WW2 Underground Shelter, Poole, Dorset

You would find it hard to believe that a bunker like this would still be accessible in a busy town centre such as Poole.

It was mid-afternoon when we got to our location. A small patch of green in amongst a concrete jungle. A fake man hole cover would be our entry point, obviously put there not to arouse suspicion of what might lay beneath.

As we walk up a busy main road wearing hi-vis jackets, wellies and carrying an extendable ladder you’d think we would stick out like sore thumbs but apparently being seen is the new invisible! No one bats an eyelid as we uncover the man hole and start descending into the depths of Poole Town Centre.

Unfortunately, nothing much remains of what used to be down there. Benches have long gone, toilets and urinals smashed or removed. One poster remained on the wall…just. It would have read “Bring your Gas Mask with you” – a chilling reminder of what the people who congregated down there were going through.

The bunker has three sections. Two of which looked like seating areas and the third was a mixture of seating with toilets & sinks etc. It’s not known how many times the bunker was used or for how long.

There were two entrances to the bunker. Stairways at either end. Now capped with concrete from above, a sliver of light can be seen peeping through.

Rumours are rife around Poole of many more bunkers like this. The search continues…

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  1. Dan says:

    I still would love to buy it as it would lead into my house nicely, make a great snooker room etc lol. Council won’t let me buy it. Grrrrrr

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      I’d love a lifetime membership if you do ever purchase it! Haha!

    2. Hollie says:

      Can you tell me exactly where it is please? Thinking in light of recent events it could be pretty useful to know.

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        Hollie, I think you’d be better off in your warm house under a table than in this cold, dank shelter. But I’d be lying if I hadn’t had the same thoughts! Haha!

        1. Daniel says:

          Visited today but the hatches have been welded shut again

  2. Dan W says:

    I want to buy it and knock through as my place backs on to it.

    1. Ashleychambo1994@gmail.com says:

      Do you have a location for this? Is this the one by the pub, little bit of grass with 2 benches on the top? I would like to film for my YouTube channel.

      1. DAN WALSH says:

        Yes, off Longfleet road

        1. Ashley says:

          How to get in?

          1. DAN WALSH says:

            You won’t get in. It is sealed with steel bars. I wanted to buy it, council say no.

      2. Dean Wilson says:

        Can I ask what your YouTube channel is called please?

    2. Charliw says:

      Address? Or how to get in?

      1. James says:

        Behind Haymoor Middle School there is a small field with a stream running through the middle. There is a fenced off capped entrance to something underground but it is extremely hard to get to due to over growth bushes and anti-climb fences.

        1. Marcus says:

          Do you have location for this, I can’t see anything when I’ve been for walks around there. Thanks

  3. Kerry says:

    Oh my gosh – My sister and I and our friends used to play in these bunkers on our way home from school (Longfleet) to Danecourt Road in the late 1960’s early 70’s – we were all under 8 yrs old and it wasn’t something unusual for the kids to play unaccompanied on the way home in those days. There was a three story house next to the park which was abandoned and derelict – we used to play there too – memories :)

  4. Jonny Nichols says:

    I sometimes wonder if there is one under the area of open grass within Poole Army Reserve, there are features which lead one to believe so…

    1. Elisha Wright says:

      Can you help me with getting to this location?

      1. Miathena says:

        Did u have any luck finding it?
        I am local Poole x

  5. Harry Brown says:

    Hi, I’m really interested in finding some of these tunnels and bunkers. I live close by to Poole and the Purbecks if anyone knows of any accessible ones please let me know.

  6. Aebbe says:

    There’s a huge concrete slab on Dean Close in Hamworthy. Is it anything that anyone knows of? Many thanks.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      With the four metal hatches? Looks like genuine services infrastructure, either water, electric or perhaps both. Can’t find anything on historic maps that would suggest otherwise.

      1. aebbe sheppard says:

        Ah fab just wondered thanks so much

    2. Rachel says:

      Does anyone know where the man hole is?

  7. Jordan says:


    I was doing some very late night research as I was in the Memories of Old Bournemouth and Poole Facebook group and a thread came up about Canford Heath being used as a firing range.

    As a Sixth Form student in Broadstone and having lived here all my life, I never realised how much there is still left from World War II. Having read the entire of your page thread here, I’ve learned so much about the bunkers and tunnels.

    I have knowledge on Holton as I starred in the BBC South “Conkers to Cordite” report in Feb/Mar 2014. I’ve not seen any bunkers for myself as I’ve never thought about it due to education and exams.

    I’m wondering if there is anything in the Broadstone / Creekmoor / Upton / Wimborne area. Bearwood as well would be brilliant. Many thanks for any information that can be supplied to get me going.


    1. Will B says:

      Holton Heath is ruined now anyway because the bunkers have been welded over and it is impossible to get in.

      1. Benno says:

        Mate it’s 2020 and I’ve been in there loads

        1. Ned says:

          Hey Benno

          Been in where in Holton Heath? This thread is pretty old looking for spots to explore. But was wondering the state of them as it’s quite outdated now.

          Cheers Ned

        2. Ellen says:

          Could you tell me the location?

    2. Ollie says:

      I’ve also head that there might be a bunker on Canford Heath, it’s even listed on the wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canford_Heath (at the bottom of the history section)

      Whether there is one or not I’m not sure but if anyone finds out, I would love to know but that’s the only place I’ve heard about one.


      1. Miathena says:

        Did you find this? I have been trecking on the heath for ages trying to find this with no luck! Apparently the area was used for army training and there is a huge bomb hole somewhere there too.

    3. Glen says:

      Canford Heath has at least 2 small bunkers we used to play in them as kids if you know of hill 60 you’ll come across them around the woodland at top of hill

  8. Eddie says:

    Is this place still accessible at all? Is the only entrance points the man holes opposite the pub? Cheers

  9. Daniel Waker says:

    There is a room underground in the old Oakdale middle school I tried to go down there when I was at school there in the 80s but got caught by headmaster there is a lid in the playground!

    1. Martin says:

      If in play ground you wanna try it out and others I’m on Canford Heath. We played in the sandpits up at now Manning’s Heath

      1. Ollie says:

        Do you have any more info on where that sandpit was?


    2. MMM says:

      Yeah, that’s the old boiler room.

  10. Scott says:

    I’m not sure if you know but somewhere around Lytchett harbour there is a tunnel which supposedly is filled in but there are rumours of being able to access it, it runs into my school and was used for all sorts of illegal smuggling and also for transporting the French aristocracy into the manor. I am going to leave a link which gives you a little insight into the history of the manor, maybe you will want to take a look. http://www.southlytchettmanor.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/slmHistory.pdf

    1. Martin says:

      Have you heard of the tunnels under Poole quay?

