St Peter’s Hospital Mortuary, Chertsey, Surrey

Until recently I hadn’t explored a single mortuary, and now I’ve seen two in as many months. St Peter’s Mortuary was an unplanned, ‘Plan B’ as our main target for the day wasn’t accessible! Possibly the first time we’ve given up!!

St Peter's Mortuary, Chertsey
St Peter’s Mortuary, Chertsey

With our heads hung low, we got to St Peter’s Mortuary without any expectations of getting inside and for a moment we were thinking that today just wasn’t going to be our day! Alas, with a bit of ‘thinking outside the box’ we were in!

St Peter’s Mortuary is in a sorry state to say the least. It seems as though it’s a site for the locals to just trash. It doesn’t help that the water mains are spilling out inside the building and are no doubt causing the building to deteriorate faster than normal.

The mortuary, built in the 1940’s, is a small, rectangular building on the outskirts of the main Hospital site and closed in April 2009 when the mortuary relocated to the main hospital building. Inside, there’s a small chapel and viewing room with the rest of the building comprising of body fridges and the main autopsy room, originally with three ‘workstations’ but one has gone walkabouts! An interesting coffee table no doubt!

A short, interesting explore nonetheless.

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  1. Rayann says:

    I recently went here to take some photos for an art project, and I returned yesterday. Unfortunately, the site is in the process of being demolished. There were workers on site with machinery and almost all of the existing infrastructure has been destroyed to clear space for new housing. Anyone looking to visit or take pictures should look elsewhere.
    Long live!

    1. Harry says:

      Thanks for the heads up, was planning a trip to break the dullness of lockdown! Anywhere else local you managed to find?

    2. Keirnan Taylor says:

      Does anyone know any abandoned buildings in Surrey/Spelthorne area because I live in Ashford and want to get into exploring but I don’t know any places. DM my Instagram if you know any postcodes @k3irnan

  2. Shweta says:

    Hey guys
    I am a filmmaker student hoping to film some shots here for a music video. Does anyone know if this location is still accessible or not? That would be a huge help to know before I go there to recce the location as I live in Bournemouth

    1. Anonurbx says:

      Good luck with access. Let alone getting in with tons of filming material. Last time I went we had to climb up a high window, spread some very sharp metal bars and trust one another enough that we’d not let go of the metal bar as the other squeezed in which would have resulted in impalement :/

      1. Lee says:

        Does anyone know where there is any abandoned morgues or hospitals around Surrey, London and other surrounding areas?

    2. ceara says:

      We went there yesterday and it is all boarded off as they’re now demolishing it :( literally no way to get in, they have big security camera which set off an alarm if you go anywhere near it. Shame really

      1. Lorraine says:

        Is it totally demolished now? It has been in a state of disrepair for ages.

  3. Elsie says:

    Went to take some photos last weekend, pretty easy to get in at the mo as the large metal grate over the window has been pulled away from the wall at one end and someone has put a bench beneath it.
    Completely trashed though and all the mortuary table tops are long gone. I actually found the burnt out houses around it more interesting personally, especially the garden areas.

    Anyone looking to find it, it’s right off the path at the side of the road opposite Silverlands (actually one of the old houses is just visable if you’ve got keen eyes).
    We went trekking around the wrong bit of woodland for a good few hours before realising our mistake.

    Silverlands is harder to get to as they have blocked off the road leading up to it with some wooden paneling. I didn’t go in although the metal fence looks like its been dug under in a couple places and there was a light on in one of the windows.

    1. Sam says:

      Is this still standing ?

  4. Isabelle and Gordon says:

    Anyone know of any other places to visit near Surrey or in Surrey

    1. Maryam says:

      Hey there is a derelict orphanage literally across from the hospital. I think it’s name is Silverlands

    2. Urbexanon says:

      Fullers earthwork factory, Redhill.

      1. Chloe says:

        Fuller’s Earthworks has now been destroyed. Went there just the other day and it’s completely gone

    3. Toby says:

      In Haslemere there is an abandoned boarding school – Wispers School. 51.100598, -0.710068

      1. Chris says:

        Oak Hall the country house that used to be Wispers School was redeveloped around 2012/2013 into a series of residential flats and a retirement homes. Retirement home closed for a bit but I imagine its reopened now.

      2. Carina says:

        This is now a luxury residential care home for elderly people

    4. Wayne says:

      Help my home is seriously haunted.

      1. Callum says:

        What’s going on in your house are you still there?

        1. Wayne says:

          Yes, it’s a dark shadow that changes shape, things get moved lots of stuff happens.

          I’ve a video of a shadow in our hall.
          Email me.

  5. Sophie says:


    We’re making a documentary for a college project, focusing on this mortuary – has anyone been and would want to feature? If you know a lot about the place, we would like to interview you! It wouldn’t be published anywhere, it’s purely for college work! Let us know ASAP.


    1. Richard says:

      Hi guys just an update went here last weekend the door has now been bricked up no way in at all a great shame as wanted to have a look, took photos through broken window all the tables now missing does anyone know of other buildings myself and my partner can explore as we are making this our hobby. Many thanks

      1. oliver hadden-wight says:

        So theres no way in at all anywhere? Probably means there no point going really?

