RAF Fauld – The detonator stores, Staffordshire

On November 27th 1944 an explosion in an underground bomb store in the village of Fauld, Staffordshire, the likes of which the UK had ever known, killed 70 people and left a crater in the earth 400ft deep and three-quarters of a mile long. A near-by farm, along with buildings, animals & workers completely vanished in the blast. 18 bodies were never found.

Aerial photo of the Fauld disaster crater.
Aerial photo of the Fauld disaster crater. (credit: Barry Wright)

Fast forward seventy years and historians & explorers alike thought there was nothing left of the RAF Fauld bomb store. And how could there be? An explosion of that magnitude (1/4 the size of the Hiroshima bomb) would surely have meant the underground workings were inaccessible. However, a few years ago, determined explorers found an entrance – hidden in plain sight as these places usually are!

The detonator stores, RAF Fauld

A chilly December morning in 2013, we made our way to the Fauld site. The entire area is covered with warning signs, and rightly so, potentially dangerous unexploded bombs litter the surrounding countryside and crater. Our first stop would be the detonator stores, a separate section of the bomb store.

Walking through the entrance tunnel was really something else. Probably the cleanest, best preserved underground space I had been in. No graffiti on the walls, no litter. Beautiful!

Stacks of 6 inch Howitzer shells
6 inch Howitzer shells stacked 20+ deep. (Note the chap stood on top!)

After taking in the magnificent tunnel, we came to a section which had been collapsed and blocked quite purposefully. Rubble, twisted metal and bars stood in our way – all but for a small hole to squeeze through. Although it all seemed safe and wasn’t moving anywhere soon, sliding through on your belly with tonnes of crap above your head was a bit nervy!

Through the other side was well worth the squeeze. Following the narrow-gauge tracks on the floor through several branches of the stores was fascinating. Signage, intact! Lights & loudspeakers, intact! The preservation is incredible to witness here. We must have photographed the detonator stores for almost 2 hours before we headed to the main bomb store only to find the entrance had been filled to the roof with soil and debris. It must have only just happened – the heavy plant machinery still parked in front. We missed the opportunity by literally hours.

I feel very privileged to have seen (if only part of) RAF Fauld. And a massive thank you goes out the explorers who put the time in to find RAF Fauld and so generously shared information with trusted people.

NOTICE: I’ve been contacted by landowners asking that I let would-be explorers know that the police are being informed of trespassers on the site surrounding former RAF Fauld. A few cases of criminal damage & theft have been reported. There are several buildings & secure bunkers in the area and I would ask that if you find yourself trying to enter these you are in the wrong place. 

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  1. Jake says:

    Would love to know if anyone is planning on going here anytime soon who could show me the entrance.

    1. I’m local to the area – well – Lichfield and often talk about this place and the size of the explosion. I’m also keen to visit, in fact about to go for a wander.

      If I find or someone can help me find a way in that would be great. All I want to do there is take photos and leave footprints.

      1. Ellie says:

        I’d love to visit if you know the way in? I’m hoping to see all different places this year

      2. Garry Lovatt says:

        Did you ever get in to the site? Would be very interested in going.

        1. James says:

          Would anyone be interested to go to some of these places. Me and my friend been to a few but we would like more of a group to protect ourselves.

          Email me jamestaylor9999@icloud.com

    2. Pedro says:

      I’d like to go too. We should do collab.
      Follow me on YouTube:
      Midlandz Explorer

      1. Alex Wilcox says:

        Just wondering if anyone can give me directions me and my mate went up not too long ago, we parked at the pub I forgot the name now and went for a walk and had no luck at all could someone get back to me with some guidance, anything would be appreciated.
        Email: Alexwilcox1973@yahoo.com

    3. Linsey says:

      Jake please show me it intrigues me

  2. Samuel Griggs says:

    Me and 3 friends visited here last night.. we parked on the pub car park and walked down the path through the field of sheep and through the field of cows (got chased by about 50 of them!!) and over the gate and straight down the footpath then off the path and up the embankment trying to find the tunnels but to no joy.

    On the way back a man was standing at the last gate before the pub (about 12:30am) we spoke to him and he told us he heard voices so came out to see but the only time we were talking loud was when the cows where set on us about an hour before? Anyway he said he lives in a house locally (won’t say what house but it’s close) and told us that the tunnels ARE still open and you can walk in but wasn’t set on telling us too much info, he was a nice guy to be honest.

    If anyone would like to meet up with us and show us any entrances that you know about then drop me an email or reply to my comment and we will arrange it for a weekend night or something as we will be returning in the near future. samgriggs1.46@hotmail.com

    1. Sam says:


      I visited the tunnels last night and can confirm that the ARE open and pretty simple to get in but as previously said if it you aren’t with someone who knows how to get in, even a pin point on a map won’t really help (I was directed in by a person from here with knowledgeable experience of the place) it took me 3 trips to find the entrance even with the map pin pointed and having his phone number for guidance!

      I have some pictures of inside the tunnels but don’t know how to post them here, there is a bit of graffiti in there “you will die” “hell ->” in red spray paint but was well worth a look! We cut the trip short when we heard a big dog barking and cows going nuts so with us not knowing what’s what we thought best not to get caught and go another time! May seem a pointless post but just thought I would confirm a few things!

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        Thanks Sam, always good to get a fresh update on things & glad it’s still open. I thought it would be, most of the comments here are either people who haven’t looked hard enough, given up, or locals trying to keep explorers away.

