Dairy Crest, Great Torrington, Devon

Unfortunately, the best thing about exploring the Dairy Crest factory was the ice cream I had in the car park before we entered! A fairly uninspiring factory, with minimal interesting features.

The Dairy Crest factory has been derelict since 1993 and it shows. Every fixture, fitting and pane of glass has been smashed and torn down by vandals. Only one room held anything of any real interest, if flaking paint is of interest to you? It sure is to me!

The Dairy Crest creamery site is huge and you’ll do well to explore every part of it. Especially with lorries still running up and down the length of the site to reach the businesses at the other end of the estate.

All in all not the best explore, but an explore nonetheless and wherever there’s flaky paint and the stench of rotting pigeons, I’m there!!

Update: The Dairy Crest site looks to have been finally sold for redevelopment in July 2013.

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  1. Gruff says:

    Been there today, it’s a huge site to explore. To get round every nook and crannie will take about 5 hours. Worth a look. Some parts are indeed dangerous with long drops not guarded with handrails. Art deco architecture is impressive in the old part of the factory. Plenty of graffiti to admire and clues to the history of rooms and factory. The highest building is reminiscent of a cathedral in height. I’ll attempt to put up some photographs.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Thanks for the update, Gruff. I can’t believe this site still stands!

    2. G-SHOT says:

      Hello :)

      Is the site still accessible to enter with a car for a photoshoot?

      Many thanks

      1. Gruff says:

        Hi, hmm… you can drive on the road outside the buildings and get some decent shots, you will struggle to get a vehicle inside unless it’s a tractor or monster truck. The road through the dairy is drivable with any car but the security fences will hinder a good shot unless your camera is on the ground facing up to your subject. It’s a cool place and I’d recommend you give it a scout first just so you know the right places to film. The inside is a goldmine of filming locations. Enjoy and be safe. As I said in my review, there’s some deadly drops with no guard rails… Hope this helps.

  2. The Anonymous Explorer says:

    Yeah still accessible.

    Since planning permission has been granted they have secured ONE of the buildings and started clearing it out ready for demolition with new temporary security fencing stopping you from even entering the site. Main two buildings and the tower are easily accessible as well as the skatepark part further up the estate.

    Some good opportunities for photos in some rooms as there are several old control rooms, lots of machinery left in the lower parts and some of the architecture is amazing. Stay safe and wear a mask. Certain parts of this place is caked in asbestos.

    1. Rhiannon says:

      Any chance of a location?

      1. Dave says:

        Yeah Rhiannon, it’s the old Dairy Crest building in Great Torrington, Devon. I’m sorry but how much more information do you need?

  3. David Jones says:

    Visited the site yesterday, easy in as all fences and doors seemed to be wide open, I’ve got to say that the place has lost its appeal slightly, kids have smashed the hell out of it, don’t get me wrong some good graffiti still on the walls but you seem to lose the Art Deco Story that once was due to mindless tagging and wanting vandalism. That said, some great URBEX edgy shots to be had.
    Still worth a look, wear a mask and good boots.

    I’m glad I shot years ago when it was fairly untouched and the images I took were shown to former workers who got very emotional on seeing what was once a big employment outlet for North Devon.

    Happy to supply updated images if needed.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      It’s always interesting seeing how a place has changed over the years, so please do share your photos. The comment field accepts simple HTML if you’re comfortable with it?

      1. Kelvin says:

        Was there today, it’s smashed up, which I rather enjoyed. Loved the skaters doing their thing. Space is fab.

    2. Jake says:

      How did you find the place and entrance? Do you have a physical address I could follow to go there myself? Any info would be appreciated.

      1. Dan says:

        Jake, how much more do you need than the title of this write up? It’s the Dairy Crest in Great Torrington, Devon. Literally the only thing missing is the postcode! Great Torrington is a small place I’m sure you’ll find it.

      2. Sneekee says:

        Been looking at checking this one out myself! I don’t drive so it’s about 1:15 bus trip for me but if you’re looking for someone to go with contact me @urbexsneekee on Instagram.

    3. Madelaine says:

      Hey David, I am thinking about checking this place out soon. Is it still accessible?

      1. David Jones says:

        Very much so, very easy in, place is smashed up but some great photo opportunities still.

      2. David Jones says:


        Very, seems to be more open than ever.

        Take a mask and some good boots.


      3. The Anonymous Explorer says:

        Yeah still accessible.

        Since planning permission has been granted they have secured ONE of the buildings and started clearing it out ready for demolition with new temporary security fencing stopping you from even entering the site. Main two buildings and the tower are easily accessible as well as the skatepark part further up the estate.