        1. Richard says:

          No Oliver the door has been bricked up a great shame

      2. Well the whole point is to look yourself and discover places on your own thats why it’s called urban exploring…

        1. Richard says:

          Sometimes a little clue helps

      3. zac says:

        Hey Rich

        Me and my girlfriend are into urbex as well and live in London – Sunbury, if you know of any good spots we could visit let us know, we could meet up, you can find me at

        1. Richard says:

          Hi Zac are you on Insta I’m under tattooed Richard

        2. Richard says:

          We’re on our way to Essex to an old abandoned hospital at mo Zac I let you know how we get on

          1. Richard says:

            Just went to a place in Essex on Russel Lane great little find

          2. Karen Gray says:

            Hi Richard. Hope you don’t mind me messaging you. Where was the Hospital you mentioned in Essex? Was it Severall’s Mental Health Hospital by any chance? I will be travelling quite a distance with a model & make up team so just want to make sure this was the place and it’s easy to get in? Thank you ;O)

        3. Urbexanon says:

          Some people have urbexed Battersea power station. :)

        4. Lou says:

          Hiya, I’m from Staines. Desperate to get into urbex but no one I know interested 😟 Let me know if you ever fancy joining up!

          1. Daz says:

            Hi Lou
            If you’re up for doing an urbex let me know – email is

      4. Tom says:

        Alright Richard, Me and my mate have a YouTube channel and we were wondering if you have been to any places around Oxfordshire doesn’t matter if it is outside of Oxford but was wondering if there is any within an hour away?

        1. Lauren Poppy says:

          Hi Tom, check out Crookham Court Manor School in Crookham! I last went about a year ago so not sure if it’s still accessible but give it a Google it’s amazing!

          1. The Urban Explorer says:

            Sadly Crookham Court Manor is long gone. These photos were taken in May 2016…

            Crookham School

            Crookham Court Manor

            1. christopher wallis says:

              Hi, I was an electrician at St. Peter’s in the ’70/80s. Silverlands was at that time a nurses home for St. Peter’s there were thousands of medical records in the basement, very much used at least up to ’87 when I left. The mortuary was not actually part of the St. Peter’s hospital site, but run by Botley’s Park next door only visited once, as the Botleys lads were busy, had a small job in there, there was an autopsy going on, didn’t go for dinner after that. Now live on the Isle Of Man and haven’t visited since. Our workshops were Nissen huts by the top entrance gates, will probably look in next time I visit Woking.

              1. Barry says:

                Hi Chris, great to read your bit about Silverlands. I was working at SPH in the 70’s and lived in Silverlands for quite a while; in a massive room in the front of the house.

                So sad to see the videos of it now. Is it to be demolished do you know?

                1. Chris Wallis says:

                  Hi Barry. I’ve lived on the Isle Of Man since 1987. Did much work at Silverlands, the road lights were always fun. Haven’t been on the SPH site since I did transfer to Woking Victoria around 1985 that’s long gone.

      5. Max says:

        Try the earth works factory in Redhill

        1. Richard says:

          Been to the factory in Redhill many times the place is cool

          1. James says:

            Hi Richard
            I can see you have been to a few places could you tell me the best ones you’ve been to
            Thanks James

        2. Chloe says:

          Been demolished now unfortunately

      6. Gabriella Barragato says:

        Hey Richard,

        Cool hobby to take up! I have been taking photos of derelict/abandoned places for my photography project. I can share some shoots and locations if you want!


        1. Chris says:

          Hi Gabi, I’m simply trying to get a list of abandoned places that are still around today April 2018 I can get in to for my fine art photography project. Please let me know, I live in Kent, but happy to travel. Thankyou, Chris

          1. Lou says:

            I’m also interested if you know of any plz x

        2. John Burke says:

          Hi Gaby, I’m a bit of a photographer and want to do a load of old abandoned buildings shots, could you give me some places to go please?


    2. jackie says:

      Hi my daughter is investigating this for past few weeks. You may wanna meet up.

  6. Mick says:

    I went to the mortuary yesterday and it’s still accessible. It’s been trashed quite badly now but definitely still worth visiting. Very eerie place, I was half expecting an axe wielding figure to emerge from the shadows. Loads of pointless graffiti on the walls but I did think the ‘redrum’ homage to The Shining was quite fitting. Stonehill Mansion is now inaccessible after its £3.7m refurb, which includes loads of CCTV, but it’s still worth looking at the impressive facade.

  7. anonymous says:

    Is the closest train station Addlestone? If so how do you get there from the station?

  8. Gem Cooper says:


    Is someone able to give me directions to the place?

    I am planning on going tomorrow afternoon,

    Thank you

    1. Paige says:

      Hey did you end up going?

    2. Elliot says:

      I live in a town that consists of an abandoned farm an abandoned mansion on STEVEN GERRADS ESTATE! Another abandoned house a cottage and a post office tweet me ?

      1. Ellie says:

        Hi Elliot are these still there?

      2. Phil Lovegrove says:

        Hi Elliot I’d love some more info so me an my crew can build a visit list for next yrs Urbex?

        You’d be welcome to tag along as it would be great to have a guide but if not a few postcodes will do, and hope not too far.

        Thanks for reading my message Elliot and hope to hear from you soonish.

        Kind Regards, Phil.

