RAF Chilmark, Underground Ammunition Bunker, Wiltshire

RAF Chilmark was definitely a nice surprise. The underground was in really good condition (with exception to the offices as you enter the complex) with a lot of nice features.

Chilmark was a small limestone quarry worked to provide stone for Salisbury Cathedral. The quarry closed in 1935 when demand for limestone fell due to the increased use of concrete for building purposes. The quarry and surrounding land were bought by the Air Ministry in 1936.

In contrast to the other RAF ammunition depots, RAF Chilmark was stable. The limestone was of good quality, so fewer pillars were needed to support the roof, and the floor was level. The entrances were in poor condition, but these were strengthened with a concrete lining which gave the tunnels the appearance of the London tube!

The first consignment of war stores arrived in May 1937. Chilmark’s claim to fame is the fact that it was the only RAF ammunition depot to survive the war.

In the early years of the war RAF Chilmark took over a number of remote satellite depots including two of the War Office underground sites at Corsham (Eastlays Quarry and Ridge Quarry) and also developed immense surface storage sites in woodland at Dinton and Grovelley Wood.

We almost gave up trying to find this place after walking around much of the topside buildings and storage bunkers in the morning – interesting nonetheless they didn’t yield as much history and original features as we expected. The storage bunkers that were accessible were mostly being used to store wood.

However…in this game you can’t give up, and our prize was soon staring at us in the face…

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  1. Kathy says:

    Can you email me please kp1967@sky.com
    As like to chat about an investigation

    1. Dave says:

      Can you hire or rent the site please?

  2. Craig Elsdon says:

    Hi guys, really interesting reading your posts, Chilmark is a really interesting place to poke about in. I know as I work there.

    So the proof yard where they used to assemble the munitions has been taken over by a charity. That charity does international search and rescue, and uses the buildings to crawl around in and train volunteers in how to rescue people during earthquakes and building collapses. This includes vehicle extraction (hence the 2 abandoned cars that I put there).

    I suppose the issue is the damage that some of your guys cause to the fencing which means the charity has to pay to get repaired. It takes away money that was for rescue operations. Also it has lead to one of our vehicles being attacked and written off not saying by you guys but this is getting rather costly.

    We have a building that we use there for a training room that was recently attacked and the doors damaged as whoever tried to get in failed. In that classroom is some chairs and a projector screen. That’s all we leave there… The cost to repair the door came out of volunteer pockets on this occasion.

    I know it’s not as exciting as discovering the place yourself and showing yourself round. But how about this. You all want to see what’s in there. (Not a lot to be fair) I don’t want to waste charity money repairing fences and having our equipment vandalised. How about I meet you half way with this. An offer, if you are interested in seeing what’s in the buildings on the proof yard I’ll let you in and walk you round. There are no bunkers on site apart from 1 10x5m shelter that we have adapted for training scenarios. Hopefully thats enough of a compromise so that the fences will remain intact to deter the real undesirable types bent on criminal damage of rescue equipment.

    1. Ben Inker says:

      Hi Craig, I’m very interested in the RAF Chilmark site and wondered if you’d mind getting in contact? I’d really appreciate your response, best regards, Ben

      1. Craig Elsdon says:

        Hi Ben how can I be of assistance my friend.

        1. Ben Inker says:

          Would you have an ‘off air’ contact we could chat on?

        2. ben says:

          You could contact me at my work if easier – wacky graphics

          1. Craig says:

            Hi Ben, I have a team working on the site this weekend you are welcome to come and have a look at what goes on

            1. Ben says:

              Sounds like a possibility, where about?

              1. Craig says:

                I’ll have bodies there from 2000hrs Friday through to 2000hrs Sunday. If you want to meet up with me and have a walk about I can show you what’s there (not much) and chat what I know about the history of the site. You’ll need to give me an idea of timings. Other than that I can let the team know and you can come down and they will let you in. Only issue is that they will be doing breaking and breaching, propping and shoring this weekend so they will be busy training. Let me know what suits my friend and we can jack it up.

