga says:

        mojtedi2018@gmail.com. Thank you so much. I am so happy.

      2. Ben says:

        Would also be able to send me a message please? Looking for the best entrance place if you know it?



      3. Luke says:

        Hi Josh, I am also looking to explore this area (if still accessible) would you mind giving me some pointers to location if that’s alright? Thanks in advance, Luke.

      4. Alfie says:

        Hi Josh, if you wouldn’t mined kindly sending me the location please would be greatly apprieciated

      5. Ben Hardwick says:

        Hi Josh, if the location is still available to enter would you mind sending me the location, thank you.

      6. Ruth says:

        Hi, looking to go to the same location could you send me the coordinates as well? Really don’t want to travel all that way to get it wrong ?

      7. Ali says:

        Hi Josh, sorry to be a pain. Could you email over the details for the entrance to me as well.



      8. Lilly says:

        Hi Josh, do you still have the address? If so please can you email me at lillithoakleyspam@gmail.com. Thanks!

        1. Cheryl says:

          Hi, I would love to explore could someone share details please? xcheryl1990x@gmail.com

      9. Lucy Mayo says:

        Hey Josh, I’ve been there a couple of times and have missed loads could you please give me an email too for the location please? email is lucy_mayo@yahoo.co.uk Many thanks and happy new year

      10. Scott Vaughan says:

        Hey josh i have done alot of these in this area but not this so an accurate location for this one would be helpful thanks scottvaughan2013@outlook.com

      11. Freya Marie says:

        Hi Josh, would appreciate it if you could send me the location. Thanks, my email is

      12. Jordan says:

        Hi could I possibly get the address for this as well, wanting to use it for a YouTube video! Thanks scudamorejordan@gmail.com

      13. Rachael says:

        Hiya could you possibly email me details too please, usually just do residential and hospitals/asylums but this looks amazing ? r.talbot2019@icloud.com thank you

      14. Jan says:

        Hey, if you still have the details on the entrance please email me, I’m shooting a music video and this location would be perfect.

  9. Chalkie says:

    Was there earlier [* timelines removed *] around Chilmark. Managed to find the signs with the caves entrances. All caves have now got concrete structures round with steel bar covering all entrances so no entrances into any of the cave structures.

    However other side of the road was a different story! Easy access into the site. 20+ buildings to explore. Found an old abandoned Nissan Micra, search and rescue support van, plant room, what looked to be space for mining staff. Rooms with books and sofas with an old TV it made for a real good explore given the disappointment of the caves being sealed.

    In one room the track lead to fresh brickwork which I’m guessing was an old shaft of sorts.

    The most interesting part was finding an old crawling space (barely fit a body in) which was between all these buildings. I crawled in for about 100 metres however the space did not open up so I didn’t dare go further. Found a section with just about enough room to change direction and come back. I wonder how far it went? It went in the direction of the sealed caves and I didn’t find an end just more and more crawling space.

    I have the whole lot on a snap story which I can take stills from. Was in this general area. Absolute belter of an evening and an explore! Once again thanks to this site for providing enough to get us pointed in the right direction!

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Sounds like you were in the old ISSEE headquarters to me. The caves have had grills on for years, the underground workings you see in the report photos are from the quarrys, nothing to do with the caves, so looks like you’ve got some more exploring to do in this area!

      Glad to see people out & about exploring and getting muddy. Stay safe.

      1. Chalkie says:

        We do plan to visit again soon so I’ll bare this in mind. Would love to get underground more and not in a tunnel I can barely squeeze into. Can’t believe this place has more to offer after already giving out loads. Thanks for the heads up! Can you give me any details as to where cave entrances are? Or point me in the right directions please UE?

      2. Chalkie says:

        Went back again and found the large farm buildings with the fire engine inside. Did the other site also with the shaft and what looks like old mess hut and power supply room. Crossed over the road and entered where we did the other night. Walked into the clearing and came to the entrance with the big iron gate. Found more rebar but the door had been popped off and was held in place by about 8 D-locks. Thanks from your comments we worked out that we were in the south site. Plan is to find the northern entrances and hope for some better luck

        1. 8mm says:

          The building with the fire engine is one of the transfer sheds that are part of the RAF Chilmark ordnance storage site, not related to farming. The siding from the mainline came curving in past the RGHQ bunker site and under the road, then entered a shed. Here the ordnance was transferred onto narrow gauge wagons for distribution around the site. There’s an engine shed still (or was last time I visited) nearby. The line ran up the valley before diving off under the road and then into the underground storage.

      3. Rhys says:

        Hi Urban explorer, is there anyway you could send me location of the place thanks

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Hi Rhys. Sorry, I’m not willing to pin-point it, you should be able to find the location using your own research. (trust me, it’s easy!)

          1. Rhys says:

            Okay that’s alright, we tried to find it but we had no luck we was just next to some houses after researching the name.

      4. nanjizal says:

        Hey I’m looking for the best way to get into the quarry. Could you email me a grid reference?

      5. Paul Dormer says:


        Can you send details as would love to explore this brilliant place.


        Many Thanks


        PS this site is brilliant and you do a fab job

    2. Oli says:

      Do you know if this is still accessible?
      If so could you help with directions?

    3. Louis Hall says:

      Alright mate, can you send me an email with the address and ways of finding the entrance to them it would be much appreciated.


  10. Chicken says:

    Don’t park near the site, some American noncey security guard filmed both us and our car. Also one part of the site is now active, with a van parked at most times, with motion detector cameras on the gates.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Sounds like you might have been in the wrong area, but even so, always best practice to never park anywhere near a site you’re exploring!

  11. User95 says:

    Guys I can confirm that this place is still very accessible! I was there recently with a friend and it’s open, very hard to get in the tunnel where the train tracks run but doable.

    Very overgrown and a bit messy but great fun and an awesome experience exploring.

    1. Stefan says:

      Where is the exact location of the entrance mate?

      1. User95 says:

        Go through the main gates and past the outbuildings on your left and follow it down, you can’t miss it

        1. Charlie Margetts says:

          Me and a friend are looking to explore this place but struggling to find the exact location on maps. Could you provide some detailed info?

          1. User95 says:

            Hello mate, all we done was Google Chilmark north raf when we was in the surrounding area, and then followed it through Google maps, a bit of perseverance but worth it!

    2. Jordon says:

      Hey User95, any possibility you could email over a quick picture of where abouts the entrance is for here please? Me and the guys been doing the mines around Corsham for a couple months now, would be great to explore somewhere new.

      1. User95 says:

        Didn’t get any pictures mate sorry

    3. BEN martin says:

      Can u send me the location please bud address and post code

    4. Stephen Irving says:

      I have recently had dealings with a chap who claims to have re-opened the old Chilmark Mine and Quarry earlier this year. Were there any signs of quarrying activity when you were there?

  12. Addaway says:

    Hell, looks pretty cool is there any way you can get down there still as would like to have an explore?

  13. Bradlee jenkins says:

    Hi could you send me some more details and I would like to explore further underground at that site

    1. Fish says:

      You can’t get in Bradlee Jenkins, Many padlocks on the doors

  14. Danny Kelly says:

    Another interesting journey, thank you. As you say, it might not be the best shots you’ve ever took but it’s still good to have a look at life underground from a few years ago!

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