  9. Kym says:

    Went there last night, it’s so easy to find but it’s trashed to shit, unfortunately but it’s still cool to see.
    One of them places I wish no one really knew about it because a lot of things have been stolen and graffiti on.

    1. James says:

      What’s the address?

      1. Kym says:

        I won’t give the address out as that would defeat the object of exploring. But that’s the first time I have tried to find it and it’s a lot easier than people make out

      2. Transparent monkey says:

        Go to the back of the hospital, should be a grassy tight road on your left, follow that up and you will see a big CCTV post, the building should be on your right side. Try to stay close to the CCTV post when entering on the left side of the building.

    2. Myles says:

      Do you know if there is anywhere nearby to explore after mortuary so we can do 2 places in one day

  10. tom says:

    Went there a few days ago, there’s a way in on the right side of the building look for the door. Mad place :)

    1. kris says:

      Is it still accessible do you think?

    2. Stephanie Bonnick says:

      Hi Tom, looking to go up there [soon], the entrance is on the right you say?

      1. Declan wood says:

        up the left of the building to the end… There’s a sheet of metal folded up. Just go under and in the building.

        19.9.16 it’s accessible :)

        If anyone’s local to Surrey and wishes to go to a few places feel free to message me. Always looking for people to come with us. We’re a mixture of boys and girls and go all over the place. feel free to message me people we have a fair few places to go to still and a range that we’ve already been to that we’d love to re-explore.

        1. Fay says:

          Went there last year… do you still go and visit these places?

        2. alexa and Tom says:

          Hi Declan we would love to explore with you, doing anything tomorrow?

      2. Steve says:

        Hi contact me if anyone up for going here do some EVP Steve. I’m in looking to go to more creepy places.

        1. Vaughn says:

          Hit me up, I am always looking for crazy photos and stock video footage of places like this.
          Plus I think they are ultra cool to see.
          Email me, I am close to Chertsey and usually available short notice.
          Speak soon


  11. anonymous says:

    Went there two days ago and it was accessible as the side entry had been forced open and wedged up by branches. Went back today August 26th and it had been closed and reinforced. Clearly staff still check on it and they don’t want people in there.

    By the way – best place to park for this isn’t actually through the hospital like the Facebook page says. It’s best to park in Homewood Park car park and walk from there it’s literally just round the corner (less than 1 minutes walk).

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      There’s a Facebook page dedicated to the site? Jeez…

      1. anonymous says:

        Is it not your page? It has loads of pictures of abandoned places.

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Definitely nothing to do with me, but I see they’ve stolen all my photos and removed the watermarks! Thanks for the link…

    2. GeeGee says:

      Was there no way in after they reinforced it?

    3. Annie says:

      Yeah think it will be completely gone soon it is very creepy with the sound of water. Also if you’re interested go to Silverlands manor house/orphanage literally 2 mins walk away.

      1. Tim says:

        Which way do you go to find Silverlands manor/orphanage? And no, the entrance is not on the right side it’s on the left.

    4. Alex says:

      Hi there we are on route now have you got a location or post code?

    5. steve says:

      Which way do you go from the car park?

  12. Kieran says:

    Is this place still there and is there anyway to get in?

  13. jennifer says:

    Hi, I just want to visit this place for a project is there anyone who is up for it, it will be the first time I’ll visit this place drop me a line

    1. Andy says:

      I would totally be up for exploring this!

  14. Scott R says:

    Visited the other night late at night.

    Front door is not a possible access. From the front, keep left and walk past some bushes and you will find at the back left side a door which has been broken in to.

    This is the only access route I have located as of now.

    As of the state of the morgue, it is really trashed now and loads of radiators and walls are collapsing and making it hard to enter into the morgue site.

    Worth a visit.

  15. JP says:

    Hi, went there today 23/07/16. When we got there, there was a massive gate with razor wire on and were unable to find a way past the gates. Anyone able to tell us how to get in to take pictures?

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Sounds like you were across the road at another abandoned building, the old Silverlands Orphanage site. I can’t imagine the mortuary would have had a fence put around it, not after all this time.

      1. Charlie says:

        We’re lost we can’t find it any help ?

      2. Lois says:

        I tried finding this last year and couldn’t work out for the life of me where on the hospital ground the mortuary was? Figured I’d take a lil road trip tomo and try again for something to do, can anyone advise?

  16. DJ Hellhound says:

    Does anyone have any precise co-ordinates or a nearby postcode for this place, because I’m currently struggling to locate it. Thanks

    1. Storm says:

      It’s right on the outskirts near the childrens nursery, walked around forever trying to find it, it’s pretty well hidden

  17. Leah says:

    Visited today, managed to get in through the left side as someone had pulled the metal board off the door. It’s flooded, but still very eerie

    1. Abbas says:

      Visited today and got chased by security

      1. Leah says:

        Really? There wasn’t any security when we went. Next time park away from it and walk to it

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          I’m very surprised by this too. The place is basically a ruin, I can’t see why it’d be guarded at all after all these years of it not?

          1. Charlotte says:

            Do you reckon we’d be able to get in soon? Would it have caved and be really flooded?

            1. The Urban Explorer says:

              Not a clue, Charlotte. I haven’t been there in years, sorry. Although recent photos I’ve seen show it in a bad way, it’s nowhere near “caved”.