        1. Sam says:

          No worries I just thought I would pop back and help out, I won’t be sharing the way in with anyone as I think it’s best to keep it preserved, I can tell a lot of people have been through looking at all the wire fence that is now practically ripped down on the farmers field so I really can’t blame them for wanting to keep the vandals away, the locals need to realise that we could be stupid and post coordinates but we aren’t about that, most of us want to preserve it as much as they do!

          I got in without even crossing the big field where it’s fenced off so don’t understand why it has been pulled down! Must admit it is a bit ‘eerie’ down there for a first visit, will feel a lot more comfortable next time now I know what’s what!

          1. Sam G says:

            *UPDATE 2*

            So whilst in the area of Marchington last night looking for another place (red nova saloon if you know the location drop me a message) we thought we would go have another look at Fauld. Unfortunately this place must of had a few people going in (or probably the idiot doing a freedom of information request to the ministry of defence https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/raf_fauld_staffordshire_3#incoming-1501369)

            Anyway now it is pretty well SEALED, there are 2x concrete railway sleepers over where the concrete gap was and all the dirt from up the hill has been pushed on top of them probably a good ton of dirt, I took this picture from standing above the hole on the hill so if you have been before you will know how much dirt has been moved, access to the location is same as usual so doesn’t look like he’s trying to prevent people off the land but more of that he doesn’t want people going in the tunnels, see the link for the picture I took last night

            1. The Urban Explorer says:

              That’s disappointing, but it had been open for a very long time! I always thought that access was really well hidden and would remain open but never mind! At least the underground will be preserved now for future generations of explorers.

            2. Alex says:

              Looks like he’s put more dirt on top.

              I went with my mate to that same spot last year and I could see the farmer had started to push dirt over the entrance but oh well no doubt someone will dig it out eventually.

            3. Stacie says:

              I know where the Nova is if you never found it.

          2. Lee says:

            Hi mate. When we were kids it wasn’t fenced off. We used to go to the crater as it’s known for family picnics. Collecting newts and ammo. There’s a few ways in to tunnels. We went in when we were kids but didn’t go far in, too scary and no torches.

        2. Sammi says:

          Hi can anyone help with how to find tunnels or anything interesting? Please let me know sammisexy@me.com

          Really interested in getting some good shots…

          1. Colin mcluckie says:

            I found a few very interesting things in here…

            1. Sammi says:

              Did you manage to get in?

            2. Sammi a says:

              Can you message me on Sammisexy@me.com

      2. Jason says:

        Hi Sam could you send me the pinpoint on the map thanks

      3. Damien says:

        Hi could I get the location of the RAF Fauld crater tunnels please. I’ve wanted to go for ages.

      4. Mark says:

        Hi dude, we’re just about to go and look could you call me dude and explain how to get in the tunnels appreciate it. Thanks, Mark 07833303865

        1. Sam says:

          You won’t get in mate look at my updated post they have been covered in railway sleepers and a load of dirt, plus a bit risky going in the day you’re bound to get caught in the snow with all the footprints and daylight!

          1. Mark says:

            We went dude. Got some good pics didnt find the entrance however we entered a quarry and there was and entrace there. But all locked up. A crazy place we stayed until dark. Add me on Facebook I’m under DivvyMarc Hodge the pics are not bad of where we went dude.

            1. The Urban Explorer says:

              Sounds like you were in the wrong place. There are British Gypsum mines close by that are nothing to do with the Fauld bunkers.

    2. Sam Martin says:

      Hi there, is there any chance you could let me know a general idea of the location of an entrance, I’ve been trying to find one on this site for a while and would love to finally get inside and get some pics…. many thanks


      1. Sam G says:

        Where have you already looked?

        1. sam says:

          I’ve now found the main tunnel entrance with thanks to a user, the question I now have is there only the one entrance remaining or is there more into the other section?.

          1. oliver james says:

            Hi Sam , I’ve just recently got into this urban exploration scene and this place looks amazing! Could you give what info you’ve got please so I can try this adventure please?


          2. Mark says:

            Hi Sam, could you call me and let me know the entrance as we’re about to go and explore. Kind regards, Mark 07833303865

      2. Dave Edwards says:

        Hi everyone, I’d like to have a look at this site in the near future. Would someone be kind enough to send me a map with a pin drop at the entrance. I am only interested in looking, taking a few pics using as much discretion as possible. My email is davidedwards1974@yahoo.co.uk thanks very much.

  3. Aj says:

    Was there the other day, couldn’t find an entrance, if anyone knows where one is and wants to have a look next week, give us a shout at ajdarth@googlemail.com.

  4. Josh says:

    Hi guys, I see a lot of people have been wondering how to get in the crater. There is still an entrance and it is the only entrance I have ever known of AND used. I went there last week it is still simple to get in but even if I was to pin it on a map you still wouldn’t find it without someone who knew what they were looking for. Sorry if you think this is a pointless post but I just wanted to let you know there IS still a way in. Good luck!

    1. Ja says:

      Hay Josh
      It’s good you have a way in, is this something you can pass on, the way you did. I’ve been a couple of times with no joy. Is this something you can pin on a map.


      1. Josh says:

        Hi everyone that has replied to me – if you all leave me your emails I shall more than happily contact you all, make a group and set a day up to go and show you the way.


        1. Rob O says:

          Hi Josh

          Do you have plans to return any time soon? If so, could you let me know as I’m really keen to see this before it’s too late!

