Burlington Bunker, under RAF Corsham, Wiltshire

The mystery of what exists behind "The Red Door" has now been solved
The mystery of what exists behind “The Red Door” has now been solved

Under the Corsham Cotswalds approximately eighty feet below ground beneath RAF Corsham, lies the UK’s largest underground bunker and for sixty years one of the best kept secrets in modern MOD history. Burlington bunker. Assembled as an emergency relocation site for the British government if the threat of nuclear war ever became reality. The bunker boasts some impressive ‘sections’ from a BBC broadcasting suite to a Hospital all accessible via 10 miles of ‘road’.

Adjacent to Burlington is over 30km of tunnels and passageways belonging to Box Freestone Quarry, part of which taken over by the MOD and turned in to an air inlet. For years, explorers like myself would marvel at the MOD area of Box Mine and the mysterious ‘red door’ that sits at the end of the passage.


Entrance Slope from Box into Burlington bunker
Entrance Slope from Box into Burlington bunker

Exploring Burlington Bunker

Roll forward to 2010, and a set of certain circumstances which saw an opportunity to go beyond the red door and venture inside…

As we walked closer to the Burlington complex the rough rock edging became smoother as tunnels and passages turned in to roads complete with signs and road markings. Immediately we heard voices and machinery. At the end of a long roadway we could see several workmen upon motorised electrical carts. We waited for them to move on and walked around the corner, in to Burlington.

We didn’t have long to explore the site and without a decent map we had to guess where the best bits would be. After poking around in a few interesting store rooms we happened across one of the main features of the Burlington bunker; The canteen.

The canteen in Burlington bunker
The canteen in Burlington bunker

Plates & cutlery all laid out make this area look like it’s ready to be used at the drop of a hat, or as if previous inhabitants just upped and left.

The truth is, the bunker was never used. This mock setup was more than likely arranged for the hand-full of public and press tours held at the bunker shortly after it was decommissioned in 2004.

As we walked through the canteen and took in the incredible, brand-new coffee makers we made our way into the Kitchens where thousands of pounds worth of utensils, cookers & mixers sit having never warmed up so much as a tin of beans.

Telephone Exchange.
Telephone Exchange.

Behind the canteen is the laundry area. Industrial sized washing machines and tumble dryers alongside banks of ironing boards – labelled up with stickers advising on asbestos.

Among the exploring world, the main “attraction” in Burlington is no doubt the Telephone Exchange. Immaculately preserved and the biggest exchange of its type in the world, it takes your breath away.

Time was running out and we needed to get out before we were locked in for the night! In hindsight, it would have been a lot better if we had been! I’d have got a lot more photos and seen much more of the bunker, that’s for sure!

On our way out we decided to see what would happen if we just walked around, bold as brass. We must have walked past seven or eight workers, none of them even batting an eyelid, one even acknowledged us with an, “alright” as we made our way to the exit.

I don’t think this will be the last of Burlington, but what exactly were the workmen doing down there? Asbestos removal was definitely being carried out. Perhaps it’ll just turn in to a glorified storage unit?… Until next time, Burlington.

Thanks to Kinger for using some of his photos

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  1. Fathima zayar says:


    I am doing a project on underground bunkers and I need to study plans and layouts of underground bunkers for better understanding. Could you please let me know how I can find the plans for Burlington? I was not able to find any on the internet.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hello all.

    I am an artist, poet and writer. In 1982 I wrote a play called ‘Fallout’.

    I never knew anything about a bunker until quite recently. But would really like to visit the site. Perhaps even to have the play performed within it.

    My wife went to Corsham College back in the 80’s.

    If you would like information about the play please contact me at kevinoconnor1939@yahoo.com

  3. Cam says:

    Hello fellow explorers.

    I have lived in Corsham all my life but have never been able to find a way into this bunker. It has been a dream of mine for years.

    If anyone is willing to give details on how to get in or show me in/around I would be forever grateful.

    I will be able to share other points of interest in the local area that have not been documented as well. Please email mobscure10@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance

    1. Leon says:

      Alright mate, good luck with that, Hanson have blocked it all off. The last three years of people kept going to certain places in the cave system

  4. Anthony Rowe says:

    My Dad before he was called up worked and met my Mother, married, and I was born there 77 years ago. However, he was on a night shift and it was very quiet he heard someone swear in German, reporting this it turned out to be a spy and was arrested. In his digs they found the wireless set. Ironically he was blonde and spoke with an accent.

  5. Allan Owen says:

    I was doing my national service with the RAOC in 1952 at Basil Hill Barracks.

    My duties was working down the Tunnel for over 18 months we would march from the Barracks to the tunnel and go down the long stairs where the conveyer belts are to transport the ammunition to the storage districts.

    The Korean war was on at that time and we would inspect the ammunition before it was sent out.
    We would be down the tunnel at least eight hours every day.

    1. Shane Nickisson says:

      Hi Allan thank you for sharing this I like to learn about the history of UK didn’t now we were in war with the Koreans

  6. Harry says:

    By pure coincidence, I have just spoken to the owners of the manor house that used to be owned by the RAF which has the access shaft into the bunker.

    Bit of context:

    My uncle and aunt own a house with a large garden which they open for charity a few times a year. This year, I was helping out just at the begining and one of the first people to come in were the new owners of the manor. The manor itself is not in good condition as the RAF have not been very good at maintaining it, however, they did tell me that the bunker is open twice a year. I have looked into it very breifly and have not been able to find anything, however, it is worth looking for.

    1. tony beavon says:

      Can you tell me who the new owners of Rudloe Manor House are?


    2. Miles says:

      Hi there Harry,

      I hope this finds you well. I’d be very grateful if you could email me at miles.peckover@gmail.com – I need a bit of local knowledge about who is responsible for the site.

      Kind regards,


    3. Hello Harry.
      I read your post with great interest.
      I do hope that the bunker infrastructure is still as the photos depict.
      I too would love to see a vital part of our history.
      Please keep in touch.

  7. Rob says:


    I moved to Corsham in 2019 and I believe my house sits close to this underground haven!

    I’d love to get down there one day for an explore. I’ve spoken to fellow dog walkers who say there’s an entrance via Box Woods but would assume there’s something closer to Corsham centre still possible?

    1. Kane says:

      Hi Rob. I was just wondering if you ever found a way to get it. I’ve been wanting to go there to ages and haven’t be able to find it please contact me via my email Kane.a.roberts@icloud.com

    2. Obee donn says:

      Hello mate I was in them today it is all steal frames with steal bars but if you are good enough you can squeeze through the gap and get in. We was exploring for couple hours there was so many ways to go message me on Facebook and I’ll send you one way in… Obee donn

      1. Rob Fulford says:

        Hi, I never managed to find a way in, looks a bit too secure… Interested where you got in Obee.

