Stoke Damerel Girls School, Plymouth, Devon

Stoke Damerel Girls School was one explore on a long list that we were planning on doing today, but sometimes luck just isn’t on your side. It turned out to be the only site of any real interest/or we could access.

The girls school closed in 1986, and to be honest, has weathered seriously well considering it’s on the English coast!

The machinery littered around the grounds suggested that the building is soon to be pulled down, or perhaps restored. Inside, the basement is almost completely fire/smoke damaged however a beautiful upright piano, tucked away in the corner has survived.

The upper floors are fairly weather beaten and not much remains but you can find some really nice features hidden away.

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  1. Garry Edwards says:

    Hi, I am trying to get in touch with an girlfriend of mine from the 1960s, her name is Margaret Sizeland (maiden name) she attended SDGH School in the early 1960s. I was a young Royal Marine stationed in Stonehouse Barracks in Plymouth then. We were going to get married, but unfortunately we spilt up, I have regretted that decision all of my life.

    I have thought of Margaret often over all these years and would love to hear from her. She lived in Chesterfield Road, at Laira, her mother and father moved to Ivybridge. I did speak to her mother in about 1983, she told me that Margaret had lived in Australia but had returned home and that she had a son named Robert. Well I would be very grateful if anyone can help
    me. Thankyou from Garry Edwards.

    1. Zak says:

      Hi Garry. I am a P.I and may be able to help with your request. Send me an email on zbanderson @ hotmail . com

  2. stickylemonfamily says:

    Can someone tell me the postcode? Want to try and get in to get some photos and would like the postcode please. Thanks in advance

    1. LewisYaBoy says:

      You’ll find it on the road coming out from Devonport Park where the CO-OP is, and then walk up a little bit and turn right until you come to some lanes, you’ll want to take the left lane that carries on up the street and then you should come across a grey decrepit building, that will be your destination.

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        I’m surprised it’s still abandoned! Thought it would have been redeveloped years ago.

      2. laura says:

        How do you get in?

      3. Mark says:

        Is this now UTC Plymouth?

  3. Cel says:

    I highly suggest not going to this school anymore as there has been motion sensors with alarms fitted within the school. It’s difficult to get into anyway as everywhere has been boarded up with metal and wood, when we got through the door we went down the corridor in the main entrance and the alarms went off. Unfortunately we also think people are there, it’s a shame we can’t go in but from what we saw when we entered some of the place has been modified from when they were working on it.

    1. Man of action says:

      How did you get through the main enterence?

    2. pl2gang says:

      Don’t go in mate, the whole gang got in but we were chased out by workers. Best be careful if you get in they called police.

  4. Sandra French says:

    I too was sad to see the images of neglect. I was there from 1953 to 1959 and was grateful for a good education I hope that wasn’t Mr Arnold’s piano. I am sorry for poor use of computer. Have just been to stay with an old school friend. Sandra French nee Brookes.

  5. Margaret Anton, was Wilson says:

    SDHS was an all girls grammar school and is situated in Keppel Place which is off the top of Albert Road, Devonport. Spent 6 years of my life there from 1950 to 1956, lots of happy memories. Tragic to see it so neglected. Would appreciate any up to date plans.

  6. Josh says:

    Is this place still standing? Would love to visit!

    1. Cerys says:

      It is but there are alarms everywhere and it’s boarded.

  7. Chloe Mockridge says:

    Just wondering if anyone has been to Stoke Damerals Girls School recently? We have heard mixed reports with some saying its being worked on and is full of cameras and others saying it’s derelict and easy to get in to?

    Any info would be super appreciated!

  8. Michelle Coldwell says:

    I live right near the old school, I can clearly see it from my kitchen window so it’s very much still there.

    I’ve noticed work being done on it, mainly the roof so I expect whatever is going to happen to it they were​ making it water tight. I would expect​ it will be turned into flats, isn’t everything​ these days.

    1. joshua blank says:

      Do you know if it is still accessible? Easy to get in to? Or is it all boarded up?

  9. Margaret Anton was Wilson says:

    I was a pupil of Stoke Damerel High School from 1950 to 1956 and it is so sad to see it in this state. I have very happy memories of the place and the friends I made. Seeing that piano is particularly sad as P. Grant Arnold, the music master was a particular favourite. What a tragedy to see my poor old school like this.

    1. SYLVIA TUCKER {was MILLER) says:

      I could weep seeing my old school in such a state! I was a pupil there at the same time Margaret and have nothing but happy memories and especially of the fun music sessions with Grant Arnold. Seeing the beautiful old building like this is more than sad.

  10. Grace says:

    Tried to visit this place yesterday, not gonna happen anymore unfortunately.

    Unfortunatly there is vandal paint on every surface surrounding the building & all doors have been securely boarded up. There is cameras everywhere & as it is based on Keppel Place in Plymouth (very central) it’s in the middle of a housing area so not very stashy!

    Gutted we couldn’t make it in, ended up going to Fort Bovisands instead which was rad!

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Aaaah, unlucky! I thought it looked a bit more spruced up when I viewed it on Streetview recently.

  11. Jon says:

    Again, if this place is still about, any rough direction to it’s where abouts would be very much appreciated! thanks~

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Google is your friend, Jon. I couldn’t remember where it was exactly but I just spent 5 minutes on Google and found several news articles stating where it is, down to the street name.

      1. Dan says:

        I believe this is now Plymouth education office or similar. Nice to see it hasn’t been ripped down and has been reused!

        1. nayan says:

          The place is still derelict, but easy to get into.

          1. Callum says:

            Could you tell me the way in please.

            1. brandon sherwood says:

              If you want to message me on Facebook (Brandon Sherwood Brah), I’ll give you a message!

              1. Justagirl says:

                I’ve just moved to Devon and wondered if anyone round here has a urban exploring group I could join as really don’t know how to get into it down here!

  12. Holly says:

    Does anyone know if this building is still there as I’d love to explore! Would like to find a few more in the area too before I commit, if anyone has suggestions!


    Does anyone know if it is possible to go to Stoke Damerel Girls School? Is it accessible for people to go into?
    If anyone has the answer to these questions please let us know,
    -Horror Movie Hushed

    1. Caitlin says:

      It’s in a place called Keppel Pl. in Plymouth postcode is PL2 1AX near Healy Pl.

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