          1. Josh says:

            Hi Rob, yes leave your email and I’ll add everyone in to a group email explaining

            1. Jim says:

              Josh, count me in please. Jimandjimmyj@outlook.com

            2. Rob says:

              Thanks Josh, drop me a message


            3. Sam says:

              Could you drop me a email either with coordinates or a time and date of meeting please mate.


            4. James Stanaway says:

              Hi Josh did you guys end up going up?


              Thanks, James

          2. Hughie says:

            Yes. As a Dark Knight with a bright light…

        2. Chris says:


          Went down there today with the dogs (about 4 hours) found a few entrances in the back of beyond but both filled with a lot of wood and loose rubble.

          Josh, drop me a line please mate.

        3. Andrew says:

          Hi Josh, just wondering if you are available to meet up at the crater if you could email me my email is andrewrutland8@gmail.com

        4. RCar says:

          Hope I’m not too late. Rmtcts@gmail.com

          1. Jim says:

            I don’t think Josh contacted anyone, certainly not me and I put my email address up a while ago. I found it easily enough by myself anyhow, but its a lot smaller and more vandalised than I imagined.

            1. The Urban Explorer says:

              Smaller & vandalised, really? Are you sure you were in the right place? Would be sad if that’s the case.

              1. Jim says:

                Lots of graffiti on the walls of the main tunnel and lots of rubbish on the floors. Looks like people have been having parties down there. Still a cool place, but nowhere near as clean as in your photographs.

            2. Sam says:

              I got no contact from him either.. I believe I have found the entrance off very old maps so if anyone’s up for going have a look with me and a friend drop me an email samgriggs1.46@hotmail.com

        5. gareth hughes says:

          Hi Josh, I’m from Stretton and go up there regular, would love a look inside :-) garat983@hotmail.com

        6. Sammi says:

          Josh please drop me an email / message

          1. Josh says:

            Hi guys I’m very sorry I never got around to it. Around a week after I posted my comment my girlfriend fell pregnant and as you can appreciate with the pregnancy and COVID I haven’t had any time to go urban exploring. I’m still aware people want to go to the crater and I will, in time CC you all into an email and get something sorted. Sorry again it’s taken to long!

        7. Joe Orton says:

          Hi Josh,

          I have been looking at the Fauld crater for years and and desperate to get inside. Could you help me at all? Am local to Burton. Cheers Joe. joeorton@yahoo.com

    2. Phil says:

      I’m a local (uttoxeter). Going to give this one a go in the spring. Anyone up for it?

      1. David Johnson says:

        Hey Phil, I’m also an Uttoxeter based explorer I know of many places local but have no one else to explore with I usually go alone as I make YouTube videos but would be interested to get a group of explorers together.

        1. Ash says:

          Hi does anyone know if the other part of the tunnels are accessible and if so how do you get in them? Thanks

      2. Dean says:

        Hi Phil, I am definitely interested.
        Please contact me at deanbrad52@gmail.com

    3. Andy says:

      Hi Josh. I am very interested in visiting Fauld as my Great Grandfather was one of the engineers in charge of the project during the war. Any help or info you’d be willing to share would be very gratefully received.

    4. Joe Steve says:

      Hey. Could you inform me of a way.

    5. Rob W says:

      Are you thinking of visiting the site soon? Me and a mate would love to have a look.

      1. Lee says:

        Hi mate did you find a way in?

    6. William Bradley says:

      Hi Josh, I’m very interested to talk with you please call me or mail me 07713512045

    7. Leanne says:

      Hi Josh been to this location many of times even before they filled one of the entrances in. Very interested in exploring this place further so I can photograph. Could you please tell me where the entrance us. Thanks Lea

    8. Daniel Beck says:

      Can you drop me a pin on a map about location don’t mind looking please just wanna take pic



    9. S alex says:

      Can you pin point entrance on Google maps?

  5. J. Broad says:

    Hi all, I have visited this site (underground) 3 times during the years 2015/16.

    Unfortunately the main tunnel has graffiti these days and once past the wall of concrete rubble and twisted steel you enter into a now dangerous area with little to see. The once solid concrete floor has cracked in many places, risen and fallen in places.
    Large floor sections jutting up a foot in height exposing the earth underneath.

    The air circulation fans are rusted badly and all signs and doors of wooden nature crumble under touch.
    The air is breathable but very stale.

    My son managed to find a shell casing (slight damage) on his first visit, but nothing remains these days.

    All cableling has long been removed and very, very little remains for the eye to gaze over.

    The local people to the site entrance (near the guy who runs the pheasant area) are quick to force you away.

    It’s a shame that this place has been left to rot, due to “cost to make safe”. I just wish the story of this, Britains largest manmade explosion was common place in our history.

    One third destroyed, one third in use, I feel honoured to have set foot inside the filled in and forgotten remaining third of this amazing structure. Very few have had the experience.
    It’s more like a tomb to those that perished in its present day condition.

  6. Simon Ball says:

    Anyone fancy exploring this?

    1. Naomi Mccormack says:

      Looks amazing need to go

      1. Simon Ball says:

        Yes definitely!!

    2. Grant says:

      Yes drop me message to wetdive@hotmail.com

      1. Cheney says:

        It’s well sealed now and the Landowner has installed trip wire triggered alarms made of blank shot gun cartridges.

    3. Julie says:

      I do, but it’s got so much security and police due to live bombs and vandals, you got no chance of getting in

    4. Leanne Frost says:

      I would love to explore this place

      1. Simon Ball says:

        Need to have a look!