        1. Obee says:

          Check out my YouTube channel Exploring with ukGs there some footage on there

          1. Danny says:

            What you’re showing on your channel is Box. I think Rob is referring to Burlington.

        2. Exploring With Obee hunters says:

          Yo-yo I’m in Wiltshire at the moment but I don’t drive so if anyone is up for checking the tunnels out let me know.

      2. Mariusz says:

        SZPERACZE PL TV Hello, my friend and I are Urbex EXPLORATION and we are looking for the entrance to these tunnels in Wiltshire Corsham, we can exchange places for Urbex Exploring, we have a lot of places for Exploring, we would be grateful for information about Corsham and places to enter the underground city

        1. Exploring With Obee hunters says:

          Yo bro, I’m going up on the 28th so I’ll send you an email closer the time if you are available at that time you can come along but I will say anyone who is larger in size will not get it as you have to squeeze through the smallest gap.

          [Apologies from ADMIN for the late publishing of this comment – but it’s never a good idea to announce your arrival anyway!]

        2. Exploring With Obee hunters says:

          Hello mate not a problem I’m in Wiltshire now but I don’t drive but I’m game for taking you to where I got in and if you can squeeze through the same way you’ll see it’s amazing.

      3. Martyn young says:

        Hi Obee Donn,

        Could you also let me know an entrance would realy appreciate it.


      4. Dawid says:

        Hi, would you be able to email me directions?


    3. Mar6 says:

      You would think they would do the place up for this day and age… nukes on the cards etc.
      We’re sitting ducks if it goes tits up.

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        I’m sure there’s an even bigger & better “Burlington” somewhere in the country, after all, no one really knew about this until the late 90s.

        1. Christian Leyland says:

          I live in Neston (5mins from Box) and heard about these tunnels, would love to explore. Please get in touch when your next going. c****@*****ance.co.uk

          1. The Urban Explorer says:

            Lucky you, Christian!

            The Neston area is actually home to a few underground spots itself! The whole area is rich with them!

  8. Max says:

    maxchriswright88@gmail.com if anyone else other than the admin wants to email me. Cheers

    1. Leon says:

      Hi Max give me a email a lot has been going on around Corsham ldunlop2016@gmail.com

      Lots of changes and stuff getting blocked up and fenced.

    2. Obee says:

      There’s a way mate I’m going back in a couple of months if you like I’ll get in touch and you can join my team for the experience

      1. Jason says:

        Hi mate would love to get into Corsham could you possibly give me directions or is it all blocked off now?

      2. Phil says:

        I’d really like a step-by-step guide on how you do it/did it if that’s ok? Planning on going there myself soon and would love to find my way around. Thanks!

        1. Obee says:

          I can do just that my friend it’s not hard though where we went through I hear that there is a better way of getting in as the way I went in may be shut off now but if you’re slim you’ll be ok. I’ll send you a picture of where we climbed in.

  9. Max says:

    Hi, this is a really interesting blog. I live in Corsham, and during my morning runs I see the police patrolling the MOD, especially with that construction (or whatever all those containers are for) going on at the edge of Pockeredge Dr. I’ve heard of people going into the Burlington Bunker, but lately there’s been talks about cyber security and all sorts of other funny business going on below. Maybe all those containers near Pockeredge Dr have something to do with it.

    Anyway, I’ve been contemplating doing some exploring myself. Can you pinpoint the entrances, including those that are rigged with CCTV and alarms? Also, any other useful tips would be helpful. I’m putting a map together using all the old images that are online just so that I can better navigate the place. Thanks in advance.

    1. Dave says:

      I used to work at the construction site up there. They are building a big data centre owned by Bladeroom Group, storing data for clients such as Microsoft, Bank of England and such, hence all the tight security in the area. I expect it is linked to the MOD somehow but lord knows how.

      1. tahlens says:

        Are there some pictures of these ‘containers’? They could indeed be datacenter modules. Repurposing the underground for datacenter usage makes a lot of sense as well and it happening all around the globe (heck, it literally used to house a telephone exchange, practically a datacenter). But would love to find some factual sources on this.

    2. Kevin O'Connor says:

      Hello Max.
      How far did you get with you plan to visit the bunker?
      I am intrigued with the history of it.
      Best wishes Kevin

  10. Benji Scott says:

    I’ve been looking for an entrance, even if its just to the red door, for months. If anybody knows how to get into the bunker, and/or any words of warning, Please email me, it would be hugely appreciated. benxscott@icloud.com

    1. Southwest explorer says:

      The red door is now off limits to the public thanks to some YouTube monkeys but the mines are still accessible you’ve just gotta know where to look or know people who know the mines well as it’s too easy to get lost down there.

      1. Benji Scott says:

        I’ve been in the mines a couple times. (I actually got to the end earlier this month). It’s a shame there are people who disrespect the bunkers or break entry. Ruins it for the rest of us.

      2. ScubaSteve says:

        Off limits to what extent? The entire place is technically off limits to anyone without specifically granted access permission.
        Did they erect some solid structure to block access or is it just a wire fence? If the latter then its inevitably already been cut down.

  11. Marcus hogben says:

    Hi all,

    I explore different bunkers mainly around SE Kent. I’ve done Dumpy in Dover but Burlington intrigues me. Myself and a couple of explorers want to drive to explore it. Can somebody send me co-ordinates of entrance. I have watched various YouTube and seems a long walk to the red door. The red door is what intrigues me and I would like to get footage. Any help much appreciated please email marcus.hogben@yahoo.co.uk I would like to do this when tiers are lowered thank you.

  12. I spent hours and days in these caves/bunkers as a kid we used to go in them to explore (madness now I look back). You can get a map we was given one on one creepy day when we was down there and came across two other cavers and they gave us one. The best way in was the back door but it has since been closed off, you can still get in the front door but be prepared to go in some crazy small gaps. The only other way I know in the devils mouth I think it was called, a very thin slot that the bats come out from and save our asses one day :)

    Best to just go in the field and look down at the cathedral it’s very cool even better looking up from it but that’s only the start of these caves deep in you will come across military doors that are hard to pass unless you know how…

    1. Benji Scott says:

      I’ve been looking for the entrances for at least a year now, how on earth do you get in? If you could send coordinates from google earth, or even just a description, that would be mental. benxscott@icloud.com cheers!

      1. Matt says:

        Look on Google Earth Box tunnel west portal, in the woods are two 3D photos one is backdoor.

        1. Benji Scott says:

          Sweet thanks

  13. Ged Parker says:

    In 2002 I was setting up an interview with a company that had purchased surplus MOD buildings at Corsham when my host said he had a million sq ft underground!