              1. Charlotte says:

                Thanks! Anywhere else around Surrey you’ve found?

                1. The Urban Explorer says:

                  It’s not an area I’m familiar with nor researched much. If you drop me an e-mail I’ll give you some pointers on how to find places near you.

              2. Jack says:

                I went there the other day it’s fine in there

              3. Baz says:

                Hello! I live in Sutton and am looking for abandoned places for photography. I have only managed to find an old house near St. Ebbas and also a bunker at Boxhill. Do you know of any other local places? many thanks.

          2. Roisin says:

            Hey please could you give me a ring asap. 0793*****1 thank you so much

            1. The Urban Explorer says:

              Hi Roisin, I’m afraid I’m not going to call you and I’ve removed your number for your privacy. If you want to talk about this location please feel free to drop me an e-mail.

        2. conner says:

          Can someone give me directions or a postcode.

    2. Alex says:

      Hi can I have the coordinates of the area or the area code?

    3. Exploring with Dylan says:

      Is this a good place to film in?

  18. Shannon Lawton says:

    I went here yesterday for the 4th time and unfortunately the entrance has been boarded up and there is no way of getting in, just in case you drive all the way there and then realise.

    1. Shannon Lawton says:

      I went back to re-shoot in the old farm for a college project and someone has managed to get the door back open! won’t be long till it’s boarded up again…

  19. leejay says:

    Hi guys there has been so many questions about where this place is I don’t know if I can do this but I have created a facebook page called urban explorers south east please feel free to join. There will be photographs and a description on how to get and find this place. Hope this helps…

  20. George R-C says:

    Any chance I can get directions or a train station name near the location, preferably from Ewell West train station but a name or something would do thanks

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      George, it’s St. Peters Hospital in Chertsey. I can’t be much more specific than that!?

  21. Markus Schultz says:

    Hello, I am looking for a location for a shoot and was wondering if this site (or any others) were good places to work for a day/ maybe 2 days…

    Help appreciated

    1. Anonymous says:

      Went there yesterday with a couple of friends, didn’t see any security however we did see a few cars parked outside (if you’re looking for an entrance think AROUND the box). When we were inside we heard a can rattling and a very distinguishable ‘ughhh’ noise so we left pretty swiftly. Pretty sure there’s someone living in there.

      Also, any idea why the water hasn’t been shut off in that place since its abandoned. Seems kinda weird that it would be left on to flood the entire mortuary.

  22. New explorer says:

    We’ve been there last night (5.1.16) and it’s still accessible. They try to block the entrances but someone opened one on the left side of the building. It is very interesting but the first room is flooded a bit so it’s better to have some good shoes.
    I heard about a manor in that area… does anybody knows about it?

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Yeah, it goes by a few names but search for Silverlands, Chertsey and you’ll find it. It’s basically just over the road from the morgue, you can’t miss it.

      1. Tim says:

        Can you tell me how to find Silverlands Manor or Orphanage, I think I could go today.

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          It’s opposite this location. Easily spotted on Google Maps.

    2. Dan says:

      Could anybody provide a postcode to this place and directions of how to find it and get in?
      many thanks

    3. Abbie says:

      Hey I think the place you’re talking about is Minley Manor, it’s accessible but it is also protected by army so you have to be careful going up there. It doesn’t have an address but if you just type in Minley Manor in to Google Maps it will show you the way there if you need anymore information let me know!

  23. Fraser says:

    Checked out this site today, did not go in as friend was apparently not dressed for it. Heard a lot of running water from inside near the “entrance” but we are planning to go back soon however we are not armed with a good camera. Let me know if you are planning to go back.

  24. Lee Jay says:

    Just to let you all know I went to St. Peter’s morgue few days ago and it’s still there I only live 15 mins away from it… I have some latest pics of it. If you want to see it I would go ASAP as it’s getting really bad now the roof is caving in there is a side way in very dark and wet inside. If you want pics I can post if interested but the smell is diabolical and the place sure is very eerie.

    1. Freddie says:

      Hi, I want to check it out and take a few photos before its not accessible any more. Whereabouts on the hospital grounds is it? Thanks.

      1. Lee Jay says:

        Follow road inside the hospital up to A&E just before the tight bend round to the right you will see a left slip off follow this right up till the end. It looks like it leads nowhere but it does it’s an old part of the hospital. There is a camera outside but I can confirm this does not work no longer. Went up there again yesterday and it’s all still there they have re-screwed the the grill mesh where you could get in, went back up tonight and it’s open again. I will put map up if you want exact location.

        1. Aimee says:

          I was wondering if you have that map for this place? I really want to go in and get a few pictures of the place and have a look around. I know you only said at the beginning of the month that it is still accessible but I know the weather has been bad recently and just wanted to ensure that it is still accessible. Was thinking of going in pretty soon, as I don’t want to leave it too long. Thanks!

        2. Gareth says:

          Can you put up a map please?

        3. Zeynep says:

          Hi can you upload the map please or email me how to get in?

          1. Leejay says:

            Yes, course I can I’ll get one up for you all. Keep an eye out just visited recently and it’s still there.

      2. lesley says:

        Hi. The mortuary is easily accessible. Flooded but easy to get into. It’s listed and won’t be pulled down. It lies right at the back of the new hospital. Great place to visit. Take wellies. No security.