        3. Ben says:

          Saturday am would be great, I’m an hour away so let me know a time & place, if that works for you?

          1. capri beaton says:

            Hi Ben, would love to look around RAF Chilmark. My late father worked there from 1977-1984 when he had to retire due to ill health.

    2. Toby says:

      Hi Craig, I’ve walked round Chilmark a lot myself would like to see the other side where you work thanks.

    3. Robert Clark says:

      Hi Craig

      My name is Rob Clark and I am looking for sites to run corporate team building events. I would be very interested in exploring the possibility of using the bunkers at Chilmark and was wondering if you could be of assistance to me in this as you already have something in place there.

    4. Hi Craig,

      Please could you contact us or send us any contact details for this amazing site.

      We currently run, and have been for 8 years, Airsoft events with multiple contracts including two with the MOD for sites all over the UK.

      We have a well respected reputation and care and maintain all our sites which we used regularly. Any help with this would be appreciated.

      Kind Regards,
      Hazel Rift Airsoft Ltd

    5. Jessica Wheeler says:

      Hi Craig,

      I’m a university student looking at Nuclear Bunkers, and am very interested in looking around the one at Chilmark. I was wondering if you would still be able to facilitate site visits, or if not would you be able to send me in the right direction?

      Any information you have would be hugely appreciated! Regards

    6. Richard Sterne says:

      What happened to the railway has it all been removed? What gauge was it, could you email me with anything you know about it.


      wireless.rick [at] gmail.com

    7. Joel says:

      Hey! I’m interested in having a look round Saturday or Sunday if you can assist

  3. Salisbury explorer says:

    I have recently been here at start of June 2018 not saying what day but a very interesting place, there is a new way in now takes a bit of hunting, I saw no signs of bats in the tunnels where I was. I also recently invested in portable gas cutting gear, to get passed them hard to get places for the future exploring.

    1. James says:

      So what you’re saying is that you’re going to commit criminal damage in the future? Don’t be so daft as to announce that in public!

      Still… you carry on, it makes it easier for the rest of us who like to live a little less dangerously.

    2. Matt Wynes says:

      Hi mate I was there on the weekend and could not find the way in for the life of me hoping to head back real soon for another try could you please let me know how you got in via email if you don’t want to post it publicly in here mattwynes08@icloud.com thanks

    3. Jameson Veck says:

      Hello mate. Any chance you could email me the location of the entrance? jay.veck.95@gmail.com

      Many thanks!

    4. Lindsay Merritt says:

      My Mother worked in the typing pool at Chilmark with my Aunt during the War. My Grandfather was an explosives inspector, assembling bombs during the war, and afterwards. Workers were transported by truck to and from work. When I’d visit my Nan on Hatch Lane, my Grandfather would arrive home and they’d put me in the back with the workers to take me to Newtown, where my Mother was waiting. The whine of the gearbox/transmission is ingrained in my memory 70+ years later.
      Now living in Victoria, Australia.

  4. Lucy says:

    Hi anyone know if this is accessible anymore and what is still around? Thanks

    1. Mpage says:

      All blocked off 100%

    2. ben says:

      Yeh there’s a hole in the fence but it’s not permitted but everything is there by the looks of it.

  5. Sam says:

    Found the small train tracks crossing the road but am confused at which way to follow them, along the footpath or in to the quarry? Any help would be great as really want to see what this is all about! Pictures look awesome.

    1. Denise says:

      Black panther spotted up there today. Couple witnessed the cat kill a deer drag it through a barbed wire fence, take a chunk out of the deer’s neck then run off. Was reported to 101 but what can they do.