  11. Ali says:


    I travel around with my friends to visit abandoned areas, we’re from the South but plan to travel further distances now. I saw this post and am wondering if anybody knows if it’s still accessible?

    Thank you!

    1. Andy says:

      This bunker is no longer accessible.

  12. Andy says:

    Hello Urban Explorers…

    Does anyone know any information on Green Park Bunker (Sea View point) or the 4 bunkers at Bournemouth gardens?
    I am in contact with the council, however they aren’t releasing too much information on them. But both councils confirm their existence as well as being sealed (apparently)


    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      I’d recommend buying the book “Poole and World War II” by Derek Beamish. It’s a brilliant read generally, but within the first few pages it documents all the bunkers in the area. Occasionally it’ll turn up on Amazon, there’s a few on there at the moment: http://amzn.to/2wJxSsv

      1. Andy says:

        Thank you! I’ll check the book out ASAP. Pay day after all.

        Done some more digging and there’s also another huge bunker actually by Sea View roundabout in Parkstone. Two actually.
        One is around the corner confirmed to be under the school that’s around there. The 2nd is the View Point itself. By the roundabout you can see the building that houses the entrance. Around the area that’s somewhat cordoned off on the grass plus trees are 3 large ventilation shafts dotted about that have been filled in. Safe to assume that these bunkers information will also be in that book?

        Thanks again.

        1. Marcus says:

          There is a lot of Bournemouth water equipment there. Think it’s a pumping station that you can see from the road. Likewise there is a few underground installations within the fence line. Haven’t had a proper look so can’t say exactly what is within the fence line.


          1. Andy says:

            Managed to get hold of council and Wessex Water, was a bunker. Now a water reservoir :) (Sea View)

        2. DantheMan says:

          Yeah. That’s actually the old tram control building. The bus stops used to be the tram stops.

      2. Daniel Waker says:

        Hi Urban, I went to the old Oakdale middle school in round 1984 I remember getting in to trouble with the head master after lifting a metal lid up in the play ground and found a ladder that led down into a room underground started to climb in and got caught, never did find out what it was! Was wondering if anyone has ever been inside?

        1. Sadiesmum says:

          I went to school there and still live nearby. Was that in the boys playground? Near Derbys Lane or Dorchester Road?

          1. Peter says:

            Locations for this please, would like to have a look outside of it.

    2. Lawrence says:

      Bournemouth gardens shelters were removed several years ago as they were ‘of no historical value’ apparently.

      I got to go in one of them and it was empty. Sadly the site is now the pavillion car park extension.

    3. sadiesmum says:

      Interesting about the Sea View Bunker. I thought there was something up there besides the reservoir, I presume the bit in the middle within the fence is the reservoir area, There are lumps and bumps behind the enclosed bit on Constitution Hill Road and I have suspected they may be over something like a bunker. If you go into the tree area on the slope beyond the steep stairs (near the way out) there is another strange looking structure, last time I saw it closed and covered in grafitti. It’s a fairly small area

    4. Jez says:

      Just had a look there definitely looks like a few there, there is a short fenced off area metal lids over what looks like concrete bunkers.

      Not sure without a closer look but looks pretty secure.

      1. Andy says:

        You can lift one of the fibre glass lids off by Hatch #1. There are 5 hatches. 4 are metal hatches and numbered 1-4. By hatch #1 there is a fibreglassed larger hatch (emergency exit), I managed to just about get a selfie stick and my camera in there but the flash didn’t go off. Though I did get a peak. It is deep, I can tell you that, but I also think I caught a glimpse of water in there, after all it is an active reservoir. There is definitely a metal ladder in there.

        One of the sides can be lifted up. With enough force you “could” snap a corner where a padlock has been knocked off and ultimately get inside.
        The others are well sealed unless you are a locksmith.

  13. Georgia says:

    Been curious about the location of this place for years. I think I’ve figured it out, but I’m really not sure…

    Wish my grandfather was still around – he knew all kinds of awesome hidey holes and secrets around Poole.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      If you read through the comments Georgia it’ll become clear where it is.

    2. steven says:

      The field is near a pub called the Shah of Persia on Longfleet Road Poole Dorset, I’ve often wanted to go in as I’ve lived in Poole all my life, and have been mad on WW2 history in Poole, the field is not very big but you can’t miss it. As soon as you look at it you know something is not right and looks out of place. Poole and the surrounding area is full of so many hidden WW2 bunkers (i.e) Holton Heath Cordite Factory, Hamworthy. Hidden gems all over I love it is so cool.

      1. John Lambert says:

        I wonder if you are referring to a little park near the Shah of Persia, but on the south side of Longfleet Road. There used to be a house standing there that was bombed during the war. It was said there were two sisters living there who died in the resulting fire. I remember seeing the flames of the burning house one night after an air raid.

        1. Graham Allen says:

          I feel sure you are referring to Green Park in Longfleet Road. My grandparents used to live in the house immediately next to it to the south-west – long since demolished and redeveloped as a block of flats. Browsing old maps dated just before the war, seems the park was never built on.

  14. Ant says:

    All very interesting, soo much in this area, railway bridges often had flak guns/pill boxes etc. one still by Sterte I think… many lumps of concrete were used to tie down barrage balloons and can be “found” if trying to extend a house in say Whitecliff ;-) Even older are the smugglers tunnels from Lytchett to various country houses, also Morden which apparently links to Wareham via pubs cellars… who knows. Various workings at Holton Heath, and many bunkers on the Purbeck hills…

  15. Carol Bate says:

    Someone asked earlier about WW2 things left in Poole. Here are some things listed on the BofP Heritage document. Hopefully someone will find something they didn’t know about to go and look at. Please report back!

    Pillbox, Branksome Chine A(si)
    Pillbox, Bourne Valley Road A(si)
    Dragons Teeth, Allotments off Melstock Road A(si)
    Dragons Teeth, Lane off Sandbourne Road A(si)
    Pillbox, Siemens site, Sopers Lane A(si)
    Air Raid Shelter, Siemens site, Sopers Lane A(si)
    Police Observation Post, Siemens site, Sopers Lane A(si)
    Pillbox, Sterte Road A(si)
    Dragons Teeth, Surrey Road A(si)
    Pillbox, The Quay (*) A(si)
    Air Raid Shelter, Allotments off Whitecliff Road A(si)
    Dragons Teeth, St. Mary Church Car Park, Wimborne Road

    1. Alex Degrande says:

      I think theres a pillbox hidden in the grounds of hospital in Poole (Near the cliffs) it’s been sealed.

      Would like to know more about the Sopers stuff. Has anyone explored these yet?