    2. Liam says:

      Hi, I’m just wondering if you could email some pics across of the morgue in Surrey, thanks.

  25. DRaven says:

    I’m quite interested with this one and fancy having a mooch sometime soon. If anyone else is thinking about going let me know and I’ll tag along.

    1. JJ says:

      Let’s go then!

    2. michael says:

      Hey did you guys ever go in the end? If so what was it like and if not I’m down to go explore?

      1. Shannon & Riss says:

        6th November 2015 – Today I visited the mortuary, not knowing how many other buildings surrounded this that were crashed down and very interesting! The mortuary is still there but slightly flooded. I recommend if you haven’t been and want to go you should. If you want any images from today’s shoot, email me on

  26. Jordan says:

    I’d like to visit this place some time soon, and was curious as to whether it is still accessible, don’t want to get there and find I can no longer get in.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      That’s the nature of the hobby I’m afraid. You can travel for hundreds of miles and find a place is locked down. You can never rely on someone telling you a location’s current status, because these places change from day to day. There’s only ever one way to find out for sure, see it with your own eyes.

    2. Abbie says:

      I was there a couple of weeks ago and you can get in, you have to walk along the side of the building and there’s a hole that is really easy to get though and the camera there is not actually active.

  27. Michael says:

    I used to work in the Abraham Cowley Unit which is a psychatric unit within the St Peters Hospital’s grounds in the early 80’s. I used to have a friend that worked in that mortuary and would go in some times to watch him get the bodies ready for post-mortem examinations. Looking sad now, what a shame.

  28. Theo says:

    I was thinking of going there next week sometime for a project I am working on. I’ve been there before back in January of this year, but apparently it’s been locked up, and there is security now AND there is also someone living in there?? Is any of that actually true?

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      I haven’t seen any photo evidence, only the accounts you’ve read in these comments. It seems several different people have had the same encounter though, so you can assume it’s true. But there’s nothing like going to find out for yourself! Perhaps not alone though eh…

    2. Eska says:

      I’ve heard about this place but was struggling to find it. Any more clues where should I go to find it?

  29. Harry says:

    Hi, any news on this guy supposedly living in the mortuary? I’ve visited this site a few times for different project purposes but haven’t been back since I’ve heard about this guy.


  30. Bob says:

    Hi Everyone, recently I went to see this place while looking around I saw that smart car outside what you been commenting about, but while I was looking around outside a young security officer was on his patrol and spoke to me stated it is unsafe to enter and that he has had reports of somebody living inside and they are not sure if he is armed with weapons or not but advised me not to enter as police are investigating it, The building has nothing to do with hospital itself reason why security are not entering He was just patrolling near by and caught me, after hearing that I was happy to walk away. his a nice security guy nice to chat too (wouldn’t get on wrong side of though) but everyone who wants to visit please be aware of this guy living inside.

    1. Alex says:

      Hi we went there this week whilst it was still light out and there was nobody there. The smart car has obviously been there a while and I think is abandoned/put there as a deterrent. Pretty sure there is nobody living in there, we couldn’t get in anywhere believe me we tried, only way I think is bolt cutters for the padlocked door or possible through one of the roof hatches. Going to go back soon and check out the other buildings at night when it is quieter. Also there is a cctv camera pointing right at the building so watch out!

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        Don’t be so stupid as to suggest bloody bolt croppers!? That’s criminal damage, break & entry. And you’ve just suggested it on a publicly viewable website! Use your head, mate!

        On another note, there seems to be a few inconsistencies with the story of this bloke living inside? I wouldn’t believe it until I’ve seen it.

        FYI – there’s always been a CCTV camera there, I don’t believe it’s operational. Let me know how you get on when you revisit.

  31. Stacey says:

    Some friends and I are looking to visit on the weekend.
    Is it worth the trip down?
    We’ve been looking for other places to visit in Surrey, so any recommendations would be great!
    Epsom Hospital and Cane Hill are no goes these days. We visited Cane Hill this weekend but was unable to enter what is left.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Yeah you’ve definitely missed the boat on those two sites by a good few years! Going on what’s been reported at St.Peters recently I’d say it’s currently a no-go too!

      1. Stacey says:

        That’s a shame. Have you been at all?
        Can you recommend anywhere else we could try?

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Yeah I’ve been.

          I’d recommend joining and using the search function. A brilliant resource and a lot of great reports.

  32. Jonny says:

    Went there last night a Smart car was parked outside there it’s been there for like 4 nights on the trot and there’s someone inside with like a massive light, when we pulled up it got turned off then we all stood outside and then it turned back on 5 mins later the light beemed out on us then we heard someone come out of the side but we gave it legs haha anyone fancy meeting to go down and go inside been in there before.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      I’d suggest not running next time and having an adult conversation with whoever is there and ask what’s happening and if they’re indeed security?… Just an idea!

    2. Karl says:

      Did you see this male? What did he look like, also did he have an English accent?

  33. Tami says:

    I visited the site yesterday with my 17 year old son. Took some pics outside while looking for a way in but unfortunately its all boarded up and there is live-in security now. He shouted at us to get out of there. Shame, I really wanted to go in and look around.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Oh really? I find that quite difficult to believe. Why now? The place is an absolute ruin compared to what it used to be like!? Strange.