    2. Wiltshire Police says:

      BATS ARE NESTING IN THIS LOCATION. In Britain all bat species and their roosts are legally protected, by both domestic and international legislation.
      It is therefore ILLEGAL to intentionally or recklessly disturb a bat in its roost or deliberately disturb a group of bats. By entering this location you may therefore face the following penalties on conviction – SIX MONTHS IMPRISONMENT and/or UNLIMITED FINES.
      Wiltshire Police are actively patrolling this area and will take positive action in regard to any offences

      1. Matt says:

        Bats are roosting in every single cave and mine in and around Somerset and it’s not illegal to enter many, many mines where there are roosts as there are so many licenced caving clubs with access to the majority of them so what’s the difference in this one? I understand that you don’t want people in the cave and mines for their own safety and to reduce the risk of people being lost and in need of rescue but I would just like to know why this one is more of a no go than many others. Genuine question so genuine legitimate answer please.

    3. Jurassic says:

      The building in the quarry is the emergency exit shaft. All access points are now very firmly blocked with new steel grilles. Opposite the quarry is an open field gate and a grassy slope that will take you down to the main line of the old railway track. The building by the river is the old engine shed. You now have a choice of 3 routes,
      A) turn right to follow the course of the railway past the old test buildings towards Ham Cross.
      B) turn left to follow the railway incline up to the old HQ buildings and the road.
      C) turn hard left into the railway cutting that leads under the road bridge to the main entrance of the bomb store. This entrance is also fitted with a new and secure grille penetrable only by ?.

      It’s a great site that needs some tlc!

  6. Paul says:

    GPS co-ordinates would be more helpful than telling people they are in the wrong place!

  7. Hutchy says:

    Hello everyone I just want to give an update on the abandoned bomb stores and RGHQ for anyone interested in going.

    I have recently been down to Chilmark on the 12/09/2017, the bomb stores that you can see in these pictures is accessible… for now.

    The RGHQ is now sealed tight with thick chains on the first gate and then you’ve got the locked blast doors. You can still get in though, just be careful as it looks like it’s still in use by someone as it still belongs to the people that were growing the weed down there.

    Happy hunting and stay safe!

    1. Daniel says:

      What was the weed factory.


      Is it the RGHQ? Is this still ok? All kicked off Feb 2017 so that now a no, no I guess, or is it? What can be got into there as a car ride away. We are from Abingdon, 7 miles from Oxford.

      We do caching around Bath, Box, Monkton Farleigh, some on this website. Browns mine, Swan. Some on YouTube as Jason.

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        RAF Chilmark isn’t the RGHQ. The RGHQ has reportedly been acquired since the weed bust and will be in use imminently. Apparently.

        1. Daniel Glover says:

          I found the road. Gate both sides. 2 compounds. Matched up Sun photo with police car. Some big mobile mast or something or another. So those gates mast side padlocked. Around corner down road by low railway bridge. Metal gate. Back of that weed building site. Any good. We need to go soon or miss out. See where places are on google streetview. Watched a YouTube video. Big props. Old vehicles. Loads of rubbish. That can be seen from above. Google Maps

          1. The Urban Explorer says:

            I think you’ve already missed out, Daniel. If it’s YouTube you usually source info from, I’d check this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxIqMr8AgP4 – shows the developments I mentioned and at the end of the video you’ll see some more info about what’s happening with it.

            1. Daniel Glover says:

              Ok done 10 seconds. Nice drone footage. Thats the buildings on right. Gates both side. Was planning on getting in there. Guess no now. Will watch at dinner time. What’s the open long building non mast side. Not bunker side. The nice underground photos on the web page.


              Is it worth 74 mile journey so 150 over the day. Need to know what to do. On Google Maps up the road building on same site as companies. Mentioned on here. What is needed to make an outing worth 159 miles. From Abingdon. Oxfordshire.

              1. The Urban Explorer says:

                So, the open long building is an old sidings. Like a railway station. Nothing to see there. In fact, I think on that YouTube account I linked you there’s additional drone footage of a fly through it.

                The underground photos found on this site are from RAF Chilmark. About a mile up the road from the RGHQ in the quarries. I have no idea what access is like, it’s part of the hobby I’m afraid travelling hundreds of miles to find somewhere is inaccessible or even demolished. My advice would be to make a list of a few places in the area to visit, don’t put all your hope on one location.