    This rang a bell with me as my Dad said he had been underground near Bath during the war, and sure enough it was the same place. He dealt with naval munitions, running around on one of those stand up scooters we used to see in railway stations. He came up on VE night to see the glow of the lights of Bath for the first time.

    I had a trip down in a huge goods lift and was staggered at the height of the caverns. It was the days before camera phones.

  14. AJWS says:


    Thanks for the fantastic pictures and information. Looking to set up some explores with my friend and love the look of this site, could you email me any details that may help also if you have any information on sites in North Yorkshire then that would be brilliant as well.

    Keep up the great work, big fan.


    1. Jess says:

      Is there still access to this place guys

      1. Jake says:

        Did you find out if there was access?

    2. Martin says:

      Did you find the exact location mate?

  15. Iain says:

    Hi. I’m so curious about the whole underground world. Does anyone know any entrances to the mines or Burlington? If so please email me chedburn@yahoo.com
    I’d really love the chance to explore.

  16. John Woodley says:

    Is there still access as I would love to have look round and are there any do’s and dont’s when down there. If anyone knows please contact me at jw6592woodleey@gmail.com

    1. Curious says:

      All the equipment there would have been top of line of that time. Can you imagine what the current secret bunker looks like?

  17. winston says:

    My grandparents lived in Corsham their whole lives, I have a vivid memory of my Grandad taking me and my brother when we were just small to a bunker like this under Corsham, seem to remember that we were made to wait in the car while he went to have a chat with someone (guess he must have known one of the security) and then we were allowed to go in for an explore (long time ago now and my memory is hazy). It looked a lot like this but I’m 90% sure the entrance we used was down a slope next to a train line, huge pair of blast doors (with a small door on the side) and then you were in and the train line continued on the other side down into the bunker) so trains could drive straight down inside the bunker. Does anyone know if this was Burlington bunker? the images I’ve seen the entrance don’t look like that or another entrance maybe?

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Sounds like Tunnel Quarry perhaps? Also under Corsham, it has quite a famous underground train platform.

    2. Pico Henry says:

      Hi I remember visiting the site you describe in 1976 when part of the system failed, there was a knock on my front door late at night and I was taken by police to the factory where my boss briefed me on the problem, we collected tools and spares and I was taken [at some speed!] by the police to a place in Wiltshire, I remember huge blast doors, and a small guage railway which took us further in. Happy days!

  18. mitch says:


    Visiting the area after this coming weekend just wondering how I go about visiting the tunnels

    1. Joshua says:

      Did anyone get back to you? Me and my friends have been trying to get down there for years

      1. David says:

        I was looking for something else and just came across this forum. What a find. It has brought back many merories. Great photos. Thanks for sharing. I spent quite a bit of time down there back in the 80’s. I even have some old photos and videos in the loft. Would be fun to go back and have a walk, scramble down memory lane. If I do I will post again.

  19. Luke says:

    Hi there, I went to Corsham today and we managed to find west portal Box tunnel. Any info on how to get to the Red door or any entrances email me please desperate to explore the area lukasluke91@gmail.com just can’t find a way in.

    1. Matt says:

      You need the east portal. There’s a second parallel tunnel just before on the right under the steps but it’s blocked not far in would be great to see someone knock through and have an explore

      1. Gary says:

        What you’re referring to is the old entrance to Tunnel Quarry. And what you’re suggesting is that someone trespasses on the railway – not a great idea that! There’s no way in to Burlington through that portal, maybe there was in the past but I just can’t see it now.

        1. Dave says:

          That’s right Gary, this is the entrance to Tunnel Quarry (rail access). I find it a bit of a myth that trains would decant passengers from the mainline to transfer to Spring and Burlington. The loading gauge of Tunnel Quarry is lower than mainline tunnels, and the locomotives would have had to be restricted in height. The entrance to Tunnel Quarry is bricked up in a small tunnel on both sides, and is alarmed with pressure sensors on the outside.

          I have walked through Box tunnel whilst on a site survey for Network Rail, there is actually a side room off the upside towards London, but no connection with any MOD works, other than a subway culvert running under the tracks which has been filled in when the track was lowered for electrification. Also don’t try and break in at Sands Quarry, MOD police will race and nick you, just as trying to break in to the emergency access point at Ennox Lane.

          1. Martin. Taylor says:

            Hello Dave,
            I was interested to read your comments. I must admit that I’m not too familiar with the area. However, during the early 1980s whilst travelling to Cheltenham from Dorchester on leave, by train late evening. I had been chatting to another soldier that I had met en-route when the train started to slow down and moved onto old-fashioned clicky-clack rails. We seemed to be crawling along for ages when I saw clearly the internal lights of Box tunnel to the left of the carriage and then we disappeared into a different tunnel.

            After a few minutes we stopped, and for about an hour there was the sound of machinery loading or unloading something from the very front part of the train. I remember smoking a cigarette out of the door window and the bare rock was only inches away but I could see flashes of light and movement further along. My companion said that he had had the experience before on the same late train. Neither of us had a clue what it was all about. But we definitely entered a tunnel in a normal train carriage!

            Best regards, Martin.

  20. Michael Heminsley says:

    Just come across this nice Burlington city site, brought back a lot of memories of my fire watch duties at RAF Corsham in the 70s, part of the watch was to go down to inspect the city spent a good couple of hours down there on each watch.

    1. Leon says:

      Hi Michael was wondering if you could email me ldunlop2016@gmail.com thanks

  21. Robbie says:

    Hi there I live in Wiltshire and have been trying to find a way in for a couple of years has anyone got any ideas on here please Robbie.burton@daygroup.co.uk. Many thanks

    1. Brandon says:

      Hi just wondering if you can still get into this as me and a few friends love exploring and would love to go here at the weekend

    2. Leon says:

      There there is away into it still I can’t tell you but I can help you, it’s very, very dangerous me and a few mates found the 2 red doors, crane country, air shafts and all. Go on Google and look for [** REMOVED **] look around and you will find it all the best take care don’t get lost. Torches, bring 4 or 5 and spray marks so you can find your way out use your own signs so you can find your way out.

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        Leon, I appreciate you trying to help but the information you provided on the current open areas will ensure it gets blocked up. I’d recommend you talk to each other offline or privately.

        Also, I wouldn’t recommend spray painting way markers. Instead, invest in some maps and learn how to read them. There’s a ton of spray marking down in Box already, we don’t need any more and it’s really not necessary when you have a map.

        1. Leon says:

          I don’t have one me and my friends just know where everything is and been there. If there are maps how do I get hold of them? For the other places if you could email me Urban Explorer.

          1. The Urban Explorer says:

            The Quarrymans Arms always used to sell copies of laminated maps. Central, Southern & Northern sections. If you can’t get hold of them there let me know.