        Some good opportunities for photos in some rooms as there are several old control rooms, lots of machinery left in the lower parts and some of the architecture is amazing. Stay safe and wear a mask. Certain parts of this place is caked in asbestos.

  4. Ian lott says:

    I’ts wide open was there yesterday no change

  5. BoredBoi says:

    Hey, I was planning to go here w/ mates soon & I was wondering if its legal to go here?
    A few comments mention that if you’re loud dogwalkers will call 999, if that does happen – obviously we’ll try to be quiet – what happens? I hope the police &/or security would just tell you to get off the property, but is there a possibility of getting arrested, fined or facing legal repercussions in some way?
    Also should I bring face masks or any kind of protective gear?
    Many thanks for any kind of advice :)

    1. Sam says:

      Just went today. I went with my sons but TBH I don’t think anyone cares. It’s clearly been derelict for a long time and it shows. There are obviously some druggies that use the place to sniff gas bottles. Not a lot to see but some of the architecture is interesting. There’s a huge structure falling down which is quite interesting.

    2. Dean says:

      Trespassing is not illegal and has not been for several years when they changed the law. It’s a civil matter between owner and trespasser so all they can do is ask you to leave.
      But doubt they will bother to turn up in all honesty.

  6. Alex c says:

    Hi me and my girlfriend would love to visit this location has anyone been there recently and is it still worth visiting? Thanks

    1. Em says:

      Yep, I’m local and sometimes re-visit. It’s still well worth a visit as the graffiti is always changing ect. Just be careful on your way in due to the debris.

      1. meg says:

        Do you have the address or postcode of it, was hoping to go?

        1. Em says:

          If you go to Taddiport (little villagey place just down the road from Torrington) you can’t really miss it. Massive eyesore once you get over the bridge

    2. Callum says:

      Hi mate, yeah still there I went yesterday

  7. Dan says:

    As an ex Police officer, formally on response duties in the Torridge area, I would urge everyone to stay away from this very dangerous death trap waiting to happen!!! Numerous calls from concerned members of the public used to come through in regards to intruders inside the dairy. Dog walkers, often elderly and vulnerable individuals reporting being scared by the attendance of gangs of people smashing the place up, throwing missiles from building at them and just causing havoc.

    Further to this, as a team we attended on three occasions where people had suffered life changing injuries. I am very concerned that one day, one of these visits from unauthorised people will end in death. Please, please think about your actions when contemplating entering the dairy, it could be your final action. Stay safe!!!

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Sound advice. Sadly there’s always a few bad apples as I’m sure you’re more than aware of!

    2. jonathan wills says:

      I am thinking of shooting a video at the site, not in the building, but outside in the light somewhere well lit and in the open. Would you say it was safe to do this I just want to use the exterior as my scenery.

  8. PAM HARVEY says:

    Something so big, what a waste, shame it cannot be sorted and put to good use.

  9. Alex says:

    I am local the way by the river has been blocked I went down there today I used to go down there a lot but now I rarely go near it if you’re going there I would recommend looking around the outside first to know your exits just in case the police turn up because a dog walker spots you and calls them. But that shouldn’t happen unless you’re loud. You meet friendly people in there because they are exploring, tagging, or taking photos so it’s usually nice to talk to others there. The main way in is easy to find and hard for them to block off go up through the middle of it go to your right and the fence is broken go through that and then walk all the way to the other fence then go through the actual building towards a open door you will have to climb over about 4 foot rubble mounds (this sounds more complex than it is) then you are completely in don’t be worried if you hear noises you will scare yourself for no reason best thing to do is keep quiet I’ve made it sound hard but I didn’t want to mislead anyone if they read this.

    1. sophie says:

      Went here last week thank you for the directions was very helpful :)

      This is still open and I don’t think there will be any work on it soon. Fun trip in general and you do make friends. If you hear noises don’t be scared just stand still and wait it’s the best thing to do.

    2. Mark Taylor says:

      Hey is this site still accessible for some photos with a dog? Thank you :)

    3. Jobey123 says:

      Hi Alex

      Strange one, we were in Torrington last week on holiday. As we drove by the derelict factory, my hubby said straight away “that’s Dairycrest”. He works in security and came down and walked around the site when it was fully functioning, in operation in 2014. He was amazed it had closed down. We Googled it to check it was where he had actually been and it said it closed down in 1993. Did part of the site stay open?

      He is adamant it is the site he visited, or is there another one nearby?

      1. Louis Knowles says:

        Well I don’t think the Milk Factory has been open for ages, but L J Developments have a few sheds further back on the site?