            2. Matt says:

              Been to RAF Chilmark today had a good wonder around the whole site but where are the underground bunkers I know it’s not the same site but couldn’t find them in the area

              1. John says:

                You need to look closer to the road and it’ll all become clearer.

                1. Matt Wynes says:

                  I drove up and down the roads around both sites, I am aware of the entrance where they found the big grow last year but as for bunker no “42” could not find any of the storage sheds/bunkers email me directly if you could John at mattwynes08@icloud.com

              2. John says:

                Aaah okay! Just look on Google Maps at the area, you’ll see them stick out like sore thumbs! From the satellite imagery it looks like lots of little roadways leading nowhere.

                1. Matt Wynes says:

                  Ok thank you I will have a look on Google Earth and take some screenshots ready for next time. Was a bit of a last minute thing last week, no prep just get up and go. Have you been in the underground complex there?

                2. Matt says:

                  Ahh just had a look there in the place called EHD London which is a warehouse and storage company they own the site where the bunkers are now when did you last go there and was there still access?

  8. Luke says:

    Hi we have been to this site today 20th August 2017, everything is very over grown on the bunker side, also after opening the main bunker door realised that someone must be in there because of noises being heard! But this could be squatters? Would love to find out if anyone has any more information or direction to get into the bunker or any more awesome places around this site?

      1. Luke Olding says:

        We have seen this prior to visit! Makes it more worth while! They have been jailed and surely there would be tighter security but you can walk straight in?

  9. dom says:

    Anyone ever need a quick tour/guidance hit me up, I live in Movant so not far, be happy to show anyone my discoveries

    1. Fish says:

      Yes Dom, keen to get in there.

    2. Sam Frost says:

      Hi Dom me and my friends looked for hours but all we found was what we think was the chalk mine entrance which was completely locked would you be able to show us the bunkers? And can we still get inside?

      1. dom says:

        Yeah sure mate when are you next here?

    3. Kai says:

      Hi Dom please call me I’m Kai from Calne 07393323858

      1. dom says:

        I don’t have a phone ATM only a computer can you private message me on something else?

        1. Nick says:

          Hi Dom,

          Are you around any time to show me round? Or whatever there is access to?


    4. Brucey mc. Bruce says:

      Hey man give me a message whenever you’re next free. Been going to Box mines every week and I now just find the same things/places every time. Need somewhere new! Could you show me and a few mates where to get in?

      1. Nick says:

        Hi Bruce,

        Trying to make a short film in this area. Do you reckon I could call to have a chat about these areas?



    5. Danny says:

      I’m heading over there today. Can anyone advise the best way to get to the underground entrances please.

    6. Steve says:

      Had good run round site but new grilles fitted looks very recent to quarry shaft and tunnel across the road. Totally secured now, shame but…

      1. graham says:

        Was there today new bars and padlocks all over the place and a very shouty owner, I was on public land at the time which I did point out!

    7. Daniel says:

      I would come down with Jason if you’re up to show us around. Nice offer. Bit bothered by Hutchy. 13th Sept 2017. After the weed drugs bust Feb 2017, things must be harder now.

    8. Joel says:

      Would love a tour of some places in the area that are still accessible

  10. Fish says:

    With the recent weed factory findings near Chilmark, is this the same site? If not I am keen to explore the munitions mine, I know where the train tracks cross the road, is the entrance to the mine in that quarry?

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      It’s not the same site, the cannabis farm was in the RGHQ down the road.

      You’ll do well following the train tracks, not sure of the current status.

      1. Fish says:

        Cool, thanks.I will follow the tracks into the quarry and see what happens

      2. Tom says:

        Is this place still there? Would love to go take a look.

      3. Fish says:

        I went on Saturday, the quarry has been gutted and is now an empty square, there is still the lift shaft but that’s completely covered in protective gates. The entrance to the underground bunker has 4 or 5 padlocks on the outer gate with even more welded gates on the inside. The area around the bridge and entrance have been recently cleared. You can basically walk into the site. The group of buildings are now used as stock housing with plenty of sheep poo everywhere. The houses are used as storage but seems forgotten, there are two smashed up cars parked in there. Following the train tracks to the quarry, nothing has been touched, there is still a workmans hut, with pictures of his kids and other stuff, the gates to the quarry are padlocked.