            1. Clive says:

              Hi any help with finding maps or a decent entrance. Few friends went last year now that entrance is shut off I want to go down myself with a friend but need a little direction please. Will be going down next weekend so 24th or 25th of Aug any helps appreciated

            2. Leon says:

              Hi urban explorers are u the team that went down Burlington bunker few days ago and come across green smoke?

              1. The Urban Explorer says:

                Hi Leon, no not me, not part of any “team”. Also not been in the Corsham area for years. What happened? Sounds exciting!

          2. Dan Campbell says:

            Leon, afternoon. Do you have any detailed instructions on post 2019 ways into Burlington Bunker. Previous details that I were kindly given by a local have sadly yielded no luck due to previous accessible access being blocked.. kind regards, Dan.

          3. Kev cornwall says:

            Any info on entrance could you email pls

            1. Leon says:

              Hi Kev Cornwall, put your email address on and I’ll email you all you need to know.

              1. Tom says:

                Hi Leon could you email me the details too please

              2. Kevin says:

                Sorry for the delay on this but I would now be in a position to explore if that’s still possible.
                My Grandfather worked as a joiner in this place for many years!

                1. Leon Dunlop says:

                  Yeh that’s fine Kevin look for my email on this site and email me privately. 👍

              3. Max Bunyan says:

                Hi Leon could yo send me details on how to get in as a few of my friends are keen to check it out.

              4. Dan says:

                Leon, Thanks kind regards…


                Checking out an abandoned bunker later on today that I’ve got the heads up on. However may take some finding but will update page later. Can’t see it listed or find any information on it so may be a wild goose chase.

              5. Mark says:

                Hello please send me information kruszon197123@wp.pl thanks

              6. Scott Stannard says:

                Hi Leon,

                Any chance you can email me some details on how to get into Burlington bunker? Would love to explore this area, and don’t worry I wont share the details with anyone. Scottstannard119@gmail.com

              7. Shelley says:

                Hi Leon could you please help me been looking for entrances to the bunker for years live local could you please tell me the entrance points and how to find them please xx please email me

                1. Leon says:

                  Shelley email me ldunlop2016@gmail.com

      2. James says:

        Hey Leon.
        I have just seen your comment on here and was wondering if you could help with any info on an accessible way into Burlington would be much appreciated as me and a few mates are planning to go there soon. I realise this is short notice but we are really keen to get in as we have already been to Box on multiple occasions. Cheers man

        1. Leon says:

          Email me James

          1. James Kent says:

            Hey Leon, please could I have your email address in order to email you. Cheers

              1. Leah says:

                Hi Leon,

                A couple of us have been trying to find this for a while. Please can you email to give us a helping hand.

                1. Leon says:

                  What are you looking for? Very sorry for the long wait been very busy.

          2. Robbie says:

            What’s your email for the entrance bud

          3. Simon says:

            What’s your email address mate? Would love to find this entrance. Been down the mines myself a couple of times

      3. Robbie says:

        Hi mate, where about is the entrance as want to go ASAP mate

      4. Sam says:

        Can you help me with a way in the one I went to is blocked now

      5. benjamin dorrian says:

        I’ve been to Burlington bunker, I live there I found the stairs for emergency exit but I set alarm off and was arrested by MOD you know any other entrances email me.

        1. Dave says:

          I believe they have sensors on the fences protecting the building for the emergency exit. There was a YouTube video showing the sensors.

          I live local too and wouldn’t dream of breaking in to the bunker. Even people who work above ground for the MOD don’t get access. It is very restricted. I have been down most of the mines in the early 1990s long before it became popular online.

          When you have a location that controls much of the communications for the armed forces 24/7, also does cyber security for the nation and handles around 15% of the nations internet traffic which passes through Corsham, it is going be rather secure, to prevent pesky intruders trying to get in! You could be Russian, Chinese for all they know.

    3. ben says:

      Hello, Robbie did you get an answer back about a way in? Email me ;)

      1. Robbie says:

        No mate I didn’t

    4. rob says:

      I used three entry points to get access to the mines around the bunker. There were places where we faced a door, like the ones you see in films in submarines, with large circular ‘handles’. The MOD is behind those doors.

      I haven’t been down there for many years and guess that the roof will have collapsed in may places now.


    5. S girling says:

      Watch YouTube channel called The Secret Vault, it’s a cool guy named Matt.

      1. Chris says:

        I used to have a lot of respect for Matt. He was part of a group of explorers (truth seekers) in the 90’s that pulled together a lot of information on the Corsham bunkers, however these days most of his videos seem to be click bait and collaborations with YouTube explorers that don’t know their arse from their elbow.

    6. Jason Knowles says:

      Did you ever find a way in?

  22. Simon Falla says:

    I have just found out that my father (who started the war with the Royal Engineers… later SOE F Section) was a (or the) concrete supervisor for the bunkers :)

    Fabulous looking at your blog. Thank you

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      That’s a really great claim to fame! If you haven’t already I’d suggest you buy the book Secret Underground Cities by Nick McCamley. It’s a really interesting read and details all of the wartime bunker constructions. Who knows, your Father might even be mentioned in it!

  23. Mal says:

    I was stationed at Basil Hill Barracks in the 80’s and have been down it. There was a massive underground lake with huge trout in at the time, also my grandfather was a carpenter involved in building the rail entrance from the tunnel during WW2

  24. SARAH EVANS says:

    Hi, not sure if anyone will see this as it seems the last post was back in Feb. My Dad used to be stationed at RAF Rudloe Manor in the 80’s and I went to see him many times at work. He worked at 3 sites that I remember.

    The actual manor itself, the RAF base on (post office hill) as we used to call it and an underground site which I think is now CCC. I went down the tunnels many times with him and remember the RAF fireman used to do training exercises down there. There was an entrance next to Basil Hill Barracks that was on like a roundabout covered in trees and quite concealed.

    My now husband was stationed at HMS Royal Arthur which is also now derelict I believe.

    1. rob says:

      Royal Arthur is no more! It has houses built over the area. I do not know what has happened to the ventilation and lift shafts. Some house owners may have a surprise in store in a few years time!

  25. TR says:

    Wow. This is really cool! I live literally right on top of Burlington. Great photos by the way. Thanks for sharing this. I was thinking about seeing if I could go down with a couple of friends sometime. I’ve got a map of the place, torches two-way radios and cameras, but no matter how much I’ve looked, I can’t find an entrance that hasn’t bricked up by the MOD. I imagine that many people have asked this, but do you know any entrances that I could use? You can email me here: tr.klr42@gmail.com. Thanks.