  7. Hi My name is Adam & I have a Youtube channel based mainly around mountain biking and camping – I live locally to Fauld (Uttoxeter), and have been amazed at the scale of events here on my doorstep. Consequently I plan on riding up there, probably just to the site of the memorial stone with my camera – I am well aware now the actual crater is full of foalige, you cannot even get any sort of scale of the explosion. I will not be doing anything exciting like attempting to gain entry, or look for tunnel entrances, but would love to be able to show viewers a couple of your images of what the tunnels look like, so was wandering if I could possibly use a couple of these photos from this website? Obviously I will fully credit back – giving the full web address both verbally and on screen. It’s only a tiny channel with just over 100 subscribers to date! Only very smallfry!! But hey, we gotta start somewhere! Just pardon the pun – ‘Blown away’ by the enormity of this event, which I would love to highlight to my few subscribers. Fully understand if you are not keen for me to use the images, and of course I will fully respect your wishes.
    Many thanks either way for your fascinating insight. Adam Lethbridge (Midlife Crisis Guy)

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Hi Adam. Sure, please keep the watermarks visible and a credit somewhere would be ideal. We have similar interests, I’ll be sure to follow!

      1. Hi, thanks for reply. Thank you so much, I will certainly ensure all credits are visible and As I said verbally credit you too.
        I will send you a link once it’s uploaded.
        Thanks again
        Adam – (Mid life Crisis Guy!)

    2. La says:

      There is a way in. Found one today. Only problem is its dangerous as hell. A clue to this is enter from no where near the crater and you will need a 2 ton scissor jack and 30 ft of rope.

      1. Gareth says:

        Hi La,

        If you’re genuine about this I’d be up for discussing it and possibly meeting up for a look, I’m local and walk/ride there quite a bit, I know where the light rail entrance was and the general layout of the place but have never had the guts to actually give it a go.

        I’m not too bothered about the technical or safety aspects of gaining access, well, I am I suppose but can always make a judgment and leave it for another time if its too dangerous, it’s more pissing folk off or getting nicked while trying that concerns me.

        Been a constant fascination since I moved to the area so keen to meet up with a more experienced explorer if there’s any around prepared to show me the (stealthy) ropes, thanks.

        1. Grant says:

          Hi Gareth any update ref this site

      2. Grant says:

        La drop us message as interested in site very much

      3. Sam Martin says:

        Do you have any more info on this location?? sam93913@sky.com

  8. Anthony wells says:

    Hi everyone. Is there any other pictures of the tunnels to be seen? Has anyone climbed down into the crater? And where may I get a map of the stores as it was during the war years? Many thanks.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      One of the most comprehensive books on Fauld can be bought here: http://www.bradford-on-avon.org.uk/faulddisaster.html

      More research & information than you can shake a stick at!

      1. Anthony wells says:

        Hi. Thanks for the reply, and link to the book! Much appreciated.

    2. La says:

      Been there today. Defo going back. Nobody nowhere.

    3. Mike Adams says:

      When I was a kid I lived in Draycott in the Clay (next village to Hanbury). I used to play in the crater in the ’70s and swim in some of the larger holes (craters). We used to make our own tracker bikes and pedal like hell in the crater itself. This was all before fences, signposts etc.

      Later in life, I used to drink in the Cock Inn. My Great Grandfather (Bowley) was a foreman in the mines between Draycott and Coton. One of his jobs was to check the roof safety before the miners entered. Sadly, one day the roof caved in and killed him. The coroner held the inquest in the Roebuck pub, just down the road!

      We did find an entrance into one part of the mine, in a small valley which had mining equipment scattered outside, including small gauge railway trailers. Needless to say we were too scared to go in… mores the pity.

      1. Anthony wells says:

        Hi Mike. Many, many thanks for the reply, and the story. It’s certainly an interesting place alright!

  9. Chappie says:

    Hi guys,

    Seen a few images of the Fauld tunnels on social media recently and brought back a few memories of when a few of us went down entrance no2 quite a number of years back. Having heard this entrance has now been covered up, I’m interested in where others have been getting in as I would love to see the other parts of the tunnels!

    Cheers, Chappie.

    1. Cheney says:

      Let me have your email address, I can maybe help.

      1. Chappie says:


        My email address is; Danchappie117@gmail.com

        Many thanks for the prompt reply

      2. Jay says:

        Hi, would you be able to help me too? I went down just before entrance 2 was filled in and was hoping to go back with a better camera, please could you give me more details of up to date entrances. jay.durose@gmail.com

      3. steve says:

        Hi Cheney I’m an urban explorer and would love to know if you can still get in to this amazing place? Email me at maria.steve@hotmail.com

      4. Miles says:

        Is it still possible to get in?

        1. Tutbury Wanderer says:

          I am also intrigued as I have recently been working at the firework business which uses the bunkers as storage would love to explore further given the opportunity.

      5. Matt says:

        Hi Cheney, I’ve been searching for an entrance for ages now… any help would be greatly appreciated Mj24bryan@gmail.com

      6. N Docker says:

        Went there today is there still a way in or am I searching for nothing some help would be great sorry if you’ve been bombarded with messages neildocker@yahoo.com

      7. Lee says:

        Mate what’s the location? I live local to the area and going down next week but want to know what sort of area the entrance is

        1. Cheney says:

          It’s well sealed now and the Landowner has installed trip wire triggered alarms made of blank shot gun cartridges.