  10. David Jones says:

    Went to the factory again today, I’m afraid to say that development must be imminent as fences have been erected and low level windows boarded up, the back entrance is fenced off so very difficult to enter, lots of security notices but didn’t see any guards.

    Looks like it could be the end of the old lady!

    1. Urbanexgraffito says:

      Nah, just a security tighten up, couple different ways in, well worth the trip, place is huge!

    2. Rick Jenkins says:

      Hi I was here today and it seems to be easy access still but there are a few stories going around at the moment that the place is on hold for redevelopment as it is haunted and workers were being attacked, how true it is I don’t know but even still worth a look around. Go with someone as there has been a lot of people hiding in there.

    3. @urbexe__ says:

      Checked this site out around 3 times now in the last couple of months. Three different if not more ways to access the building (fences have been bent etc) Place is HUGE and definitely worth a look. Like most massive abandoned places there’s always been rumours of a development happening but this place has been sat the same ever since Urban Explorer done the first explore. Thanks @urbexe__

  11. Edd says:

    I was there Friday 31st March 2017. Thanks to David Jones on the heads up on best way to get access. There is a river that runs down the left side with a footpath, a lot of dog walkers use it, you walk down a little way until you see the opening in the hedge, go through and you can see clearly the way in. So basically you’re entering the smaller building on the left from the back and you use the bridge to cross over to the much larger building. There are no cameras this end, just if there are dog walkers about, just wait until they’ve walked out of site before you duck through hedge.

    The latest rumour from the locals is they are now finalising plans for redevelopment which could start this year. But they have been saying that for years also. We will see, but be quick.

    1. Alex says:

      I’ve lived here all my life there’s easy access in lots of places if you go down the middle a fire door is unlocked yes everything has been destroyed but that’s because locals that are young have literally fuck all to do in this town

  12. David Jones says:

    Was in there yesterday 25th March 2017 and the place is still worth a visit, easy entry, lots of great colours and unusual stuff to capture.
    Please check out my latest video of the old abandoned factory:https://youtu.be/6th9zhLLcpk

    1. Edd says:

      Hi, I like your YouTube video. Can you help me as you were there so recent? I drove by today to have a quick scope outside but had no time to go in. Where is the best place to get access. Did you go during the day or in the evening? Thanks for any help.

      1. David Jones says:


        Walk along the River that runs alongside the factory, you’ll see a break in the hedge, go through the hedge and mission into the building!

        Go in daylight, don’t bring attention to yourself and you’ll be fine! I would always go in there with a sidekick! Always someone lurking around (usually taggers) take some water and a scarf or mask as it’s fairly dusty and no doubt asbestos is still present! Some of the art is good but a lot of it is pants! Let me know how you get on!

    2. Willow Walsh says:

      Hiya I’m doing a photography project based around derelict buildings and abandoned places, for my A Levels. I can’t seem to find any directions for this place and I am not from the area. Can you help me out?

      1. David Jones says:

        Walk along the River that runs alongside the factory, you’ll see a break in the hedge, go through the hedge and mission into the building!

        Go in daylight, don’t bring attention to yourself and you’ll be fine! I would always go in there with a sidekick! Always someone lurking around (usually taggers) take some water and a scarf or mask as it’s fairly dusty and no doubt asbestos is still present! Some of the art is good but a lot of it is pants! Let me know how you get on!

  13. James says:

    Hi, a quick response would be much appreciated, planning to do a photoshoot here tomorrow, is it still standing? And if so, what is the easiest way in? Also is there anything I should know extra? Thanks!

  14. Sam says:

    Going here tomorrow, I’ll put up if it’s still accessible :)

    1. JAB1a says:

      March 4th 2017 – visited this site and it is still very much accessible, there is an adventure around every corner on this huge site. I warn against entering the building via the very tall building at the back as there is so much loose metal and concrete just hanging by threads in there, instead go behind the building on the left as you get to the place as there are doors open for safe and easy access. Be aware of asbestos so wear a dust mask.

      The place is pure art and beauty, so many amazing sights and also incredible graffiti. Sadly lots of kids visit this site and have great fun destroying the place which also attracts the law so be on your guard.

      Here are some video’s of the site as it sits today (2017)…

    2. Daniela says:

      Hi, would anyone be able to send me the exact location of this site please? For some reason I struggle finding it.


      1. Sam says:

        Mail me at graham878787@googlemail.com I’ll point you in right direction if you’re a genuine explorer.