    1. Plymouth urbex says:

      We got into Box not long ago the quarry was amazing very easy to negotiate once we got the correct info and miles of walking 6/12 hrs underground we experience the amazing cathedral, red brick status, the red sub door and many other things that this place had to offer. Yes, the famous red door is alarmed and luckily enough not discovered coming out we will return and do it all again.

      1. Jordan says:

        Would be amazing if you could email me the location of the entrance you found. Email: hoodj4583@gmail.com

        1. Harry says:

          Hi would love some information on the most recent access please email at harryjwest28@gmail.com

      2. Leon says:

        Hi, I’ve been told the entrance is being blocked up soon but there are other ways into Box.

      3. Leon says:

        Be careful mate, one of my mates went in there last week the alarm is turn off by the red and the other red door, when he got out police were waiting be careful.

        1. Leon says:

          The alarm is activated at the command centre not by the red door

    2. R says:

      [removed] is still open, it looks as if its been blocked up by metal bars but when you get closer you can see the bars have been cut. Just be smart enough to cover the gap up after you with rocks so it doesn’t get blocked up again.

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        And you be smart enough to not mention locations and access in a publicly viewable comment! ;)

      2. Harry says:

        Hi could you email a description of how to get in would be greatly appreciated harryjwest28@gmail.com

      3. Dan Campbell says:

        R, afternoon. Any details for access would be grately appreciated, not on the website, direct email is daniel.campbell123@btinternet.com

        Kind regards,

  26. Cameron says:

    Hey Hellen was towards the opposite side of the mines to the red door I believe over by the quarrymans pub

  27. Cameron says:

    Found an entrance to the Box mines a few weeks back and had a look around today after being lost in there for a good few hours! Didn’t find the red door which was a shame!

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Do you not have a map?

      1. Cameron says:

        I found a map after leaving haha wasn’t meant to get lost and now we have a map we want to go again isn’t very clear though

        1. R says:

          Ahaha! That may well be the map we left outisde one of the entrances!

      2. kev somerville says:

        Can I get a map please?

      3. Dennis Franklin says:

        I was in the last of the National Service Army in 1960, and as part of the civil support force of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, was posted to the British Southern Cameroons, West Africa, in 1961 on the troop ship Devonshire.

        On our return the same year, shortly after the Berlin Wall had been constructed, a small detachment of us were posted to RAF Corsham, for a few months, and to be honest we had no real idea what the place was meant for! Later I was posted to BAOR Germany, and spent time in a similar underground system in Belgium! It was so large we could drive vehicles inside it, and we were told it was a reserve NATO HQ, in the event the Russians broke through from East Germany! Happy days!

    2. Helen Dear says:

      Hi Cameron,

      I’d be interested to know where you found the entrance as I thought they had all been blocked last year, could you give me an idea of the location please?

      I have been to the Red Door a couple of times with the help of someone very familiar to the quarry. Surveys of Box cover North, South and Central then it’s uncharted territory! Incidentally, you can’t gain access through the Red Door to the MOD section the Urban Explorer shows in his great pics.

      If you are keen to get a good tour of Box I would recommend contacting one of the local mining clubs down there.


  28. Matt says:

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to say it was interesting reading through your posts. Photos are amazing too and brought back memories. Back in the 80’s and 90’s my dad worked with the maintenance company that looked after all the bases in the Box/Corsham area. As kids in the 90’s during school holidays he would take either me or my brother to work with him. We would mainly go to the bases on the surface, HMS Royal Arthur, RAF Rudloe Manor and Colerne and it was amazing to see inside all these places. Having to read though a security statement, sign your name and then told to wear a pass and not take it off was really exciting. Also when there was a security incident the pill boxes would be manned with armed guards which for a kid was amazing.

    On the really rare occasions we would go down into the bunkers, I can’t remember which ones now, but all I can remember is going in to a small concrete ‘shed’ getting in to a lift and then descending into the bunker. There would be carts driving around, people going back and forth, I can remember a rescue team practising a rescue operation with a dummy. In one of the bunkers I remember a railway track which I presume came from the branch just by the Box tunnel, but just carried on in to the darkness. There were lots of offices and carpeted areas that looked modern, but also as we went further there were older looking things. On one occasion I helped my Dads team remove an old generator.

    I’ve always wondered what went on down there and what happened to it over the last 20 or so years. I noticed Royal Arthur has been turned in to houses. There used to be an old helicopter there that the soldiers would pull around. We were allowed to play on it a couple of times.

    All the best

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Thanks Matt, that’s a great account! I too had to sign official secrets act documents when going to work with my Dad at the former HMS Osprey site in Dorset.

      I’m sure you already do, but think yourself extremely lucky to have seen these places operational! The railway sidings would have indeed been from the Box tunnel branch, in a section of Tunnel Quarry.

      1. Jeff Iles says:

        There is definitely a rail link straight to the bunker which does come from the Box tunnel and was supposed to be for the Queen primarily. There is also a closed off shaft from Thingley rail junction where nuclear missiles were off-loaded into the rail tunnel. Interestingly in the late nineties there were major works taking place down there which doesn’t quite fit with an obselete bunker.

    2. Cameron says:

      Found an entrance to the mines two weeks ago had a little wonder, went back today for a further look and to get lost for two hours definitely recommend it didn’t come across the red door like we was hoping to but still had a bloody good time!

  29. davieboi1606 says:

    If anyone can please help me I used to have an entry point but has been sealed very tight with brickwork and bars. If anyone could please send me either a picture and rough location or even a screen shot on Google Maps I would be immensely grateful.

    1. Charlie says:

      Hi, we’re a group of urban explorers and we’re looking at exploring Burlington ASAP. Does anyone have any information regarding; possible entry points, security, safety etc. Thanks

  30. Michael Ney says:

    You have to remember that in the late 1960s Britain had test-fired a thermo-nuclear device, The Soviets were developing bigger, better and more accurate delivery missiles and had stolen nuclear secrets from the UK and US which they had then built on so they had a huge stock of “H-bombs”.

    The UK was America’s unsinkable aircraft carrier with bases all over the country with free-fall, stand-off and, later, “fire-and-forget” cruise missiles. At Fylingdales there was (still is) an RAF radar monitoring station and every sensor looked east. In 1962 we came right to the brink during the Cuban missile crisis. Having been caught with their trousers down in 1939, the Government really believed it could happen, indeed, it might well happen.

    The Soviets could launch a land attack from East Germany and be in Bordeaux in six weeks, Every Police officer, regular or special, was issued with the Police War Duties Manual. Every Police Station and rural office was fitted with the repeater from Fylingdales which would give “the four minute warning” and it was checked every duty shift. In 1968 the Soviets rolled their tanks into Czeckoslovakia (as it then was) and brutally suppressed a democratic rising.