    2. dezza says:

      You are all looking in the wrong place, nuclear bunker located across the road from what used to be called HAM CROSS SITE Tisbury to Chilmark road. ex worker there when it was being built.

    3. Corky says:

      Hi Fish. If you’ve found the rail tracks you’re right on top of both mines.
      If you follow the tracks along the pavement they go through a fence then down hill towards the mine entrance that was never a bomb storage. Only ever a stone mine.
      If you walk along the road on the opposite side of the road to the tracks on pavement you’ll notice you’re on a bridge. The entrance to the bomb storage mine is down there!
      The weed factory is about a mile away. Head from the tracks towards dinton. After a sharp left and in the dip it’s on your right. Good luck

      1. Fish says:

        Thank you

        Will head there soon

    4. James says:

      Hope you don’t mind me pointing out but they used to dismantle nuclear bombs in RAF Chilmark. The old loading bay used to be on the left as you went down the road to the COs offices. There used to be a bomb lift down into the decommissioning levels and where they took out the depleted uranium.

  11. Keepthingshidden says:

    Visited yesterday, no signs of activity apart from some hunters chasing pheasants (watch out for shotgun ball bearings flying past!).

    Bunkers are now used by a wine company, we did risk trying to access these anyway, whilst forklifts were about but they are all locked – these have all been painted etc now anyway so doubt they’re worth checking out. Top side buildings are very battered but still cool wondering through them. There was a couple buildings overgrown by ‘the bridge’ which I would have liked to check out.

    I believe there are two main entrances to the underground quarry, as well as the emergency shaft. We only found 1 main entrance and the shaft. Don’t try to access from the shaft, ladders etc are very rusty and you’ll have to break things to get in anyway, this route is dangerous. I would highly recommend a small group and be very quiet, the road is not far and cars pass by occasionally.

    There is also another bunker or storage of some kind, this is on the far side away from the quarry, this is guarded by police currently so presume something is still being stored.

    Well worth the trip, top side buildings are very easy to access with plenty of holes in the fences that have been poorly ‘repaired’.

    1. Kris says:

      Report today that Wiltshire Police have made 6 arrests and discovered a huge cannabis farm at RAF Chilmark bunker

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        No wonder the lights & generators were going 24-7 there! It’s nothing to do with the quarry, it’s the RGHQ up the road which has always been tight!

  12. Gavin McColl says:

    Errr… I was part of the Civil Security team just after it closed and during the Atto’s clear up of old munitions. The mine was out of bounds to us because of the build up of Radon Gas. Since none of the decom equipment has been working for decades, I would advise caution if entering.

    1. Paolo says:

      The mine was out of bounds to us because of the build up of Radon Gas. Since none of the decontamination fans has been working for decades

      – hmm, that radioactive gas would be nice then for the three slaves kept locked in there as gardeners, who the police found after nicking the three people traffickers who emerged and using their keys to get.

      1. rambler2757 says:

        The bunker that was used as the cannabis factory is about a mile away from the mine, the bunker was designated RGHQ Chilmark but is closer to Fovant and Dinton.

  13. Woodland Wanderer says:

    Hi all

    RAF Chilmark is now operated as a HMRC bonded warehouse, all covered by CCTV, best to keep it covert.

    1. Paolo says:

      “HMRC bonded warehouse” – and other post saying police guarding the place in October – so they were trying to avoid paying VAT on the cannabis being grown, and the police were assisting by guarding it?! Anyway, well done the police for busting the place; cannabis use can lead to irreversible schizophrenia in some people, and is a gateway drug to other illegals. And I bet the three men kept prisoner inside to “garden”, were illegally present in the UK, as the other three caught leaving the premises, were nicked for “people trafficking”. Good work all round, police.