      1. MICHAEL Taylor says:

        I lived in Creekmoor, my Dad had a nursery on Creekmoor Lane back in the mid 60’s.

        Then there was a railway, & where the Potteries Care home is today, that was part of DuPlessey. (Seimens today) On York Road they had several pillboxes, to the corner of Sopers, DuPlessey had made ammunition during World War 2, and was fortified, in 1965 it had a 7-8ft barbwire fence. It was known to the kids in the area that some of the railcars on the Poole Potteries property had cartridges in it.

        On York Rd, between Mead Close and Hillborne Rd, there was a house that had a brick bomb shelter in the front yard. About 2 feet of it would be above the ground I don’t know if the home is still there or not. You know how people are always remodeling their homes. I was looking at Google Street map, I think it’s the house with the big hedge.

        Any of the homes that were built pre-war, might have their bomb shelter.

        1. Paul Kerr says:

          Michael, I’m trying to find details of Creekmoor from the 1930s to 1960s, as my mother lived at 1 Borley Road. She was born in 1934 and lived there through the war years! Please get in touch.

      2. Dave Brixey says:

        Hello Alex, unfortunately all of the air raid shelters, police observation posts and most of the Type 22 pill boxes have now been demolished. However there is part of the remaining pill box visible from the Broadstone bypass but it’s heavily overgrown.
        Alas time marches on.
        Regards, Dave.

    2. The Baron says:

      Has anyone explored the Sopers Lane sites?

      Found sealed Pillbox at St Ann’s.

      1. Richard says:

        Hi I’m trying to find the pill box at St Ann’s, been on the site very briefly and had a look around the car park area and walked towards the cliff, couldn’t find it. Is it hidden in the tree line as I can’t seem to find it on Google Maps?

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Richard, I’d suggest downloading the ‘Extended Defence of Britain’ KML file for Google Earth. I suspect whatever you’re trying to find will be documented there.

          1. Richard says:

            Thanks, I’ll take a look.

        2. The baron says:

          Hi, it’s in the trees pretty well hidden.

          There is a track that runs behind the old part of the hospital which means the hospital is to your right. I’d say it’s about 50 yards down the track (lots of staff park there cars there) and then you need to head left towards the cliffs.

          Best attempted at the weekend as the car park is very busy in the week and fairly empty at the weekend. Good luck

          1. Richard says:

            Found it, thanks guys.

  16. Carol Bate says:

    I think my last post went in the wrong place. I would love to know more about where the bunker was in Oakdale that someone mentioned.
    I remember the air raid siren in Oakdale which was still tested from time to time when I was little so I presume it may be round there somewhere which is tantalisingly close but I’ve never heard where the shelter was. I believe we never had an air raid shelter in this house but shared a “blast wall” with my neighbour which still remained until a few years ago.

    1. Mike Gamblin says:

      The air raid shelter is in the small park near the Shah of Persia. In the mid fifties myself and friends opened up the manhole cover and entered the shelter by putting a park bench over the hole and sliding down a rope. We did this on several occasions until being stopped by the local bobby.

      There were two main entrances to this large shelter. They can still be seen right beside the current two entrances adjacent to Longfleet Road, I would love to have the chance to re-visit see it once more.

      Hope this helps
      Mike Gamblin

      1. Carol Bate says:

        Many thanks Mike- love your means of entry! Dad said he went in this one around the same time as you but couldn’t remember how he got in! Likely story LOL.
        If you scroll down to KC’s comments he has identified a closer one in Oakdale that I didn’t know about before.
        Does no one think to lock these places?

        1. Mark law says:

          There is a bunker right next to the bridge over the railway line at Sterte so as you head to Sterte from Tatnam field it’s on the right of the bridge.

  17. Carol Bate says:

    Sorry – me again. Just mentioned this to dad who is 90 and he moved down here late 50s. He said he went down it when he first came here to explore it.

  18. Carol Bate says:

    Ah not as daft as I thought I was – have been reading through some more and you mean the one next to the hospital which I did know about. I was thinking of the corner opposite the Shah on Ringwood Road.

    On the subject of tunnels. My late neighbour born in 1908 lived next door to Jack Gough who owned Goughs furniture store which I think is now a Weatherspoons or similar in the High Street. Apparently they used to keep carpets in the basement which all got flooded once in the high tides and there was a tunnel entrance visible in the cellars. I’m sure it would have been long since concealed and forgotten.

  19. Carol Bate says:

    Well I live less than a mile away from this and have probably past it on average at least once a day for nearly 50 years. I call myself a historian but hang my head in shame – never knew about this- Love your fascinating page. I stumbled upon trying to find where the air raid shelter was in Poole Park.

    Not read all the comments yet so apologies if already mentioned but spotted something strange this morning up at Broadstone Rec-behind the kids play area just into the woods as the hill behind where the old rocking horse used to be starts to rise into the woods. A sort of concrete lump with 3 iron port hole sized metal things- would this have been anti aircraft or something? I will digest all this with interest when I have more time.

  20. DaveL says:

    Fascinating to see these pictures from inside, I’ve always known of this shelter as my grandparents sheltered there in the war and have often talked about it.

  21. Dan says:

    I asked the council if I can buy it. I live behind it and could tunnel my way in and use it. The council said it is partially collapsed and won’t sell. I’d fix it up, make a great room!

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Interesting they should say that. I don’t remember seeing any collapsed sections at all…

      1. dan walsh says:

        I don’t think it is bad otherwise they wouldn’t let people in the park in case of collapse. I’m going to ask again!

  22. Hamish says:

    Hi there, been trying to locate this on Google Maps. Anyone able to help, coordinates perhaps? Or directions/landmarks to find an entrance once there? Thank you!

    1. Hugo hedley says:

      If you know where the Shah of Persia is, there is a patch of grass on the opposite side of the road. It is under that.

      1. Julie says:

        I’ve often wondered what those concrete lids are up there.

      2. Aaron Tilsed says:

        Two benches on the grass with a bus stop in front?

  23. LisaB says:

    Hi, further to a comment by another. My Nan used to work at the munitions factory which became Decca Records which in turn became Max Factors. She also was an air raid warden. She used to say that her and my Grandad met there but also that she would go home from the factory by way of tunnels to Upper Parkstone. I assume had something to do with the Beresford Road site. I’m not sure how relevant this is but may trigger a memory with someone else. She has passed away now unfortunately otherwise I would ask her. Only by chance came across this site. Very interesting reading.

  24. Daniel says:

    Read through every comment on this page. Been living in Wimborne for 17 years. My grandad, a keen explorer when I showed him these photos was really interested in finding out more as he has lived here his whole life.