    A system was devised to preserve the Country, the civil power, the means of retaliation and what of the civil population could be saved, exercises were carried out, planning was done so that we would be ready if the Soviets really did press the button. We knew they could, we believed that given the chance of getting away with it, they would and that the UK was the prime target in Europe.

    Yes, all that expenditure turned out to be “wasted” but if Kruschev had said “GO” then it might all have turned out very differently. Perhaps it also warned the Soviets that we had prepared, we might not be annihilated in the first strike, that we might mete out retaliation and destroy an equal number of their cities before the UK was fried from end to end which might just not make the game worth the candle.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

  31. Michael Ney says:

    “War Plan UK” has quite a bit about the Corsham tunnel system as well as the “Rotor” bunkers that would be regional seats of gorvernment. The Rotors are now well known though they were still secret when Duncan Campbell wrote the book. One was recently busted because it was being used as a cannabis growing factory!

    1. Nicco di-piazza says:

      Is it accessible? Could I make a YouTube video on it?

      1. Ash Turner says:

        Hi I’m working in the area and trying to get a group of us to go and explore I don’t know if you have any leads on how to get in or from what part to get in to.

        Do you still fancy doing a YouTube video would be good to get 6-10 people involved to have a look and explore.

  32. Mark Jes says:

    Was this complex used in WW2? As I heard they used to assemble crated jeeps around here, also was there a stock of steam locomotives stored here, in “readiness” for the cold war?

  33. Kevin Gross says:

    Just to give you some info on Burlington.

    Back in the early 70s my Grandfather drove me around the secure site above this place. I think it was called HMS Arthur with lots of individual huts and all looked very well kept. He used to work underground there as a carpenter for many years most probably helping to develop the bunker in Burlington.

    My Mother was a stage dancer back in the 40s before she married and once her group performed down there. They were blindfolded and escorted down in a lift. She says it was all military personnel and they had a proper stage arena to entertain!

    She didn’t know too much as her father didn’t talk about the work he was doing in later years. He did bring home some nails and screws in tobacco tins which I still have a couple of!

    Unfortunately he died in his early 60s from cancer and apparently many of his fellow work mates suffered the same fate. Strange?

    He also took me to the entrance to Box Tunnel Corsham side and I could see the light at the other end which was most rare. Vaguely remember the side rail entrance into Spring.

    I spoke with my mother about this recently and I have some other stories… which compelled me to write you a few lines. Would love to visit!


    1. Colin Grubb says:

      Hello just read your account of your Grandfather working at HMS Royal Arthur don’t know if I knew him but I too worked there also Spring Quarry RAF sites Basil Hill Bks etc. 1971 – 1979 for PSA

      All the best, Colin Grubb Carpenter & Joiner

      1. Kevin Gross says:

        Hi Colin
        Just read your reply sorry for delay.
        My grandfather was called Percy Lodge and my uncle also worked there as a painter decorater…he was called David Lodge.

        Any further info let me know

        Thank you

        1. colingrubb says:

          Hello Kevin. Just received your text, I can’t remember Percy but I knew Dave quite well and John and there was a Roly as well.

          1. Kevin Gross says:

            Hello Colin.
            Thanks for your reply. My dear Uncle David unfortunately passed away at quite a young age. He left the job he was doing at Royal Arthur and started his own business doing decorating. He lived in Box at that time and was a frequent visitor to the local pub and a member of their darts team if I remember?

            I don’t recall the other names you mention but so nice to hear from someone who knew David. Do you live in Corsham?

            Regards Kevin

            1. COLIN G says:

              Hello Kevin. Sorry to here about Dave. No, I’m not from Corsham I’m from Bath but I now live in Radstock, I think most came from Corsham or Chippenham at the time Dave used to work with Ivor Gullis.

  34. Anon says:

    There is a secret looking bunker on Equine Way Newbury, with a hidden entrance at Haysoms Drive. It is right next to/on the old Greenham Common, but conveniently left off the map! There is a space for it on the map, it’s just totally blank. There are loads of private keep out signs and deep water signs. The entrance seems to be under a bridge at the entrance to Haysoms Drive. There are houses built on top too with new looking ventilation pipes sticking out of the ground. Would love to know what it is and if it is still in use! Also why it was left off the map. You used to be able to see the entrance better but fully grown trees seem to have been planted there since. It looked like a rather large bunker entrance door. What intrigues me is the new looking ventilation pipes on the surface, surely the biggest giveaway to any bunker. I think I read on planning permission it is a “landfill site”, although why the huge metal bunker door and all the keep out private property warning signs, and all the fully grown trees suddenly planted there.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      I’ve done a bit of research on this and can’t find anything that suggests the field is any more than an old landfill site and before that a ‘gravel pit’. I suspect the door under the bridge is a service room. I’d love to be proved wrong but without seeing it with my own eyes it’s hard to pass judgement.

      Methane Field, Newbury

    2. Nicco di-piazza says:

      Have you been inside I want to go look!

  35. box mine exlporer says:

    Hi Urban,
    When I was a kid (13) I lived above this complex. We lived 5 minutes from the old iron back door on the A4 and spent every weekend in the mines. We knew every rock, turning, crane, junction, camera ladder, cistern, etc etc from Box to Corsham (all underground) we even found a huge horse shoe bat colony that no one knew existed :-) We got chased out of the MOD sections now and again but just treated it as a bit of harmless fun :-)

    About a year or so after we’d stopped going down there I got an opportunity to go on an official guided MOD tour (setup by a friend of the family who was retiring from a senior mod post).

    We saw a lot of very sensitive stuff including – computers (the size of houses!) And a large map on the wall showing the Queens bunker and a lake! All very interesting and stuff I’d never seen.

    What a lot of people don’t know is that at the time (Cold War) this was the first strike in a nuclear attack as it would have severed all western communications! Everyone living in the area knew it!

    About halfway through the tour our guide (senior MOD) recognised me as ‘one of those little bastards who kept breaking in’ lol. We were both chatting and laughing after that, but he told me that in all of the mines history, me and my mate were the only 2 to get in and out without being caught (a feat even the SAS never achieved) lol

    I’ve got great memories of Box mines :-)

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      What a brilliant story! From an era when kids knew how to have fun, get out the house and explore! I like the mention of the SAS, it goes to show if you know the underground workings well enough, familiarity & experience trumps all!

    2. Nicco di-piazza says:

      Can you take me!? I make YouTube videos and love going on adventures!

      1. box mine exlporer says:

        Hi Nicco, sorry mate last time I was over there the iron door now has a padlock on it – you’ll need to ask about on here for an entrance.
        It’s a great place to visit, haven’t been down there in over 30 years! Lol

  36. Liam says:

    Is this place still open maybe thinking going there? Thanks in advance.