      1. sped says:

        Yes. Having smoked pot for the last 15 years I regularly find my self hearing strange voices. I kill occasionally but what the hell, I’m the second coming. But only in the more lucid moments I steal between getting smashed on cocaine and heroin.

  14. Dave Welch says:

    I had a distant relative, Wg/Cdr H W Cooper who had been station commander at RAF Chilmark in about 1945. He passed away in about 1975. I have his uniform SD Cap here in my office. I did photograph the SHQ building in about 1985. If anyone is interested I’ll see if I still have it.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Absolutely, I’d like to see that.

    2. Trevor says:

      My father worked there in the 1950/60 era as a civilian munitions inspector so I know quite a bit about the narrow gauge railway mine and bunkers etc. Always wondered if it was preserved.

  15. Bob says:

    Went down today, fences have been repaired and four or five heavy locks and chains on the entrance to the mine. Got removed by security after a while, guy wasn’t that friendly.

    1. Woodland warrioir says:

      Hi All

      The site is now operated as a Customs and Excise Bonded Warehouse, best advice is do not enter as if you get caught it would be classed as more than just trespassing and could be charged with attempted theft. I work on the sister site nearby, we also do the same thing so best to keep off the site from now on, but having said that the photos are a very cool.

    2. SammyT says:

      I wonder if these were the growers who got arrested yesterday. That operation had to be going on for quite a while.

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        SammyT, the cannabis farm was discovered in RGHQ Chilmark. Nothing to do with the RAF Chilmark quarries, although close in geography.

  16. will long says:

    Went to visit here today. Mine’s in the hills are all still pretty accessible but the main store has 6 very new kicks and chains on it. Met another couple of guys on our wonderings but we had no luck.

  17. fluffy5518 says:

    Nipped in here today and glad to say all is still mint! Crackin’ pics by the way! The last pic of the lift, have you lit that at all or is it just natural light – either way its excellent!

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Thanks! Yeah it’s just natural light, I think it was about a 5 minute exposure.

      1. Maisie harris says:

        Anyone know the post code to this place?

        1. Corky says:

          SP3 5DU Quarry Road
          Look for the narrow gauge rail track crossing the road. You’re close when you find that!

          1. David says:

            Hi Corkey

            I was down RAF Chilmark yesterday and saw a lot of buildings above ground but couldn’t work out what way to go I was stood at the tram lines with the stone quarry entrance on my left, the bridge in front of me and the camp the other side of bridge, where do I go from there?


    2. cris cold says:

      I’d love to see this place. I’ll be in Wilts 6th March. Any chance you could give me a clue how to find it please? Google Earth isn’t giving me a definitive answer.

  18. Hobbsy says:

    Been to visit this place twice with no luck of finding the mine. Spent hours walking round the topsite with no luck and getting quite annoyed after people said it’s right in front of their face what side of the road is it and a little pointer in the right direction would be amazing.

    1. Corky says:

      Quarry road chilmark. Look for the narrow gauge railway track crossing the road!

      1. hobbsy says:

        Yeah, found it bud. Friend of mine gave me a heads up, amazing how big the mine is and noticed we missed half the site well glad I wandered a bit further.

  19. Corky says:

    Hi. There are two mines at Chilmark. One is slightly bigger and was used as a munitions storage, the other is on the other side of the road and was only ever used as a stone mine. The latter was only closed a few years ago.

    I worked in the mine for a couple of years and the radiation is nothing to worry about. We wore special dosimeters to read the radon levels and handed them in weekly to have them analysed. Never had an issue.

    Both mines are worth a sneaky look but I would say the munitions mine is easier going and probably safer as the floor is more even.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Thanks for the comment Corky. I remember seeing a second opening almost directly above the mine entrance which almost looks like a cave system. Any ideas?