          1. Lee says:

            Yes I know I’ve triggered a couple already! Made me poop a little haha. I’ve been up and down this place for years, I’ve been shooting around there and sledging when it’s snowed, I know there are other entrances just not been able to find any so any info would be great and I will keep to myself as I respect the land owners and have family who own land at the industrial estate in Fauld

            1. Cheney says:

              Lee, let me have an email address and I will drop you some info.

              1. Lee says:

                Ok thank you so much and it’s smithlee220882@gmail.com

      8. Sam Martin says:

        Could you help me….. please

  10. bill goddard says:

    I was an armourer at FAULD 21MU in 1948 getting rid of old rockets and dets at times it was hair raising

  11. Appleby393 says:

    Urban Explorer just asking a question about the possible location of the entrance is it in the center of the crater or is it to the north east side of it? Obviously it’s covered over now but just an inquiry because I may have stumbled across a similar looking area in the picture.

  12. benjamin scott says:

    I think it would be awesome if someone would conduct a paranormal investigation on this area :P you never know what you may find out, I’d love to be part of this too.

  13. RoDaS says:

    We went down there, about 25 years ago, russle, buff, clingon 2 others and myself. Walked around the left hand side of firework sheds then about 20 yards beyond, the entrance was covered but they knew it was there, 6-7 yards up they’d dug down and broke through top/side of the tunnel. To proceed drop down to face a brickwall with a hole to squeeze through, once through we walked about 100 yards like in the photos, to the left several large bricked entrances with holes through, upon entering it was transferring to a different world, wet clayish walls, ceilings caved down, even a stream running through, pit props? Everywhere that you could pick up with one finger, only a few empty ammo boxes, no bombs. On trips before the lads were nicking the cables etc for scrap. Important note though make sure you tell someone outside you’re down there. P.S rumour has it that only 2/3rds of it went up. There’s supposed to be a room full of TNT, it also damaged Christ church’s spire Horninglow Road which had to be pulled down because of it. Yup…

    1. Keeper very local says:

      Really the fireworks has now got security it is un-safe and how many times do I have to say you can no longer get in as there are tonnes and tonnes of soil on top at least 15ft to 16ft deep, also British Gypsum is also getting a little fed up of people thinking that the old mine entrance is on their site when it is not.

  14. Toby kavanagh says:

    Is this place still accessible, from Lichfield area so wondered if I can get in before travelling there.

    1. Keeper very local says:

      You will not get in this is private property there is CCTV in action and police are automaticaly called and night security is now on 7 days a week.

      1. Sam says:

        Hi Keeper,

        Are you aware if there is more than one entrance nowadays??
        I would happily compensate you for your time… and have full respect for your land and site

  15. Penny says:

    I agree, Alan Lynn. I know there’s no chance I’d get to go to this site or most of the others I’ve seen, but I do love seeing them and hearing about the history. These things took place well before many of us were even born, and to know about them boggles the mind, at least mine! Great shots and like the ‘leave it as you found it’ part.

  16. Shane says:

    I’m from Birmingham. Anyone fancy a visit?

    1. Ryan says:

      Hi Shane,

      I’m in Wolverhampton and definitely want to explore this place very soon.
      A guy called Josh may be able to assist in getting in he is local it says in an earlier post. Anyone know of any other interesting places to visit? contact me: rsg-services@hotmail.co.uk

  17. Bisusz says:

    Hi guys if you could take a quick look at my post here:


    I’d be very grateful for any pointers on the now closed entrance.

  18. Josh says:

    The entrance is rather easy to find. I live close if anyone wants to find the entrance sometime.

    1. Jake says:

      Hi Josh. Any chance of a visit?

      1. Joshua King says:

        Going tonight if anyone wants a visit

    2. The Local Keeper says:

      For the six of you that turned up at 10.30 on saturday night yet again you are in the wrong place for someone that has local knowledge you’re not doing so well, the police have been informed again and they are on C.C.T.V and they have footage night security has been put on so I suggest you just stay away.

    3. Keeper very local says:

      So you’re the one that is responsible for all the hassle, I suggest you stay away as this could lead to you getting into serious trouble. Night security has now been put on and police will be called the M.O.D has been notified and have visited site also the RAF are now involved too there were six guys that turned up on Saturday night at 10.30pm and were caught on cctv so if it was you the police have all your photos.

      1. Derrie says:

        Where are we talking about here, we never entered any secure areas such as the fireworks depot, where were they trying to break in?

        1. Keeper very local says:

          British Gypsum which is no where near the old mine, they are getting it all wrong and Gypsum have taken this very seriously.

          1. Derrie says:

            Oh okay yes I understand, I have been no where near and never will go anywhere near the British Gypsum site, all I did was follow the public footpath up to the crater, I did my research before exploring the area and ruled out the new site as I know it’s still actively mining and has nothing to do with old mine/base, people should research this before going to explore, it’s in the name “abandoned RAF base” which is clearly not a currently active mine. Also clearly stating that CCTV is in operation, explorers please respect the security of the currently active mine as this is not the area you should be looking in, there is nothing there.

    4. Mark Lindsey says:

      Josh, I have been following your adventures and I have lived in the area all my life I would love to get a picture of the entrance and I had a relative who died in the crater, it would be great to get some pictures, would it be possible to get any more info from you or meet up with you because I would hate to go wondering off onto private land?

    5. Michael campbell says:

      Hi Josh could you PM me about getting in the mine, we are professional underground photographers and would be interested if you could take us for a visit cheers ?