      1. Tami says:

        There is new shiny locks on the side door. We went there Friday night first of all but there was a car parked outside and there was a light on in the room with the cross on the window. We assumed it was explorers or ghost hunters so went away for an hour and come back, was the same so we went back Saturday afternoon that’s when we got shouted at. The car parked outside seems to be dumped. Just wish i went there weeks ago

        1. Hannah says:

          A few of my friends went (I didn’t) after I went in April and a homeless or a drunk shouted and threatened them so I think they may have called someone. Not sure if it was them but I don’t think they were the only one to see the man.

  34. Harry says:

    Full site plans of the hospital quite useful here

  35. Zoë says:

    Me and my partner went on Wednesday and got in, took some awesome pictures. It’s pretty easy to get in but I’m not sure how long that will last so if anyone is wanting to go I’d go ASAP before its closed off! Deffo worth it and it’s really creepy in there. Very muddy and wet however so you would need to wear suitable shoes and the roof is leaking so just be carful.

    1. Jacob says:

      Hi Zoe I am interested in going with mates could you please tell me how to get there and find the mortuary

    2. Andy Ronaldson says:


      I’m a photographer/digital artist and I’m looking for some background stuff and this would be perfect, do you have an address (I know where Chertsey is) and how to get in please? It might save me lots of time…

      Thank you

  36. amy says:


    I’d love to visit this with someone as i don’t have a car and live in West Sussex would anyone else want to go? I’d happily chip in for petrol..

    1. Chloe says:

      Just wondering if you have been yet or fount anyone to go with Amy?

      – Chloe

    2. Zoë says:

      Hi :)

      Me and my partner have set a date to go this week, so if anyone wants to tag along feel free!
      We are staying in weybridge at the moment so it’s 13mins away from us. We have no clue how to get in but it’s a deffo must find before it all gets taken down! Mail me if anyone wants to join us :)

  37. Polly says:


    Very interested to take a look around and take a few photos if this place is still standing, but i’m getting lost in my legal/illegal research, I don’t want to be breaking any rules!

    I would really appreciate if you’d be able to drop me an email to answer a few questions. The internet isn’t helping me as much as an explorer would!

    Thanks, look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Stephen says:


      Would really like to visit too. Maybe in the daytime one Saturday. Wouldn’t want to drive there if there’s security or no way in. Lots of posts here saying that it’s very accessible. Anyone visited recently and any tips?


      1. Ky says:


        I’ve been, it is very accessible as long as you know the way in. I’m happy to tell you how to get in, but I’d rather not post it publically on this site as that is how places like this get vandalised! :)

        1. Kai says:


          How do you get in? You can contact me somewhere else. I am a photographer/filmaker.


          1. Silas says:

            KAI! its you! Ming long?

        2. Cathryn says:

          Hey, myself and 3 other artists are heading there ***(date removed)***

          I was wondering if you’d be able to help me get in? I know the area well, but was wondering if it’s on the hospital’s property and if so how’s the best way to access it?

          Thank you for your help! :)

        3. Ben says:

          I live in thames ditton and me and my partner would love to go and take some black and white photography here, I know roughly the layout of the st peters hospital but am unsure where this building is.

          Email me at if you can let me know how to get there.



        4. Perrie says:

          Would it be possible to give me details in how to get here and how to get into the building? I am going to be in surrey for a couple of weeks in the next month and my partner and I love going into abandoned places. We currently live on the Isle of Wight and have done pretty much every one here and want to see other places while we get the chance!
          If you could respond to me by email it would be very appreciated. (
          Thank you in advance,

        5. lukas says:

          Hi Ky, do you know if this building is still accessible? And how.

    2. Jodie says:

      Could you please tell me if this is still standing I would love to go there.
      Thanks Jodie

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        Yep. Definitely still standing.

    3. awesomeness98 says:

      Went here with a friend, access seems impossible but all I’m saying is just don’t give up. Poked head in entrance and had a little look. Friend ran off scared so will have to revisit another time during day lol

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        “Ran off scared”

        Oh dear! Hahaha! Better luck next time.

        1. Kath Simpson says:

          Hi there

          I’m looking for abandoned buildings to take my boyfriend for his birthday. This looks perfect.
          If I went during the day one weekend will it be possible to go in?
          Thanks in advance!

          1. The Urban Explorer says:

            I don’t see why not.

  38. rachel says:

    hey I went there last year, forgot to post, for my foundation film project, it was amazing and creepy if you walk out to the set thing on the side and go further you will find many more buildings, this was just as creepy even in the day, I would not be able to go during the night it just felt so freaky :P amazing place though and no checks on it.

  39. Phil and katie says:

    It took us about half an hour to find and with a little looking around the outside of the building was easy to get inside.

    Lots of warning signs about danger and keep out but as long as you’re careful and respectful and not being stupid it’s safe to go have a look.

    It was fascinating and intriguing as well as a little creepy all at the same time but just amazing to see.

    One of the tables is missing, I’m not sure if it was removed by the hospital or stolen by someone.

    The rest of the place is just as it would have been when it was being used even the chapel of rest which felt the eeriest for us.