    Reading through every comment on here I couldn’t find anything about the location
    If you can give me some clues that’d be lovely!

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      I’ll look at Green Park in a different light now.

      My Father remembers the shelter in Longfleet Rd being built

      I am to understand by good information that the big H is where to look

      a walk along Longfleet Road… is a good place to start

      Green Park is where you need to look.

      Read them all, yeah?

  25. aiden says:

    Where abouts is this in Poole can’t find it aha

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      I guess you’ve not read the comments then, Aiden.

      1. aiden says:

        Green Park?

  26. kerry says:

    I love this. I live very close by and always knew this as my nan told me about it as a child. I’ve kept it a secret for so many years just in case I ever need to use it! Lol.

  27. Oli says:

    Anything around this area that has flooded? I enjoy cave/mine diving, but most interesting structures are too far up north.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Nothing I can think of, although I’ll let you know if there’s anything that crops up.

      1. Oli says:

        Thanks guys.

  28. Leecey Lou says:

    Fascinating… I love Poole and I love history but I never knew about this secret underworld under the town – but it makes perfect sense of course… I have just come back from living temporarily in Blandford – same thing there – tunnels everywhere – secret conduits for smugglers sneaking contraband from the River Stour. The tunnels might be sealed up now but pretty much the same lawless activities. I know we’re talking about WW2 bunkers and shelters though. I don’t fancy going underground much – a bit too creepy for me, but thanks for the insight – I’ll look at Green Park in a different light now. (I thought it was odd that a patch of land had been left free – for people to enjoy the view? But it is obscured by trees… so pretty pointless now :) Ah well…)

    1. Charlton says:

      Is this place sealed up now-a-days?

  29. Chantal says:

    Hi Urban, thank you, we found it yesterday. Man hole is welded in 8 places, around sides and across middle. Could you email me in regards to Hamworthy, I think I’ve got something of interest

  30. k9 says:

    What a fan website. I’ve lived around Poole for 15/16 years now had a few adventures over Holton Heath nothing special tho. If anyone is up for a trek into the depth of unknown please msg me. Also admin we should meet up regarding Holton, your knowledge is inspiring :)

    1. Ellis lake says:

      Hi all.

      You have probably heard this many a time before, but if anyone is interested in showing me around some of these sites it would be great. I used to do this as a kid in London and loved it. Is there anyone that would be up for taking a newbie along?

  31. Billy says:

    Can some one tell me where this bunker is, I’ve lived in Poole my whole life and I live in the town centre and I am very intrigued by this and would like to visit it. Please could someone tell me where this is.


  32. Louise says:


    I have the guest house on Longfleet Road, near the Shah of Persia. We are opposite a green.

    Can someone please tell us the history of the ‘bunker’ that is there.

    Thank you!

    1. Tom Reynolds says:

      My sister Margaret had a guesthouse directly opposite the main entrance to this bunker and I pointed it out to her. Myself and a few of the kids grew up around Garland Rd/Maple Rd area and used to use it as a meeting point where we smoked and spun tales of our alleged victories with the girls, 90% fantasy but that was the thing, I tried to gain entry the last time I was in Poole as I now live in Canada via Ireland but it was sealed very tight. I suppose it is the politically correct thing to do but we enjoyed our dalliances there so no harm done.

  33. Emma says:

    Wow, so interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve lived in Poole 11 years and had no idea of this. The history of Poole is fascinating, particularly the smugglers tunnels.

    The museum just behind the Quay is really quite interesting.

    I live on Ringwood Road, where as someone mentions below in the comments, a WW2 (German I think) plane crashed. I’ve not heard of a bunker, but I shall investigate now!

    I have visited a WW2 bunker in my home town (they open it to the public at certain times) of Cirencester.

    1. Andy says:

      You are correct. I spoke to a security guard at St Annes Hospital when going to see the pillbox that is on their grounds.

      It turns out the security guards Grandad was the one who was directly hit and killed by the crashed plane. It landed near the California Fried Chicken shop.

  34. claire j says:

    Came across this site today. I class Poole as my second home having grown up there. There are old smugglers tunnels running from the quay edge to many of the pubs and houses behind. Sadly most entrances now sealed but some cellars still display the passage outlines. The old police holding cell is located behind the museum near The Cranberry public house. I have known of the old shelter but not it’s location. Baiter Park and the 1980-onwards built homes sit on reclaimed land which includes the old plague burial grounds. The old house that was all that was left of the hospital got demolished in the 1990’s. It used to be next to The Thistle Hotel opposite the old lifeboat launch. My Grandfather’s family ran a shop on the old high street hence first hand knowledge as I also worked at one of the pubs in the old town as a teenager.

    The town has lots of old ties from the marines and SBS using areas as landing training site to the history of the old school that was next to the swimming pool now a bridge and car park. To the history of Upton house on the edge of Holes Bay. To the now demolished Creekmoor House.

  35. Millii Stewart says:

    Hi do you know if there are any underground smuggler passageways running underneath the pubs in Poole. I’m intrigued! Plus I know that there were old prison cells somewhere in the old town but I’m not entirely sure where. I was wondering if you knew if anything still existed? Thanks

    1. There’s been rumour of smugglers tunnels and hideouts in Old Poole since the dawn of time! I’ve yet to hear anything more than hearsay and old wives tales.

      1. Millii Stewart says:

        Thanks for the info!!!

      2. Pheonix Willow Moon says:

        The smuggling tunnels are all real. My mum grew up in the area & explored the bombsites & claypits & tunnels when they lived on a houseboat by Blue Lagoon in Whitecliffe. When we moved back here to Dorset in 1977 til the mid 1980s they were all visible & accessible just like the Hamworthy ones, under the Commanders’ House by Carter Community School, which went from the lower basement to both Holes Bay & the main harbour side. They were deliberately sealed by the repairs to the harbourside that challenged the harbours natural status for biggest natural harbour in the world.
        Feel free to contact me if you want an old school explorer’s assistance.
        I was a live in nanny at The Claypipe Inn, in Organford, next to Sandford Park in 1991 & the bases on the road to Holton Station always drew me for a wander around with the buggy or on days off because they were far too well manicured sites to be abandoned.
        Please don’t risk the military police officers wrath. They don’t mess about. These sites will be monitored. Safe travels folks!

        1. mathew says:

          There are many things in Poole. I held a sword as a secondary school kid in a pub, said to have been used by King Charles was well. Rusted heavy as I remember too.

    2. kay burke says:


      Go to Hamworthy Library, Blandford Road. There is a huge old house behind it and there are rumours that there is an underground tunnel running from to the house to the sea.

      Hope this is useful.