      1. Joshua King says:

        Going tonight if interested

        1. Simon Ball says:

          Hi Josh would be great to have a look if you could show me sometime

        2. Chris Finch says:

          Hi Josh,

          Do you have an email we can contact you on to discuss possibly getting in further?

          to get in touch please contact us on:

    6. jim harvey says:

      Hi Josh
      Would love to go around RAF Fauld, any chance you could show me round

    7. Lola says:

      Yes please can you help me and my film crew find this entrance I will give you full credit my name is Lola Cavey on Facebook inbox me

    8. Mike says:

      Is the entrance still open?

  19. Callum says:

    I went there yesterday (22/05/2016) and had a really good explore even though all the doors I found were padlocked :( There was one huge door that looked like it had been welded shut lol no handles! That must of been the main entrance, explored the fields nearby though and found a few bunkers an got inside them got some good photos :) had a great day would love to get inside sometime though! Looking forward to my next outing!

    1. Josh says:

      It’s really easy to get it. I live close too, bit tight but can get in.

      1. Derrie says:

        Josh can you still meet up to show us the enterance? Can you still get down there

        1. Keeper very local says:

          I think your time Josh is about up and Derrie if you are caught well it will not be pretty we have even had the anti-terrorism officer visit so my advice stay away.

          1. The Urban Explorer says:

            Keeper, while I appreciate your concerns and understand why you’re commenting – please try not to threaten people. Remember a lot of the users here are just young and curious.

            1. Keeper very local says:

              I have not threatened anyone my concern is for the safety of all of you that come onto private land and assume that they know where the old mine entrance, that is now no longer accessible, and the safety of people that work and live near by.

        2. Mark Lindsey says:

          I have been following your adventures and I have lived in the area all my life I would love to get a picture of the entrance and I had a relative who died in the crater, it would be great to get some pictures, would it be possible to get any more info from you or meet up with you because I would hate to go wondering off onto private land?

    2. keeper very local says:

      I seem to remember that the police got hold of you or were you the ones that tried to break in. You have to remember that you lot were not even close to the mine entrance and place you went is on CCTV which calls the local police out and for your information the old mine entrance is no longer accessible.

      1. Bisusz says:

        I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction of the now covered entrance. I’d love to know where it is, even though it’s no longer accessible.

        1. Keeper very local says:

          You will be on private property so I suggest you just stay away night security has now been put on.

    3. Lee says:

      Where was the location mate?

  20. Bill says:

    I’m surprised there’s been no mention of when the Americans arrived in the 60’s. The then stored American (NATO) ammunition was transferred from France to Fauld. I think it was something to do with Nato and French diplomacy. I have seen photos of hundreds of shells stacked on a platform in Scropton sidings being manhandled by American personnel for shipment across the fields into Fauld storage facilities.

    One day my wife and I were reading an article in the Burton Mail describing the transfer of American ammunition from France to Fauld. It was a long article and revealed the Commanding Officer came from Wisconsin. My wife and me was interested because my wife has (and still has) a pen friend from near where the new Officer Commanding Fauld lived in a place called Appleton Wisconsin.

    We decided to contact him to say hello and told him we had friends from near where he lived back home. We invited them over to our house and were excited to meet the Commander and his family. Suffice to say the evening went well especially for me as the Commander (Captain) in return invited me to a conducted tour by him of the storage caves and tunnels. His huge Cadillac glided up to the entrance to the mine where the bombs and ammunition were stored. I had to empty my pockets and handover the contents to a security guard inside the entrance, and so did the Captain. It’s all a long time ago and I can’t remember the detail, but overall the feeling for me was how much did all of this stuff cost. I suppose in the context of the Cold War it was peanuts.

    I cannot recall when the Americans left but they didn’t stay long.

    On another tack. Where I used to work was a chap who was an RAF Flight Sargent (only 18) and stationed at Fauld during the war. I can’t remember if he was there when the explosion occurred, the thing is, today, (17/5/2016) I had occasion to visit the Fauld industrial estate and found I had to pass some time away until my business was finished. I wandered up a long gradient to try and find where I went all those years ago and wondered whatever happened to the former American occupants.

    I also transported myself back in time, following the rails still in situ. I could sense the drama these rails had seen that was an everyday occurrence as thousands of bombs were trundled over to Scropton sidings loaded with untold fear, death and destruction.

    Nearby, a Chaffinch flitted and twittered in the brilliant green sunshine. I tried to make sense of it all.

  21. The Urban Man says:

    Hi Guys, just wondering if you have any entrances that are accessible? or that you would recommend to me as I only live 10 mins away and have only been once back in 2009 and would love to go again.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      If I were you and only lived 10 minutes away, I’d be down walking around the Fauld crater all the time! What a great place to have on your doorstep, seriously!

    2. Ollie says:

      I want to find an entrance too. It intrigues me want to have a look down there.

  22. Philip says:

    Hi Fantastic photographs. I just found the site after getting an email, most likely my Grandson set it up. But most fantastic photographs as I said, But I have a question related to this subject. Many years ago 1970s maybe I had a paperback book about underground London. Not ‘The Underground’ (railway, but about closed stations and war shelters etc.. Since I came home, from working in Kenya, I have lost it and I wonder if any of your members know of it or the real title, I have Googled it and spent many hours in the Library in Bristol, to no avail. If any one can help I would be most grateful.