  15. Jake says:

    Hey all, the place is still standing and demolition has been delayed for legal reasons, I have visited this site 3 times and pretty much explored it all, it’s very accessible and no security, locals stopped giving a damn about the place a while ago but still be cautious by the windows as horse riders, dog walkers, lorries and cars drive or walk up and down the lane as it is public right of way, the place is pretty empty now but I have bumped into a few people on two occasions, one time we bumped into a tagger who was a very friendly person and gave us some info about the place, some of which was very dark, and the next day we bumped into two young explorers and could hear scrappers and they didn’t look nor sound friendly so we avoided these, ways in are through the cooling tower and usually a fire exit is open on the left building when walking down the lane. Hope the exploration goes well if you visit! The place is like an art gallery!


    1. Robert Don says:

      Hi, who owns this site?

  16. Adam says:

    Is this place still accessible? Thinking about giving it a visit but wouldn’t want a wasted journey, thanks.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Wasted journeys come with the territory I’m afraid, but as far as I know – it’s still there and very much accessible.

    2. Adam says:

      Never knew about this place until a couple of weeks ago and drove past it. Great to see so many explorers know it. It’s still up and I haven’t heard any local news about it being demolished any time soon

  17. Daniel Shear says:

    As of going down there today (25/8/16) there has been no sign of any development in place, no security and it’s also incredibly easy to access by an open door on the smaller building adjacent to the river, you can then access the larger one by going over the bridge. The only real danger down there is exposed asbestos, shattered glass everywhere and if you’re unlucky enough to do so fall out of a window, the general building seems pretty stable though and I also managed to find a few bats flying around. Just be careful around windows that look out onto Taddiport and the part of the factory in use, it wouldn’t take much for some on looker to see you and call the police, although you could easily escape being caught in the maze that it is there. I still have about 2/3 days to explore literally by virtue of how big it is, it’s huge! Where’s this 4ft fence I hear you have to climb over to get in? That’s not the way I use.

  18. Shadow says:

    Visited here on Thursday (09/06/16) as it is soon to be demolished and redeveloped. It was surprisingly easy to enter from the path running parallel to the building and straight through an open door. Only managed to explore 3/4 of it as the person I was with got spooked and wanted to leave but did stumble across three other people who were also exploring! However the areas I did explore were very interesting. Many of the areas what are iconic such as the art deco stairs are now sadly riddled with graffiti (not necessarily the artistic type) but it did still make some interesting photos. Definitely worth a visit!

    1. Steve says:

      Is there a date when the demolishing will take place?

  19. David Jones says:

    Update May 2016

    Still very easy to get into the main factory. Recent newspaper article suggests demolition is imminent with planning approval granted. Took some more shots in their Friday 19th May.

    As I’ve said before, have your wits about you as I’ve never not been in the place without eyes on me! Great Spot for a fashion shoot.

  20. Johno says:

    Hi does anyone know about the underground tunnels that are meant to run all under the dairy factory? We were in there a few weeks and we found the entrance to them but it was pitch black in there and we didn’t have a lot of torches so we didn’t explore them very well but they were brick walled tunnels and they looked like they went on for a while.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      More than likely the service tunnels. Go back with some proper equipment and let us see!

    2. James says:

      Been to this building many a time and will be visiting tomorrow stay away from the second, more modern looking building dead animals, blood and signs of devil worshipping everywhere, sketch AF! However the big building is a sick place but is harder to access now as most enterances have been re-blocked. An overall incredible place to explore a must-visit for any urban explorers and a great place for beginners

      1. Corey says:

        Hello, I was wondering if you could elaborate on the room that you believed to be filled with “devil worshiping” and dead animals, I visited the site a few days ago and we searched the entire building in hope of finding something along the lines of this “devil worshiping”, if you could get back to me that would be great as I would love to pay this beautiful building another visit in the near future.

    3. Corey collins says:

      To elaborate on the stated service tunnels, these do not exist, there are a couple of rooms that are pitch black, one of them we did walk into and we were hopeful of a long line of service tunnels but unfortunately they were definitely unsatisfactory. It’s just a dark room with nothing in, it did look like it had been blocked off at the end so maybe at one point they were service tunnels that had ran across the bottom of the site but they have been fully blocked off now.

      There was second room that had steps going down to what looked like could also be service tunnels but it was full of water, as a last minute decision we decided to enter the tunnel and follow it round the corner, we made it to the corner and there was nothing around it, all the pipes did was go into the wall, I just thought I’d let everyone know in case there was anyone thinking of entering them, because I can tell you it wasn’t worth it.

  21. Corey says:

    What about the risk of asbestos, is the building structurally safe, what is the security like there, and is this still a good place to go?