      Kay Burke

      1. ROWLANDIA says:

        Hi Kay,

        I grew up in the big house in Hamworthy called the Old Rectory. As a kid I was child-minded there by the Hardy family and one of the sons, Tom (Thomas Hardy) no not the writer, became my best mate so we played in every part of the house. I used to get scared at night going to the upper floors due to ghost stories.

        Anyway there was a few strange things I remember one was very old writing or drawing in one of the rooms the other more interesting which the tunnels were mentioned was in the downstairs large middle room where two hollow shapes were in the ground covered. We always joked they were coffins due to shape and size but maybe they were entrance ways I always remember they changed sound once banging or jumping on them. Tom used to say they were the tunnels to Poole quay and Corfe Castle which used to be a hospital back in the day but I never really believed the Corfe Castle bit due to distance and crossing water but I always questioned the Poole quay part due to not being far away.

        Anyway can’t really confirm but there is two strange hollow lumps in that house if anyone knows whether they are entrances covered or something else, thought it might help. I explore a lot of ex-military sites and secret bunkers and have only just found this website. I live in Poole and can’t believe how much I’ve missed here. I’ve done Holton Heath, Tilly Whim, RAF Ventnor (Isle of Wight), Burlington Bunker Corsham, I found many ROC bunkers too, one good one still open in Dorset and accessible is at the back of a farm / camping site. Anyway I would love to add more info or if anyone wants to meet one Sunday to explore please contact me.

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          So, is this house derelict now?

          1. ROWLANDIA says:

            Yes the house still exists behind Hamworthy library you can’t miss it, it’s one of the biggest in Hamworthy. It’s now been taken over by some holiday type of accommodation and been modernised inside from what I remember not sure if they found what the hollow places were? Might be worth asking them! Anyway I’ve figured out where this air raid shelter is on the green and can’t believe its been right there all along I always wondered why they didn’t build there as it would be valuable with the views. I’ve never even been on that green but driven past thousands of times in my life. Anyway is it sealed right up now??

            1. The Urban Explorer says:

              Yeah, patches of green in otherwise built-up areas is usually a big giveaway to these sort of bunkers. As for it’s current state, I’m not sure. It was sealed with spot welds on the hatches and also placement of some big rocks I believe. But, that was a couple of years ago now! Always worth checking.

        2. Manic Razor says:

          Rowlandia I’m up for a Sunday explore sometime?

          Have done a bit of the Holton Heath area in the past, and Hamworthy Pier but struggled to find a lot else around here – especially now the Green Park bunker is pretty well sealed!

          Did a lot at Uni in Portsmouth, spoilt for choice over there – cinemas, hospitals, schools, air raid shelters etc etc

          Need to scratch the exploring itch!

        3. Pete says:

          My Son lives in the top of the old rectory.

          Chatting to the lady who owns it, she told me that there are indeed tunnels going from the house, although the entrance has been filled in now.

          It’s a fascinating place for sure with interesting history. I used to go to the school (Herbert Carter) right next to the house and we used to think it was haunted but mainly because it was in such a poor state at that time.

          However, the owner practises meditation and healing and the house has a really good vibe and we’ve never seen any ghosts. Saying that, there have been a few unexplained moments.

          1. Jean Hawkins Bodie says:

            Pete, I lived in Hamworthy, Hamilton Crescent and attending Herbert Carter SM School. I left school in 1959. During my years at the school I was outside with my friend Margaret drawing the big old rectory when a housekeeper came out and offered to show us inside the house. We were thrilled of course. I don’t remember a lot except the portrait of Oliver Cromwell whose eyes followed us in a freaky way – we were about 14 years old. The housekeeper did show us where there was a tunnel but it was outside the back door that faced the school. There was a smooth substance on the ground like something that had been worn smooth over time. She told us to jump up and down and hear the echo of the space below us.

            Where could I find information about bombings in Hamworthy, does anyone know. The story is that the night before I was born there was an air raid and the warden offered to carry mum down the stairs and to safety. This site is fascinating, I’m happy to have found you.

      2. neil says:

        This is true it can be accessed from under the school stage and leads to Cobbs Quay. Found it in the 90s while at school

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Sounds fascinating! Would you be able to find it again now?

        2. Wagner says:

          Yeah tunnels under carter school stage!

          1. The Urban Explorer says:

            That sounds crazy! Do you know where the exit is?

      3. Anna says:

        Yes there is, it’s called The Old Rectory it’s owned by a friend of mine. A beautiful gated house.

    3. I grew up in Poole and there is a tunnel between the Pub known as The King Charles, to the Mansion House to the church. Then a well known tunnel from Poole Quay to the Ironmomgers in the old part of High street.

      On Brownsea Island, they found a few years ago a tunnel from the castle, but I can’t remember where it lead to but it was built in the time of Henry VIII.

      Hope that helps. Jacqui

  36. Millii Stewart says:

    Hi, I’m wondering if the old bunker in the town centre is actually owned by someone or the council. Or is it not owned by anyone at all? Do you mind letting me know! Thanks.

    1. Millii, I would assume that the bunker is council owned, yes.

      1. Millii Stewart says:

        Ok thanks

  37. Boomer says:

    Just come across this website after trying to find out about history of Poole’s history with the wars.
    I guessed that this was a bunker when I first moved to Poole and have always wanted to go inside. I also know where RAF Hamworthy is and always wanted to visit there too, plus I know of two pill boxes in Poole. Is there anything else I have missed out on? Where else can I find out about history of Poole’s war history?

    1. The cordite factories at Holton Heath are a massive part of Poole’s war history and worth a look. There’s a few more pillboxes and reportedly a couple more bunkers too, but no concrete evidence yet regarding the bunkers.

      1. Les. Hayward says:

        There are NO bunkers at Holton Heath – just a few concrete air raid shelters, the control trench and the remains of AB2, which housed a nitroglycerine plant under a man-made hill.


        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Air raid shelters. That’s what I meant by “bunker” – Apologies for the misleading terminology!

      2. Mandy Borg says:

        Hi Urban Explorer,
        My Mum lived in Holton Heath when she was a young girl and said that there was a bunker behind the garage in Wareham Road. It was owned by a German man called Mr Hans, he used to let my Mum, family and neighbours use the bunker when there was an air raid.
        My mum is very interested to know if the bunker is still there.

  38. chris says:

    Hi there, I’ve been fascinated with WW2 bunkers etc. since I was 10 going in to Ibsley battle HQ bunker with nothing but a tealight candle. I am a human geographer/historian/collector. Found a few ROC bunkers and I am gagging to get into Sopley non the least. I’ve been reading about Holton Heath for a few days now and not a single clue to the actual entrance to the underground factory, nor any photo evidence. Can someone annotate a map of the area showing buildings, tunnels and how to get into the underground factory without using the ladder of doom?