    1. Benjy says:

      Probably “Beneath the City streets” by Peter Laurie

      It was one of the first along with “War Plan UK” by Duncan Campbell

      If you are interested in this topic there are a number of truly Excellent references published by Folly Books, some written by Nick Catford, and others by Nick McCamley.

      Nick McCamley wrote a book on Fauld which will tell you all you need to know, and be of great help if you are looking for a way in.

      Google them, and get them on your Christmas list. They are essential reading and contain many excellent photographs and diagrams.

  23. Chris Hall says:

    I’m itching to explore here! From Wales willing to travel. Anyone fancy it? c.hall1988@outlook.com

  24. Morgan says:

    something tells me that the old girl isn’t quite as sealed up as the chaps of 28 days later would have you believe… I’m currently living with my inlaws in Fauld in a house at the entrance to the barracks. I’ve just put a request in with National Archives for a copy of the mine plan with illustration of the damage and effected access points.

    I found an entrance the other night while out walking, but I think it’s in the part which is occupied by the Fireworks company there. There were lights on and new locks on the doors…

    If anyone is up for a wander around there then let me know. I’ve got an outline of the undermined area which I take out with me so know how far to go when poking around in bits a woodland off the beaten track, but if anyone happens to be in the know then I’d love to tag along.

    I have a vested interest in this one, and am not looking to open up the flood gates to loads of tourists coming down and spoiling it. Just want to get in and see it for myself.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Hi Morgan,

      The chaps at 28dayslater know their stuff, trust me. It’s good to see you’re being pro-active and doing your own research rather than asking for handouts from people who have put in hundreds of their own hours of research.

      In December 2013, this was the state of the Fauld entrance portal.
      RAF Fauld Entrance

      In July earlier this year, I revisited and another 6ft (at least) of earth had been put on top of this. It’s well and truly buried, trust me! However, if you continue your research I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. Sounds like you’re getting close.

      1. Morgan says:

        I’m sure I am close. I’d like to search for an entrance/emergency exit to the south of the blast area as the terrain naturally slopes away towards to end of the undermined area, so it would make sense for there to be something around the “Hare Holes Rough” area…

        The only thing I’m unsure about is the condition of the tunnels this far in as they wont have seen much action since it went up…

        1. Simon says:

          Hi Morgan, I’m ten minutes from Fauld if you fancy an explore sometime?

          1. Morgan says:

            Hi Simon, sorry I never replied to this. Few things cropped up with work, but back on the case now. Still up for it?

            1. Lee says:

              Hi I’ve played up there for years as a kid and always had an obsession with the whole situation and history, I’d love to find more out

        2. Jordan says:

          Hi Morgan
          Just looking for a few pointers as to where to look as I have searched the net far & wide and have only come up with what the entrance could look like no locations :( I have visited the area a few times & come up with nothing any info to where I can find some more would be great thanks.

          1. Morgan says:

            Jordan, I know where the snug entrance to the det store tunnels is. Found it this evening. I was out for a run though so only had the torch on my phone hence didn’t venture far.

            Gimme a shout if you want to go up.

            1. Derrie says:

              Hi Morgan, I searched the area for 7 hours on Saturday, I found a few places that could of been old enterances, one being tracks in the middle of the woods which disappeared into a burried entrance, any chance of taking me down there, so interested to see this wonderful piece of history, I will be going back and searching around the blast area more as I mainly searched around the old mine but drew a blank, thanks.

              1. Morgan says:

                Swap you your tracks in the woods for a tour of the stores? :)

                1. Derrie says:

                  Absolute deal, only will have to try and remember where they were

              2. Morgan says:

                what’s your email address, we’ll get in touch…

                1. Derrie says:

                  dezza1234(at)hotmail.co.uk :)

            2. Mark Lindsey says:

              I have been following your adventures and I have lived in the area all my life I would love to get a picture of the entrance and I had a relative who died in the crater, it would be great to get some pictures, would it be possible to get any more info from you or meet up with you because I would hate to go wondering off onto private land?

        3. Benjy says:

          The RAF depot (underground) did not extend as far as Hare Holes Rough. You are going to be on someone else’s property and annoy the hell out of someone. You may find some evidence of RAF activity at HHR as it is within the old RAF site boundary. If you think you have found access to underground workings you are more likely to stumble into British Gypsum workings and they will not make you welcome at all. Their H&S procedures mean they need to know exactly who is down the mine at any time and you stumbling in there will bugger up their headcount, and may prove risky for you too. Their workings extend south beyond Tatenhill airfield, and as far east as the Jet petrol station at the New Inn, Needwood.

          This is by far the best book on the subject and has maps that will show you just how far off target you are at Hare Holes Rough. It will give you detailed maps on other sites to explore, some underground.


          The photographs are stunning so get this on your Christmas list now!

          The underground area of the RAF site does not extend much further south (maybe 100 metres) than the southern rim of the crater (SK 18224 27520) so you are best to keep out of Hare Holes Rough.

          The western boundary of the RAF underground site does NOT extend further west or north of the public footpath linking the following points, SK 18119 27684, SK 18150 27874, SK 18060 27980,SK 18265 28001, SK 18458 28336.

          To the east of that line is the crater, which is fenced off and managed by whom, MOD? Also the private areas fenced off by the scrap dealer and the West and East Pyro sites. The scrap dealer has dogs, lots of them. There is nothing to see there either. The Fireworks people at East and West Pyro sites are really nice so do not trespass on their property or piss them off. The nature of their materials is such that you will get into trouble with the police and if you are equipped to burgle they will sh*t on you from a very great height.