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Corey, in every old building there’s a risk of asbestos exposure, you just have to evaluate those risks yourself and make your own decisions. Structurally, it was a bit of a wreck in places when I visited in 2011 and a building like this, exposed to the elements, will go downhill very fast. Again, in 2011 security was non-existent. Whether it’s still a good location to visit, I think that’s up to you – or perhaps someone who’s been recently can give you more of an insight.

  22. Dan says:

    Is this building still standing or has it finally met its end?


    1. Lois says:

      I am a local to this place, it is still standing, however there is limited access into the building, but I’m sure you could find a way in if you wish. It has sadly suffered from a lot of vandalism but can make quite good photos!

    2. Jake says:

      The dairy is still standing my mate was there a couple weeks ago! I’m looking on going there myself one day soon

  23. David Jones says:

    A short video of images taken in November 2015.

    Very interesting place to visit. https://youtu.be/2ie3nZ0Km4Q

  24. Kieran says:

    I am looking to take photos of this site I just wondered how hard it is to get in and what the address is.
    Thank you

    1. Bob says:

      It’s down Taddiport in Torrington it’s unmissable at Taddiport also it’s not that hard to climb as long as you can climb a 4foot fence.

    2. David Jones says:


      Have been in there twice in the last couple of months, spooky place so would go with another snapper or helper, there is signs of activity in there but I got some great images, lots of paint peeling and broken glass. Easy in as the fence is down, are you local to North Devon?

  25. Bob says:

    There are some really good skate boarding spots in there and I went In there about two weeks ago and for some reason there is a cage that looks like a dog lived in there in the basement of the building

  26. Rich says:

    Hi, anyone know if this place is still here and if you can go there still.

    1. James says:

      Yes you can still go here, they’ve fenced it off though, but I live in Torrington so we still go in.

      1. Jess says:

        Hi James, I’m a student studying photography and I’m in need of finding abandoned or derelict places!

        Just wondered whether it is still possible to access this building? And also to still find the derelict rooms (if they haven’t been destroyed yet)?

      2. Carter says:

        Hey I was just wondering it says about lorries driving past still and all that stuff, is the risk of getting caught high or is there no worry?

    2. James says:

      Can I please get some info on whether I can still get in to this building etc. and how to.

    3. Bob says:

      Yeah you can but you have to climb over a like 4ft flat fence around the right side of the building

  27. Eve-Lyvette says:

    Just FYI, you didn’t mention the underground tunnels in here, so I’m wondering if you saw them? They run under the building, and I don’t think anyone’s really been down there, it’s mainly ex-workers who knew about them.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      That’s interesting. Never heard of them and didn’t see them. Service tunnels I assume? Do you have photos?

  28. Spoonz says:

    The Dairy Crest site resold last year and some of it is going to be reused in the near future. On that basis, access will be more of a problem from here on in I think.

    Whether they will reuse the more derelict parts I have my doubts but my company has been approached about wiring for upcoming computer systems on the site so it looks to be happening to some degree.

  29. Harry says:


    So me and my friends are amateur film makers so I was wondering if you could give me some contact information about the owners of the site as we are looking to do thing by the books.

    1. I’ve no idea who you’d contact I’m afraid. I applaud you for wanting to it all “by the books” but with the amount of H&S headaches and hoops to jump through I doubt you’d get anywhere near it. It’s a dangerous building and absolutely full of asbestos etc. If I were you I’d just go while you still can if you’re desperate.

  30. Patrick says:

    If someone wanted to look inside the Dairy Crest site, would you use a gas mask?

    1. I think a gas mask is a bit overkill Patrick, but there is asbestos in the building. Use your own common sense would be my advice.

  31. April says:

    I used to live in Torrington, and my father actually worked at the factory when it was still in use. When I lived down there my grandmother and me used to walk down to it, it’s a shame it’s so vandalized now. I went to Torrington not long ago, but I didn’t get to see either the factory or the World War shelters underneath the marketplace, by the looks of it I might skip the factory next visit.

  32. Caper Lamb says:

    This is a site that i have always been fascinated about, and i went to visit in october, but they have put a hideous iron fence around it! I only managed to take photos from the outside, and poke my camera through the bars! D :

  33. jane says:

    Dear Friends, please don’t go into the old factory, as it is heavily contaminated with asbestos.
    That’s why nobody has come up with enough money to demolish it properly. It’s pity, because this part of the river is beautiful, & Taddiport deserves to be free of the looming wreck.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! The place is a wreck!!

      The village is lovely and really does deserve better.

  34. Gary Powell says:

    Hi Adam

    who do I speak to to gain access for fashion photography project please

    1. Hi Gary,
      You’re better off just visiting the site, the place is an absolute wreck and I doubt you’d be given permission due to its safety levels!
      If you need any more info just send me an email

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