    1. Hi Chris,

      I’m not sure there ever was an underground factory at Holton Heath. There’s plenty of underground chambers, tunnels and the massive reservoirs but I’ve not heard of an underground factory. It’s also not mentioned in the RNCF film from Greenacre Productions.

      Can you elaborate? Where have you seen/heard of, “the ladder of doom”?

      1. Chris says:

        Ah my friends checked out this so called underground place it’s not a factory the whole site on ground level
        was the factory. The so called ladder of doom is situated at “control 1” on top of a hill going down into the mound itself it was supposed to have multiple entrances but are all blocked off/ filled in. It is marked on the map as a small hill on the easterly part of the reserve. I dunno if it was a storage magazine of some sort or just an air raid shelter for the workers situated there. I’m going there soon I will take pics sorry for the late reply I have just got back from South France/Italy/ Monaco! Didn’t find any bunkers abroad the French demolished them all where I visited in antibes :(

        1. Anonymous says:

          Regarding this supposed secret hill bunker, I remember about 12 years ago I visited the Holton Heath site and went inside a huge structure inside a hill, which looked artificial. It had a ground level entrance which was a big cutting into the side of the hill, with a big metal door at the end. The door was either not locked or just broken, I can’t remember, but I didn’t need to do anything to get inside.

          The interior was just a huge void with large columns at regular intervals, and a lot of pipes. It was a popular spot for raves and there was a lot of rubbish left inside. I’m not sure if it’s the same place that has been filled in now or not as I have never been back.

          1. It was Holton Heath. There’s a conversation on Twitter which confirms it was used for raves and suchlike.

            1. aiden says:

              Hello, there’s a bunker behind Poole High School pretty neat little bunker but my Dad was saying if you follow the train line down past Sterte Poole, then there’s loads of them along there he used to paly in them as a kid. Following this I would ask you kindly do you know of any other abandoned/derelict places in the Poole/Dorset area?

    2. Taylor says:

      Hi Chris just wondering if you could tell me exactly where it is so I can do a project it would only be seen by me and my teacher it would be greatly appreciated

  39. paul says:


    My Father remembers the shelter in Longfleet Rd being built, he is now 91. There were also shelters on the corner of Beresford Rd and Beconsfield Rd in Parkstone opposite what was then Heatherlands School now the site of a bungalow.

    There were many domestic shelters in Parkstone build privately, I was told you could get a brick grant from the government. There is one opposite where I live, and I have one in my back garden, still accessible and in good condition I go down into it occasionally. My Father also remembers the German plane shot down near the site which is now Stainers shoe shop.


    1. Tom Reynolds says:

      There was also an air raid shelter in the entrance to “the field” in Garland Rd opposite Maple Rd, we lived in 66 Garland Rd, and used to play in it and on it until the vicar who lived next door called the police to the “hooligans” that kept him from his afternoon nap and I think he called for its demolition and I think he was successful.

      1. Mike Gamblin says:

        Just read your mail ref the air raid shelter in Garland Road, Poole. Tommy what a great childhood we had.

        Just read your post,
        Happy days
        Best wishes Tom
        Your old mate

      2. John Kent says:

        I remember the shelter since I tried my first cigarette there. I lived at No 5 Garland Road. Opposite my house at the entrance to the lane which led to the school was a dragons tooth. I also used to go down in the bunker in Green Park.

  40. James Englefield says:

    Hi. Im just getting into the realms of exploring sites in poole and surrounding areas. All ready had a look at previous sites mentioned in thread. However I have heard about a shelter and poss ww2 plane crash site in the Ringwood rd area. Any ideas ????

    1. Not sure James. Your best bet would be to research historic records either online or in your local library etc. Although, in my experience, local people and older relatives are the best to ask!

    2. Nick says:

      Hi James

      This website may help with your search:




    3. Diana Cocks says:

      Hi James, my Mum tells me of the time when I was a baby living at the top end of Herbert Ave. of the Plane that crashed either through or around where Strainers shoe repairs are to this day,.

  41. Nick says:

    Hi Adam

    I’ve lived in dorset for all my life and am very interested in bunkers in and around this area. Is there any chance that you could provide me with anymore info on the bunkers in and around poole?



    1. There’s a great thread on ‘Memories Of Old Poole & Bournemouth’ Facebook page at the moment and lots of old residents are piping up with memories of bunkers and shelters all over Poole and Bournemouth. Well worth a look on there.

  42. Graham Johnstone says:


    I am a Pooleite of over 50 years,I attended Longfleet school 1965-72.

    I have got a pretty good idea where the town centre bunker is,I can now remember the exposed concrete in this area when we used to go there as kids.

    I can also remember an Air raid shelter at the bottom of Birds Hill behind a house ,this was on the right hand side as you look down the hill opposite the entrance to the park.I think there is a block of flats there now.


    1. Was the Birds Hill bunker large, Graham? If there’s flats there now I assume it would have been filled in?

      1. Graham Johnstone says:


        It was a small shelter,Next time I am in the area I will try and locate the old site.

      2. Gordon says:

        The shelter is situated in a place I always knew as Green Park. It is close to the Shah pub on the opposite side of Longlfleet Road. The bus stop has just been moved close to the green which gives a view of Poole. The entrances were sealed but until recently could be seen covered in concrete. I have a picture of this. I trekked up to this shelter from Longfleet School many times after the sirens were sounded. Any help folks?

        1. Anne Higgins says:

          Green Park is spot on where you explain. Always looked like the top of a large air raid shelter. I always wondered what they were saving it for as it would be useless as a nuclear shelter. 55 years ago my Father worked at Decka records at Holton Heath. Making records. Decka (not sure of spelling) may have records/maps.

  43. Shaun Murphy says:

    Hi there, only a year since the last comment, i’m super eager to see some of these bunkers you speak about espically the ones in holton heath but i have no idea where to start looking for clues etc, can anyone help out possibly…..Thanks Guys

  44. jackie butler says:


    I have lived in Poole for 44 years and have recently been looking for the bunkers at Holton Heath or even find out more about them. when I was about 18 years old I remember going to a party in a bunker which was near poole hospital. If anyone can give me exact locations of holten heath bunkers I will trade info for poole bunker.

    1. Nathaniel says:

      I know where the Holton Heath bunker entrance is, I’ll annotate it on a map if your still interested? I want to try and find the bunkers in poole :)

      1. Hadleigh Turner says:

        Hello, i am an 18 year old historian photographer, i request locations for the underground bunkers situated around Dorset. These photographs will not gain me any financial benefit, they are simply sentimental and is more of a family hobby.
        If somone can help me at all i would be most graceous
        Your Sincerly Hadleigh,

    2. Dave Bryant says:

      Did you by chance go to Alderney Middle School in about 1975?