  37. Daniel marshman says:

    Burlington is mad, never been there, but been to the “red door” countless times, you do a 360 and you’re lost, you can go very, very deep where there’s no graffiti, that’s when it’s scary, it becomes manmade, brickwork, pillars, tunnels, cables, random doors and platforms, brickwork robots, there is art down there, and great carvings and maths on the stone, from ancient all sorts of machinery, rotting woods, tools that are so rusted, wells, tank, cathedral, it kills it literally good day out. You gotta be good on your feet though, Spring Quarry back door entrance, got escorted out of there for trespassing last night by MOD police, the bloke was pretty sound to be fair but boy did that shit us up when they came, he was stern but fair had a dog as well, think we just got a caution but not sure. Hope we don’t here nothing else back there was 5 of us, such a interesting complex, don’t wanna get fucked for what was a great day out, thanks for anyone reading. Daniel Marshman

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Sounds like you had a good day out! Spring is partially used for underground data storage now so will be monitored even heavier than before. Box though is a great place to explore and you’ll find something new every time – just don’t rely too heavily on the graffiti to navigate, a lot of it is completely wrong and you don’t know what you’re following. Get some maps & a compass to be 100% sure.

      1. John says:

        Will a compass work down there?

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          I’ve always taken a compass when caving or exploring mines & underground spaces. It’s worked for me.

    2. Jack A says:

      Do you know if it was just bad luck that you were caught or was it a sensor that alerted the MOD Police? Thanks

  38. rich says:

    Hi Mr. Urban. I have explored the Box mines side many times and have seen some great and some very weird things but have never made it through the large red door that connects the 2. It’s been several years since I have been in the mines and am now wondering if it’s worth a return visit if the door is now useable. Have you explored Box much and seen all the strange red brick sculptures and the area known as the cathedral? Rich

    1. sky says:

      Is this a good place for a teen to go explore with his dad? If so please write back. If it is not please tell me where there is a better place to go exploring thanks.

      1. Jay says:

        can’t say I’d advise going all the way round here as just a teen maybe just to the cathedral and back, personally I’d say to check out Swan mine it’s much easier to navigate (you literally can’t get lost) and its not much further, Remember to go prepared

    2. Jay says:

      Last I was at the red door (few weeks ago) it’s still dead shut, wouldn’t have thought it will be open again but we can always hope!

  39. curtis says:

    Have you ever been or found any entrances to brentwater?

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      RAF Brentwaters? Isn’t it a museum and basically a business park now?

  40. james says:

    Hi there love this site a few months back I went down Box with a few friends but we would all love to visit Burlington is there any information on entrances into the complex?

  41. S says:


    I’ve been fascinated by Burlington ever since I heard about it a few years ago. I’m ex MOD but unfortunately I never got the opportunity to go anywhere near it.

    Are you planning any excursions to Box/Freestone any time soon? Or Monkton Farleigh? It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, especially to see the “Red Door”, but I’ve lost contact with a lot of my old exploring partners now, and people on 28DL don’t seem particularly helpful, despite the fact I’ve been on there since the early days.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      No plans I’m afraid, but there’s always groups of explorers heading to Box. Sorry I can’t be more helpful mate.

      1. Chrispy says:

        Hello, does anyone know of my good places to explore around Swindon and surrounding areas
        Please email me on s.chrisp95@gmail.com with any idea you have

    2. Matt says:

      Hi mate I can take you to the red doors in Box Mine if you like there is more than one been there many times so wouldn’t take too long to get to them :)

      1. DRaven says:

        Hey, I’ve been to Box quite a few times but never seen the red door, not even sure which way to get to it. I’ve been to the Cathedral, which signs (graffiti) do I need to look out for to get to the red door. Plus is it easier getting there from back door or jacks? Thanks

      2. Ryan kirby says:

        Hi me and some mates have been exploring the caves/mines in Box wouldn’t mind meeting up with you, you seem to know your stuff I’ve got a ton of pictures I could show you. We went again last night we have been struggling to find the red door we have seen the crane though.

      3. Lola says:

        Can you take me to this, I document and have a film crew. I urban explore and have a website facebook me search Lola Cavey

      4. Mike says:

        Anyone able to send a picture marking a or the red doors on a map of the mine please?

  42. mark crossland says:

    This all looks amazing have been looking everywhere to find an entrance to this been told there is some hidden ones but can’t find the information I need. Anyone help?

    1. callie says:

      Hi, came across this place on sunday…. I am amazed, what a place. I so want find information about the site.

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        There’s plenty online about it. Happy researching! It’s taken many hours from many people that’s for sure!

        1. Toby says:

          Can anyone tell me a way in to Box mine?

  43. Beth says:

    Hi these are amazing. I’ve got the book and I’m really interested in this place and in all your photos. Thanks for sharing them. Did you get any of the murals that are in the book?

    1. Thanks Beth, the murals are part of Spring Quarry – not visited on this occasion. I have previously seen them, but foolishly didn’t take any photos!

  44. luke says:

    hey adam.
    tell you what mate i love the site and am blown away with the amount of exploring you have done, keep it up. so jealous
    I’ve been living in london for the past 3 years now and have been looking at places to go explore myself, me and a couple of mates plan on going on a road trip down south of england somewhere in the near future, is there any places you can recommend, we are defiantly no professionals at this so maybe a few more of the easier places would be great. any help would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks Luke, the truth is, this is only half of it!! Most sites I can’t publish as they’re too precious! Ha!

      As for your South Coast trip. Where exactly? Exploring definitely gets easier the more rural you are, less eyes on you than in London and suburban areas

      1. luke says:

        living the dream mate.
        i bet some of the places you have been are incredible.
        super jealous.
        as for the south cost trip man we don’t really have any plans as yet we where thinking of get down around bournemouth way just working our way down slowly. but then again if there isn’t much to see or explore we are open to any suggestions.
        what would you recommend mate?
        thanks in advance.

        1. Well, most of the South Coast reports on here are pretty simple to explore give or take a couple. If there’s any in particular you fancy give me a shout and I’ll try and help

  45. Peter Cliff says:

    You may be interested to know there is a book about Burlington: http://www.bradford-on-avon.org.uk/burlington.html – my wife got me it for Christmas last year and it is ace. Even more so when our house is pretty much over it! Great site!