      2. Sam says:

        Looking through your photos I assumed you used the same entrance that I did once, seeing this has made me think otherwise!

      3. Sam Martin says:

        Hi Urban Explorer… where exactly is this ground entrance?


    2. Lea says:

      I am interested!!!!

    3. Hayd1101@hotmail.co.uk says:

      Morgan, email me and we’ll meet up sometime soon to explore, we may have cracked it ourselves.. ;)

    4. Charlie says:

      Offer still open for an exploration of Fauld? Went up there a couple of months ago but couldn’t see anything.

  25. Larks says:

    I went into the tunnels 20 years ago with about 15 mates. We entered via a rabbit hole which put us in front of a brick wall with a hole cut out. We entered through and halfway down came across a collapse of reinforced concrete. There was however a route through. We carried on and reached two gain’t fan blades built into the wall (ventilation?) The place was erie and some mates went back. 10 years ago I tried to find the hole, without success. I know I could find it again though. It was 2ft away from a perimeter fence on the British gypsum site. Unbelievable experience I will not forget.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Well remembered! I know exactly the parts you’re describing.

  26. Iain Goodfellow says:

    We went caravaning when I was about 7 in the field next to the crater, I can’t remember it being fenced off then but certainly remember climbing down the crater with my older brother. We lived in Burton Upon Trent nearby and I went again when I could drive and was definitely fenced off then. Couldn’t get anywhere near it.

  27. Andrew says:

    I was about ten or so when my family visited the Hanbury crater we entered the crater with bird noises all around. About 20 feet or so from the top it was silent only the sound of our talking and moving through the grass.

  28. Kirstin says:

    Fantastic photos, I lived near here – Barton, Rolleston and Tutbury – when I was growing up, my grandparents felt the explosion in Barton under Needwood. It has always been a fascinating place for me and I used to visit often, climb the fence and head down the crater – many years ago when it wasn’t so overgrown – you could see the gypsum cross at the bottom easily back then – now it’s very hard to see… I always heard rumours about there still being tunnels there, but was never curious enough to investigate then…. Now, I wish I had!!!!

    It has always been a fascinating place to me, somewhat eerie, normally deserted and beautifully quiet, I’ve moved away now so not visited the crater for a couple of years, but I would so love the visit the underground areas if anyone is up for a visit… I think visiting as a lone female is a bit silly, so anyone up for an explore let me know

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      I’m really surprised you didn’t happen across anything exploring the area as a child! Always good to hear of personal accounts, thanks for commenting.

      1. Kirstin says:

        I used to walk there with my two mental staffies… I didn’t have a clue that an entrance could be in the vicinity (I’ve since google mapped it and have an idea where it could be, and if I’m right I didn’t walk in that area – higher fence!!)… I was generally keeping an eye on the dogs, making sure they didn’t come running over with an unexploded bomb between them haha!! ;)

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Haha! A very real possibility! Good luck finding it.

  29. chloe says:

    Is this place restricted? I really need to film a music video and I need an abandoned creepy place to film and this looks awesome so I was curious as to whether I could film here or not.

  30. Hannah says:

    Has no one else noticed on the sixth photo down looks like a figure on the right hand side, is that a reflection or unexplained? Same with the twelfth photo down with that bolt of light? Brillant photos, love old history!

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      No unexplained ghosts & ghouls! I was with others and the figures, lights etc. are from them being idiots and walking in front of my shot! Haha!

  31. Sam says:

    It would be massivly apreciated if anyone could provide me with a original tunnel plan, map or generally any cool info :) thanks.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      There’s a great book published by Folly Books that has all this information you’re after.

  32. Luke says:

    I have been in here several times and it is a very exciting and bone shaking place to walk around knowing the history and things that took place here but I do advise you to be very careful going in here, but I doubt you would find the entrance anyway :)

  33. Joe says:

    Could your safety be at risk because of the unexploded bombs, I know some could be duds, but they could still explode.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Absolutely, Joe. It’s a massive risk, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly of course.

  34. Landra says:

    These pics are really incredible! Would love to visit this place :)

  35. Jimmy Reeves says:

    Hi I’m a guy who just loves Photography and want to start finding places like this and doing shoots. Any advice about how you get involved in finding places like this?

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Start with joining the biggest & best online forum for Urban Exploring, 28dayslater.co.uk – Read their FAQ’s and just get out there and start exploring! Good luck!

      1. PAUL says:

        Is there any way of getting in there or tours?

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          There’d be no chance of a tour, Paul. It’s a Health & Safety minefield (literally!).

  36. Steve says:

    I heard about this site a while ago and had wondered if anything was accessible. Brave to do that crawl through into somewhere potentially risky anyway.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Yeah mate, you do have this irrational fear of stepping on a bomb or something while you’re there! Ha!

      1. Concerned says:

        I thought this site still have numerous unexploded bombs and unrecovered bodies doesn’t seem like a place anyone should be going really dangerous as fuck

        1. The Urban Explorer says:


          It’s probably fair to say that the area around the Fauld crater is a dangerous place to be, as would the original bomb store where the accident happened. However this report focuses on the detonator stores, a very different & separate location. Close, but different.

          Any underground location is “dangerous as fuck” but those of us who have a penchant for this hobby and take safety seriously, weigh up the pros & cons and decide if somewhere is worth the risk. It’s certainly not for everyone.

  37. Alan Lynn says:

    It’s always a pleasure to go on your website. Always learn something new. Thank you.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Thanks, Alan.

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