  45. charlie smith says:

    hey Adam i am really interested in finding some new places in poole and have been to quite a few RAF bases around the country its weird to think that we walk past these things every day could i have some more details please

    1. Hi Charlie,

      More details on what exactly?

      1. charlie smith says:

        where abouts is it

        1. Poole. If you read through the comments below I’m sure you can work it out yourself. I mean, that’s half the fun surely?

  46. Darren says:

    Hi Adam I know of rumours of a secret bunker in the ****** area. Is this something you would be interested in?

    1. Absolutely. Keep an eye on your inbox Darren

  47. Becky Smith says:

    Hi Adam,
    Great selection of photos you have at some fascinating locations. I’m local to Poole and in fact used to go to Longfleet School many years ago (sadly demolished)! My parents used to own the once Spar shop on the corner of Kingston road near Longfleet road. I am now very much into photography and also toy photography (they normally join me on my expos!) I would be so grateful if you could email me any info you are happy to give me to help in my search.

    Thanks in advance,


  48. john says:

    Hi, have you any info about the tunnels that run under ******? I have yet to explore but apparently one comes out in the ******?
    I have explored holton heath rncf, very interesting place, I would really apreciate some locations of any other old hidden stuff.
    Great site, really enjoyed looking here, thanks, John.

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment and I’ve censored some of the information you provided so that no one gets there before you do! ;)

      I’ve not heard of the tunnels and can’t see why they’d be in such a place? Could they be a culvert or suchlike? I’d like to hear from you if find anything though.

      There’s lots of rumours and possible sites of interest in the Poole area, especially for bunkers. It seems as though everyone thinks they know a location for a bunker, someone must be right!

      Keep exploring!

  49. Andy says:

    Hi Adam,

    Fantastic stuff, I’m busy tracking down Second World War remains around Poole Harbour – mainly Pill Boxes etc, but as a Poole resident this shelter/bunker is another fascinating find – Is this at the northern end of Longfleet Rd by any chance?

    1. Billy says:

      Could you please tell me some locations as I live in Poole and I am very interested

  50. Mike says:

    Live in Hamworthy & interested in WW2 bunkers etc.
    Lived in Studland & know of WW2 defences etc.
    Looking to explore & find out more.
    Many thanks

  51. baz says:

    facinating stuff, im poole born and live and grew up on the canford heath and work in parkstone….i dont want locations if it is secret, but a bit more info if you don’t mind on the underground shelters like who ; built them, were they used and roughly how many?…..excuse my naiveness, but it is interesting when you read something new about your hometown and are walking around the very places that are full of history! thanks..

    1. Hi Baz,

      Locations aren’t secret at all, and with a little bit of research it’s easily found.

      I’m afraid I don’t really have a lot more information on this bunker at all. Without visiting the local history centre or library(?) the usage and history of the bunker is a little speculative to say the least.

      Sorry I can’t help you further.

      1. baz says:

        hi…..okay, many thanks for your reply…….glad I stumbled across your site.
        cheers, Baz

  52. KC says:

    I have a couple of leads in the ***** area – I know of one definite hatch that has a ladder down to a metal door in ***** (currently capped, but a friend remembers it from before) and I think I’ve found another in an obscure area that I’m to investigate soon…

    Have known of the ‘H’ shelter for a while (it was for the school across the road) – there was also one in the Harbin grounds and the one in the Park… I know where another was in Oakdale as well (may of course been filled in and anyway don’t think it’s as big as this one).

    Anyway the ***** hatches ones are what’s interesting me at the moment.

    1. Carol Bate says:

      Hi KC
      Where was the shelter in Oakdale please?

      1. KC says:

        In the grounds of the old school near the crossroads… All gone now unfortunately

        1. Carol Bate says:

          Ah thanks very much – I went to that school around 1976-79 but never heard anything about it. My brother also went there 11 years before me but I’ve just asked him and he knows nothing about a shelter anywhere round here.

          1. KC says:

            They were apparently on/in the rough land on the corner of Darbys Lane and Dorchester Road. If you look on the 1947 aerial images you can see a set of concrete rectangles on the site. A local guy told me he fell down the stairs during the war and said they were there.. Although looking at the shadows on that picture, it didn’t look like they were submerged much (if at all)..

            Poole bunkers

            1. Carol Bate says:

              Hi KC
              Wow- that was the most thrilling post I’ve read in ages! That map is double fantastic. My house is clearly marked and never seen such an early aerial photo before. Yes I see the shelters- file is dated 1934 so would that be from WW1 or just not quite the right date?
              Are there more aerial photos viewable anywhere of surrounding area or other dates or is this a personal photo?
              Still jumping up and down with excitement- thank you!

              1. Carol Bate says:

                Sorry- just realised yes obviously WW2 due to other known buildings.

              2. KC says:

                Oh yes lots more available! :)
                That image *is* 1947, the file numbering is to do with sorties and area covered.
                If you’re in Oakdale, then there’s quite a few bits an pieces scattered around; Poole was designated an ‘anti tank island’ and was reasonably well protected from attack from land.

                Poole bunkers

                1. Carol Bate says:

                  Hi KC – Thanks so much! Dad was just saying the railway wasn’t on the first one but here it is clearly on the second. Hard to remember Holes Bay being that near before the new road. I’m just North of the old school on the main road. Any out towards the Fleetsbridge direction or top end of Dorchester Road? I’m guessing you know the area well.
                  Wondering if you might be able to email me ? Hope that is ok to ask on this forum- I’m at carol.bate(at)tesco.net ?
                  Would be over the moon to see some others.

  53. Matt says:

    Hi, I am to understand by good information that the big H is where to look, I have a bit more detail as to where but obviously no chit chat, any chance of an e-mail confirm as to my info and it’s authenticity? Cheers Matt.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Hi Matt,

      I’d suggest you’ve got more than enough information to find this bunker. Don’t be lazy ;)

      Happy Exploring!

      1. Matt says:

        I had a bit of an explore as sources tell me that it’s *****. Went home very disappointed and hoped my little birdie was useful but to no avail. ***** please help, my investigation has drawn a blank and I am disparate to see it! with thanks, Matt

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Sorry for masking your comment Matt, but I think you may have accidentally found a different bunker!!? I’ll contact you via e-mail and chat about this further… Watch your inbox/junkbox

    2. Sorry, I completely misread your comment! You’re more than welcome to run your info past me to see if you’re close or not!

    3. Matt says:

      Hi, was hoping you could still help me with a bit more info on location, spent several weeks and no luck, although I may have found another one as you said there is no access at all. Please could you email me and help me out.