      1. Corky says:

        Hi Urban Explorer. I’m not sure about the door you mentioned above the main door. There are a few small bell pit mines dotted about the hillside worth taking a look at so possibly might be one of those. The entrance to the stone mine that I mentioned is on the other side of the road to the munitions dump. There is a narrow gauge railway track that runs down a slight slope and straight into the mine. There were two steel doors which were easy enough to get over back then. Definitely take a couple torches if you’re tempted to take a look. It is insanely dark in there without light.

  20. I D Batten says:

    Interesting. My father and sister worked at RAF No. 11 M.U. During and after WW2
    He used to tell me about the tunnels. Being underground didn’t bother him as an ex coal miner. He started there in May 1947.

    1. Tony Dwyer says:

      Back in the middle eighties I was told the story of two colleagues who had noticed the rail link into Chilmark from the train and had realised that it was not included on the OS map. Intrigued, and technically trespassing, they “explored” this on foot and ended up being arrested by the military police! The two insisted that the base was a store for nuclear weapons, although nothing I have read subsequently substantiates this but, then, that would have been the official view!

      1. Jeremy says:

        Lived nearby to Chilmark in a village called Tisbury had a school visit to look at rock and formations. I can remember going down the lift and all I can say it was unreal a different world something you see in action movies there was always heavily guarded trucks coming and going during the 80s put money nuclear weapons.

  21. luke says:

    Hi all.

    I ventured here yesterday and as stated above I spent time looking around the top side around the buildings that were left, but not too much to see a lot of damage has been done by visitors. I went to where the bunkers are on the other side of the road but they are all storage units now so nothing to see there. But what I will say if you are after reward we walked for an hour or so around the building and ventured a little more when all of a sudden there it was in front of me, the prize. I felt amazing my heart pumping and butterflies in my belly at the entrance to the mine. I only had my phone light so only made it to the first chamber. But I am going back with more and will post results later :-) recommend to all who’s interests are our history.

    1. Pat says:

      Hi Luke!
      Was there any security there? Is it completely empty? Is there any interesting stuff to take photos of?

    2. Liam says:

      I’ve been here a few times and see the buildings but can’t seem to find where the bunker is, don’t know whether you could help me?

      1. Jeremy says:

        If you are coming from Teffont towards Tisbury you will come up a hill over a bridge with a very sharp right hand bend the bunker is left at the bend just down the lane on your left.

  22. Al says:

    Hi All,

    FYI a good friend of mine worked at Chilmark a little over 3 years ago. I, like all of you was very keen to have a look at the bunkers, my pal said that exploring the site was particularly dangerous as there was residual radiation in the bunkers. My friend was in the RAF clearing the site at the time. The only time he and the team explored the bunkers they were given protective equipment.

    If it were me, I would not take the risk. Cheers

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Hi Al,

      You’re right. The bunker does have levels of Radon in it, which is present in all air we breathe. Prolonged exposure to high levels of Radon is potentially dangerous and while I’m no expert, in my opinion, I believe a short time here isn’t a danger.

  23. Finn says:

    yo how hot was security here?

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      I didn’t see a soul, other explorers have been escorted off site within minutes – I guess it’s all down to luck and how stealthy you are!

  24. Shane says:

    Liked the pictures, I have a 9year boy who loves all things to do with the world wars, is it safe to take him down there, he has seen the photo and got very excited, many thanks mate

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      I couldn’t possibly say I’m afraid, it’s completely down to you to assess that.

  25. Wasp Grant says:

    I had a walk around the location a couple of months ago, there was activity on the site, they were using live explosives, so if you venture here, please be warned that it’s now part of the International School of Explosive Education

  26. Shell says:

    I have always been fascinated by abandoned places and you have some really interesting stuff on here!
    This one particularly interested me as my Great Grandfather was in the RAF and actually lived in Chilmark years ago.
    Fantastic photographs too :)

  27. Tom says:

    Hello could I have some more directions on how to get to this site as my great grandfather was in the raf back in the war. And I would just like to be nosey and have a good walk around thank you

    1. Sorry Tom, I don’t make a habit of handing out locations. I found this site quite easily, and with a bit of research (i.e. Google) I’m sure you will too! Good luck.

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