    1. You’re so lucky to live close to the site! I’m sure you’re aware there’s plenty more to the area you live in other than Burlington! I’ve read the book you linked, and a couple of others too. Great reads

      1. Peter Cliff says:

        Yep – the West Country is a pretty strange place and so much to explore. I’ll try to get some pointers from your site! :-)

  46. Sean says:

    Absolutely fascinating read Adam! I’m from Birmingham in the West Midlands and recently became fascinated by the underground when I came across articles on ww2 tunnels underneath the rover car plant in longbridge and the birmingham anchor exchange underneath the city centre built in the 50’s. Burlington blows both out of the water though, the extent of this place is incredible. All three are places I hope to explore one day. I understand safety is paramount when approaching these kind of explorations and would be greatful if you could give a rookie any tips on how to approach these tasks, general research, rules etc. Hope to see more from you, thanks again for the read!

  47. Steve says:

    Fantastic photos Adam, thanks for posting them. I heard part of this was given listed status by English Heritage? Does that mean it will be open to the public at any point? Or is it already accessible? Cheers.

    1. Where did you hear that, Steve?

      I doubt it’ll be open for public tours because of it’s location inside an active MOD base, but I’d love to be proven wrong.

  48. ryan galbraith says:

    hi adam im been fascinated with these secretive things all my life i new about the bunker for years only now finding out where it is is there any tips you have for gaining access to it at all i need to get in side badly plz mail me

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Like I’ve said to others in the comments, this place is locked down tighter than a ducks arse! You’ll be lucky to find a way in, but if you do… Call me! Haha!

  49. Ed says:

    Hello Adam,

    Great pictures, I’ve been trying to find out more about this place for a while, it looks amazing. Having been to Chernobyl (yes really) this kind of cold war stuff really interests me… Any tips on how to get in there?

    Yours hopefully,

    Ed Isaacs

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Sorry mate but you wont get anywhere near it now. Or maybe you will, all I can say is keep doing your research and you might get lucky one day!

      1. Parsons Knows says:

        It’s where they kept XXX files on UFO’s in the 70’s until they were relocated. 😉

    2. cheeseangel says:

      Go to Corsham and make friends with the big cheeses of the MOD there?????? I don’t know how else to do it………. :D

      1. lion says:

        I live in rudloe which is where the MOD is based. You will never ever be able to get in it now people ever you’d have to be friends or close with the tight arses that own it

  50. Geoff says:

    Hi Adam,

    Your site makes some fantastic viewing. I am very envious of your access to Burlington having seen the clips of what lies within – what an incredibly spooky place it must be !

    I live in Wareham, close to Holton Heath and my son and I have been fascinated by the old RN cordite factory since we moved here, but have only seen the various mounds through the trees and the perimeter fence from the Sandford Rd. Was it fairly easy to get into and do you think if anyone caught us in there would be much fuss ? I’ve never seen anyone patrolling or anything.

    All the best,

    1. Adam says:

      Hi Geoff,

      I live in Poole too an have explored the Holten Heath site and Burlington. There are a few interesting bits in Holten Heath and i found it fairly easy to access but recently they have improved the perimeter fence probably due to bunker explorers like myself we went through and underground bit and even climbed a ladder to a kind of pill box at the top. There’s lots of random structures there too but its such a large area. As for Burlington I did alot of research before staying there for 3 days. I used maps and google with a bit of photoshop and overlayed them. I did find a way in but it led me to a huge door plus i wasn’t properly kitted out and after a few junctions in the tunnels decided i may get lost so turned back. I used the idea of the ventilation system which has inlets scattered around the whole area. I found my way in a group of random trees which had steps to an iron gate which already someone had cut. Anyway would like to hook up as you sound like me and are local. Plus in Sopley area is another bunker which i found and visted but cant get anywhere near and its well hidden by just a random bungalow on top. It use to be a command post for RAF Sopley which funny enough had a barracks near by which is derelict today. Would love to share info and if any one knows anymore bunkers in the Dorset area to contact me. I have also visted the smaller roc bunkers that are all over Dorset one good one is in six penney handley still accessable but empty in a camping site. Anyway if anyone knows more or would like to contact please email me. Adam

      1. Toby says:

        Hi, my names Toby, I live just outside Salisbury and have done a fair bit of exploring including a few places not mentioned on here. I would love to share my stories and also find out more info on a few places around the Salisbury area.

        1. A tunnel leading from the railway station to the old manor.
        2. A zero bunker in Wilton and a secret door in the centre of Salisbury that I have never seen mentioned online and I’ve have spent a long time trying to find out what’s behind it and help would be welcome.


      2. Toby says:

        Hi, I saw your comment on The Urban Explorer, I know of a few places in Wiltshire and I was wondering if you would like to share experiences and maybe a bit of exploring too?

  51. David says:

    Hi Adam,What interesting reading your website is, my eight year old son is researching the second world war at school so we’ve been looking into local sites (nr Ringwood). I don’t think we’ll be delving as deeply as you but its amazing how many interesting sites are on our doorstep! Thanks again,David

    1. Thanks for the comments David. There definitely plenty of sites around the Ringwood area I could point you in the direction of if you’re interested? All publicly accessible and above board too. Fire me an e-mail :)

    2. cheeseangel says:

      I am doing World War Two for my project at school and I chose to do Burlington. It’s really interesting but quite hard to find different information :( :). It’s so cool because my Dad has been down there and it’s basically under my feet!!!!!!!!!!

  52. nathan says:

    Hello, I like your story of burlington, me and a few friends have been trying to find a way in for a few years now, we have come across a couple of doors like this one but cant get through them, is that the only way in? Couldd you email me explaining where it is? I would be very grateful if you could.
    P.s do you know where do get the map from?

    1. Hi Nathan,

      Sorry for the delay. Burlington isn’t accessible and probably won’t be for a long time. There’s lots of resources online and maps are easy to find with a google search.

      A good place to start is burlingtonbunker.co.uk

  53. Kinger says:

    Good times :)

    Seems like a lifetime ago already…

    1. I know dude… until next time eh! ;)

  54. Simon Banks says:

    Hi, interesting to read your story and look at your photographs. What I think is most extraordinary is that in the 1970’s I was aware of stories that told of these mysterious places, underground bunkers that were put aside for government, councils and other people of prominence to take to in the event of a nuclear war. Nothing was ever made public of course. Now we know that the rumours were in fact based on truth. Another rumour of the time was that of the local university being a target for an enemy attack (a nuclear target) and the reason being was that it was some how involved in an experiment that was related to the defence of the country. It would appear that the truth was in fact to do with the computer and computing development that was going on at the university which was connected to the early development of the internet.

    The other rumour that was prolific at this time was that Phillips had developed an electric light that would burn forever.

    What intrigues me now of course is that although these ideas were just rumours when I first heard about them with the fullness of time they have become established as having a lot of truth to them. Whilst it is difficult to proove any of this as a) I did not keep records and b) there was never any written evidence it does seem to me to be more of a coincidence that with time these things have developed as they have.

    What intrigues me now is what rumours about today will become far more than just rumours in years to come.

    best wishes,

    Simon banks

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