  54. Chris says:

    I live near Poole and would LOVE to check this place out for myself? Any chance of a location on this? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Christian, a walk along Longfleet Road (and reading other comments below) is a good place to start ;)

  55. Jo Goddard says:

    Hey I’m a medium, wanna go these places drag u with us inbox me

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Hi Jo, I’m a large. Sorry to disappoint but you wont be dragging me anywhere!

  56. Mr Steven Cook says:

    Hello Adam again lol.
    Would you be kind enough to send me the details on the various Poole locations, i think i know the location of the air raid shelter, Near the big H by any chance? I also know about 2 other air raid shelters in the area. One of which has never been opened since being sealed shortly after the war. Can supply you with the details if you like? I would be happy to go there with you if, you wanted to open it up.
    Cheers Steve.

    1. Near the big H is correct ;) How did you know? I’m also currently researching other shelters in the area so it’d be good to chat about your discoveries too.

      Keep an eye on your inbox…

    2. Matt says:

      Hi, would be interested in exploring that with you also, info on the other two would be great too. My last few adventures have turned up bugger all lol.

    3. Ryan williams says:

      hi there Steven i would be very interested in seeing the places you have mentioned ? can you give me any sort of idea where they are ?

    4. Adam says:

      Hi could u send me locations on various sites around Poole Dorset area am very interested in the one that’s never been unsealed many thanks.

  57. Aussie Dave says:

    I used to live in sunny Bournemouth but now on fibre contract in
    Germany,did you ever get the chance tol check out the nuclear bunker near ****, also just off the **** going towards **** where the US had a Base during the 2nd WW, I was mooching around several years ago, near to where the US place was and even though they had filled in many underground tunnels, some you could just access them. Regards Aussie Dave!

    1. Hi Dave, thanks for the comment. I’d really like to chat regarding the sites you’ve highlighted. Sorry for censoring your comment but I’d like to keep them private for the time being. Please check your e-mail.

      1. Ryan williams says:

        hi adam i would really like to know more info on the places ive never come across a bunker before and im desparate to see one or air shelters anything ? if you could email me that would be great !

  58. Tasha says:

    Hi there!
    I’m in my second year of college at the moment and am apart of a group where we find out lots of facts around Bournemouth and Poole. We are being funded for this project and basically we find the facts, set it up with smartphone scanners and place the information around the B&P. I came across this site and it is very interesting and I was wondering if you could provide me with anymore information on this? If I/we use any of your information, we will ask permission first from you and also put you in the referencing. Thank you :)

    1. Hi Tasha,

      Keep an eye on your inbox, I’ll send you some information. Your project sounds fairly interesting!

  59. Mike G says:

    Hi, i’m more used to caving but, i’d be very interested in the bunker, please may i have the location. i too have been looking at Holton Heath, radar history at Worth and the hidden parts of Tyneham, our local WW2 history is surprisingly rich.

  60. Rick says:

    Hi Adam,
    We opened the big metal door at RAF Hamworthy with a petrol disk cutter as it was welded shut. But we had the permision of the current land owners as they wanted to know what was in there. That got me looking for similar places and led me to discover 28 days later and your site. I was just wondering if you could tell me where in relation to the stairs the man hole cover is. Thanks Rick

    1. Hi Rick, I’m very surprised that the Hamworthy landowners let you do that!? What was inside?

      As for the manhole cover here, there’s in fact two (maybe even three?) above the bunker. All of which I’m sure will drop you down inside

      1. rick says:

        When the current land owners/keepers aquired the land. I wont mention their name publicly but they are wildlife related. They didnt know what was inside the blue door as it was welded shut so a mate that works for them asked if i would cut open the blue door (5th photo on your blog) so along with a couple of mates we did. just looked at facebook and it was the 17th August 2010.

  61. robbie k says:

    hi i am i music tech student and would be interested in recording instruments in this space as an experiment, could you please message me with details i the location as i live in the area thankyou

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Hi Robbie, sorry but I don’t think this bunker deserves to be used as a recording studio. It’s location is best kept secret for people who are genuinely interested in its history.

  62. Mike Osborn says:

    Having lived in Poole for twenty years this is not something I have heard of can you please supply some more details, Thanks

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Hi Mike, please check your e-mail.

      1. kam haghighi says:

        hi there pal. im very interested in the history of bournemouth and poole. its ozzes history of many types, from winston churchill living in westbourne in his younger days to dinosores roaming the streets 65 million years ago, its not my work but is my hobbie. can you please let me know where i can look at the bunker in poole? i am in the begingin of my own project… building an underground bunker 10 metres below my home ;-) let me know, kind reguards and best wishes…kam

      2. Mike King says:

        I stumbled across your site whilst trying to do some research on a house I have just bought in Hamworthy. My House is not far from the old manor house on the Holsbay side. I’ve found a large concrete slab some 300mm under the soil which seems to cover the entire garden? Just for your interest I have actually been in the command bunker at Soply. At the time it was owned by a “secure document storage” company. Many of the post war rooms were fairly intact including the main map room, which looked like the ones you see in films

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          That sounds pretty special and in need of investigating, Mike. Sopley is somewhere I’d love to see!

        2. sarah says:

          Hi Mike,
          I just wondered how you got on with investigating the concrete in your garden? I have replaced my lawn 3 times (I’ve been here 5 years) and it just never seems to last. My neighbours garden is 5ft lower than mine and I too hit concrete about 300mm down but haven’t had the time to dig over the whole garden! I live in Poole near the park.

  63. George Perry says:

    I live in Poole and have been to the underground storage bunkers in Hamworthy and theplace in Holton Heath. I thought these were the only places near to me but I’ve just seen your pictures from the WW2 Underground Shelter, Poole, Dorset. Can you tell me where this is? I’ve never heard of such a place in Poole town centre.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Hi George, I’ll e-mail you soon and we can chat about the bunker

      1. Chantal says:

        Hey, I’m getting in to photography and Googled abandoned places and you guys came up, I’m tiring myself out thinking of the Big H.

        I’ve come to a few conclusions and here they are.

        Hunger Hill in Poole (old cemetery and once was a Catholic Church) funnily enough now next to Poole Hospital (another H) or further towards the Shah is the green over looking Poole. Or the tiny green on the crossroads of the Shah. Or, the guildhall in Poole has a big H painted on the side and next to it Market Square (with a big metal box inside). Or by Bowling Green Alley. It’s 3.49am, I have work at 6.30am, please send me to bed with an answer :)

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Haha! Apologies for the delay, and I hope you’ve not had too many sleepless nights since! Green Park is where you need to look.

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