  40. Alexa D says:

    Went there today to take some horror style pictures for my art exam, it was raining so the site was very muddy and damp but relatively easy to find. **ACCESS DETAILS REMOVED** A good site and is still in decent condition, there was a security camera that I noticed as I left but nothing happened so I don’t think that it’s still in operation. But over all I think my teacher will be happy with the pictures so definitely worth the visit!

  41. Henry says:

    Are you able to get through security during the day? Or is it really only accessible during the night?

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Any time of the day I would imagine. There’s no security here.

      1. matty says:

        The fact that this is in Chertsey and I lived in Chertsey all my life is so disappointing for me… I need to know how to get there ooh…

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Haha! That is exceptionally disappointing Matty. If you live in Chertsey, you’ll know where the hospital is. Job done!

          1. matty says:

            Drove down there last night had a look around the outside… Seems like no easy way in which is a right pity.

            1. The Urban Explorer says:

              That is a shame. However, access changes every day.

  42. JD says:

    Went in there last night.

    Very creepy.

    Some crappy phone photos….. Forgot camera.

    Easy entry.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Thanks for the update JD

  43. Lola says:

    Got in here about 2 weeks ago, followed the road around the hospital, found it really easily, also really easy access from the road at the back of the hospital, it’s a no entry road but easily accessible on foot. We walked around the side, sort of tried to hide from the camera but I’m pretty sure it was from when it was open and is no longer In use. The place is really run down, doesn’t smell too bad just damp and wet. The fridges and the disection room are in a particularly bad way, but as you move through the chapel and other various rooms are in good condition still. We stayed for a while and got some great pics, the place has seen better days but is still definitely woth a visit!

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Good to know it’s still accessible. Hope you don’t mind I removed the section where you talked about entry details.

    2. Rob says:

      Hey Lola. I’m really interesed in finding an abandoned hospital/asylum and am hoping that it will still be ok to access and if it wasn’t too much of a hassle getting in.

    3. Chris says:

      Explored what I thought was this place last night. I have only just found out that we took a walk through the Orphanage not the Mortuary. Quite a few pics and Videos! Security was not an issue at all, as long as you are extremely quiet and don’t run in front of the main gate ( Night vis camera) – Which is fully working! The Orphanage itself was pretty damn amazing and very eerie, There is a lot of damp and one of the rooms smells like bleach and dead bodies with white damp all over the walls, hanging like icicles. Unfortunately we did not know where the Mortuary was but we have yet to explore it some more! Overall it is an amazing place to explore and you can get some brilliant photography !

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        Sounds like you were directly across the road.

        1. Chris says:

          That’s a bugger! LOL would have been nice to see that.

          1. The Urban Explorer says:

            Are your photos & video viewable online anywhere?

  44. Ali & Wayne says:

    Got in there 25/7/14 didn’t smell too bad was very run down but got some great pictures also felt something touch my hip when we were by the fridges other than that was great.

  45. Deckard says:

    Just to update, went here yesterday, it has not been demolished, however the only point of entry has been blocked by metal bars, along with all the windows.

    1. Kieron says:

      Went recently and got pictures, it stinks in there!

  46. Alex says:


    Any chance your original plan was the Orcale Park nearby?
    I’ve had my eye on that place for a while!

    1. No it wasn’t, our main target was in central London. What’s Oracle Park then? Is it the place directly opposite over the road?

    2. Harriet says:

      How do I get to St peters derelict mortuary

      1. Do some research Harriet. It’s really easy to find

  47. Craig B says:

    I used to live in Surrey and know where this is, as i spent many a time up the hospital when i was younger (accident prone). I have a very close friend that works up the hospital in the security department so i’m going to see if he can get me quick access to get some pictures, I know from talking to him previously they’ve had problems with people breaking in before i.e. drug users etc but he has never said anything about hunters, so hopefully he will be able to get me access for a little while to get some pictures. Ill keep this site in mine if I do get anywhere with it.. :-)

  48. Antony W says:

    Hi, on a comment on here someone said it had been demolished? has it been demolished?

    1. No mate, it’s still standing. Not sure what that person was talking about! It’s either someone trying to stop people going there, or they’ve found the wrong place!!

  49. Mark says:

    Hi There Adam,

    After seeing your post, me and my mates had to go and check it out! This was our first “explore” and we all got a kick out of it! Thanks for inspiring us!

    Hope you don’t mind a link to one of the shots we took (doing this on more of a photographic kick)

    Cheers !


    1. Nice photo Mark,

      Still looks pretty wet in there!

      1. Mark says:

        Yeah its looking in a real state, compared to other photos I have seen, its taken a real decline, I wouldn’t expect it to be there for too much longer!!!

        1. Me too! I’ve just seen a photo on your flickr I’d love to chat to you about. I’ll be in touch via email if that’s ok?

  50. Jada Brevett says:


    I went there the other day and found it! however it was late and dark so we didn’t go in. If i may be so bold to ask thus; how did you get in? did you have to ring up first, or did you go right in, was the door locked? do you know if visitors are allowed?

    if you could answer these questions it would be great as i need to get photos of derelict, clinical places for my art GCSE HW


    1. Bless ya!

      There’s no tours here, it’s a derelict building. If you’ve found it, explore it! The hard part is finding a way in. No one in authority will kindly take you round here.

      did you have to ring up first, or did you go right in, was the door locked? do you know if visitors are allowed?

      No. Yes. No. No. is the easiest way to answer these questions.

      Good luck!

  51. missy says:

    I park my car right in front of it everyday! Its getting a bit run down, rumour has it on site that it will be demolished, probably next year

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      That’s a shame for explorers, but probably for the best given it’s state!

  52. Missy says:

    Hi there

    Really great pics, always loved that place (I know that sounds kind of strange).

    I work nearby (in the new building) we sometimes have to park near there, is spooky at night!

    1. Doesn’t sound strange at all, after all, you’re talking to someone who went in and photographed the place!! ;)

      You should take a look inside for yourself soon before it’s gone!

  53. El Barto says:

    Would it just be better for everyone above if Adam just went to take the pictures… and then just emailed them to you so you can add your watermark and upload them?

    Jeeeeeeeeezzzzzz !

    You all could be pikeys/thieves for all he knows!! And that would ruin it for all!! At least pikeys would find it without being taken there by somebody else!

    And like all the rest of the reports… Real nice job of capturing these places! supa good images throughout!

  54. Urban hunter says:

    The mortuary has been demolished

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      The mortuary has not been demolished. I don’t know where you’ve got that information but it’s wrong.

    2. paige says:

      It is still standing, I went there last night. It is exactly the same as the pictures on here show.

  55. Rosie says:

    hello, i dont understand why you cant tell the location, it isnt like someone will take credit for it, i would apreciate if you could email it as it is part of a project for my a level photography and am interestred in going there but i spent an hour going around the location you described and i couldnt find it. its not handing it on a plate and im sure you would apreciate someone telling you a location if you were really keen to go there like i am here.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Hi Rosie,

      I understand your frustration, I really do. I’ve been there before but persist and eventually you’ll succeed.

      I’m going to stick to my guns on this one. I’ve just done a Google Search for “St Peter’s Mortuary, Chertsey, Surrey”, and within the first two pages of search results there’s a map which clearly shows where the old mortuary is on the site. It doesn’t get much easier than that!!

      It’s plain lazy to just ask for a location. I get asked all the time and I can tell which people have genuinely searched high & low first, and those who haven’t bothered.

      I’ve given you all you need to find the place. Hopefully it’ll still be open when you find it.

    2. calico says:

      Hi Rosie

      I’m afraid that in the land of Urban exploration, it’s not ok to share locations of these places…believe me, doesn’t matter how nice you ask, no-one shares. I got a load of abuse by asking – so best not to. Everyone says horrible things like “no-one’s going to wipe your arse for you” and “get off your butt, you troll” when all I did was ask for some advice…clearly being nice isn’t part of this world. I drove there, I looked around with a friend, I was called stupid and lazy for not being able to locate it and for asking for help. It was also insinuated that I was going to steal something from the morgue – like “OH YES, I can’t WAIT to take a dirty morgue table for my house!” I’ve met people that actually offer tours and share their expertise with others of what they’ve found. People become friends over it and the photos that come out are a result of it.

      I like sharing interesting places I’ve seen and been to with others. That’s the beauty of photography. It’s allowing others to see what you saw – sharing is good. There’s this silly cat and mouse game going on – it’s just a dark, dingy little mortuary – and everyone’s pictures of it look exactly the same! The tables, the doors, the water…. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all! I hope you found something to take pics of for your assignment. If I knew where it was, I’d tell you and if I find out, and you still want to go, I’ll let you know if I do. All the best x

      1. Sorry you’ve had such a bad experience!

        I use my discretion when it comes to giving out location details and to be fair I’ve given you all more than enough info to find this place if you read through the report and my comments.

        “OH YES, I can’t WAIT to take a dirty morgue table for my house!”

        …you’d be surprised, believe me! Plus it’s not only trophy-hunters we protect sites from, it’s mindless vandalism and metal thieves.

        1. calico says:

          I get where you’re coming from, Adam, but I’m a girl and single handedly I’m not sure I’d do much damage there! I really just wanted to share the experience that everyone else was having – I get it – I’m not part of the cool club, whatever! Wah ha ha! ;D

          I’ll stick to taking pictures of wildlife and nature and whatnot. It’s free and it’s for everyone to share and no-one gets their knickers in a knot about it :) People say it’s because I didn’t try hard enough and that I was lazy, well – so be it. Just wanted to put it out there that not everything has to be so secretive and not everyone has to be so mean about it. I’ve had a similar experience to Rosie and I guess I was kind of sympathising. But anyway – thanks for the email back and for not being rude :) I’ve had some absurd things said to me.

  56. daniel says:

    hi i couldnt find it could you email the location please thanks dan

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Sorry but it really doesn’t work like that!

  57. Jodie B says:

    I’m keen to know what road/ where this mortuary is near before it gets knocked down/ stolen from. Is it anywhere near the main St Peters Hospital (still in use) is on Guildford Road? Just want to check before I set off for it. Thanks in advance

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Hi Jodie, let me reiterate…

      “The mortuary, built in the 1940′s, is a small, rectangular building on the outskirts of the main Hospital site”

      If you’re local, or even if you’re not, just get out and have a look! It wont take you long to find it at all! I promise! Use Google Maps.

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