Box Freestone Mine, Wiltshire

Box Mine in Wiltshire holds some incredible memories for me. Our first visit to Box Mine was in March 2010 and since then, we’ve been back more times than I can remember!

One of the largest Limestone Quarries in the area, Box was mined from Roman times and grown ever since. Mining stopped all together circa 1970.

Nowadays, the mine is a bat preservation area and only visited by cavers and explorers. The mine also holds a treasure in it’s crown. An area taken over by the MOD in the early 20th Century was used as a giant air intake for the underground top secret cold war complex next door….Burlington.

At the centre of Box is an area known simply as Cathedral. Nothing anyone tells you about it can ever actually prepare you for the sheer size. Trying to get its size in to perspective can really only be achieved by having a fellow member of your group standing underneath the surface opening.

The Northern section of Box Mine has several wooden cranes, some still in fantastic condition, others falling to pieces. The Southern section is the only part of Box we haven’t explored yet, I’m sure it wont be undone for long.

NOTE: Due to the latest group of idiots getting themselves lost and needing emergency rescue this blog post is getting a lot of attention. DO NOT enter this quarry if you’re not adequately prepared and have all the necessary equipment & surveys.

UPDATE: Official access rights to the mine have changed. According to Hanson, “There is no prospect of us entertaining access for anyone, I’m afraid. Nor should any experienced caver consider entering the mine… last year we ceased all underground inspections on safety grounds.”

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  1. Mark Ward says:

    Forget all about the maps and 14mm Allen keys etc, as this mine is now well and truly closed!
    The known entrances are extremely solidly welded shut!
    The only way you’d access this now is with an acetylene cutting torch.
    Shame Hanson’s didn’t do a key entry system with the CSCC.
    Yet again we have the mindless morons to thank for this.
    You only have to watch YouTube to see who to thank!!

    1. Beth says:


      There is still one entrance open that you can securely get in. I know they have closed a lot of them off, but luckily there are a few still around but harder to find.
      We went down there a couple of months ago and can confirm still good to go!

      1. Mark Ward says:

        I think you need to go and look again now. I know someone who’s been involved in the closure and what wasn’t permanently fenced has now been collapsed. There are a few small pockets you can still access but not worth the while. If you really know a way in still, I’d keep it quiet and enjoy it! Lol

      2. Riley Griffin says:

        Hey Beth,

        Could you please email me at regarding entrance? I’m a big caver and photographer and been desperate to get here for photo’s. Ill health lead to me taking a break but ready to get back at it.

  2. Garf says:

    I’ve researched the basics for Box mine I but always prefer having someone who knows their way around to first explore somewhere.

    I can offer a trade of Browns Folly mine and Farleigh tunnel if someone would like to show me around Box freestone?

    I’ll gladly be your guide to those places.

    I have other places yet to explore too like underground storage and there’s always a shortage of friends ballsy enough to come with me on urbexs.

    Word of warning if you say “this is a great place for an illegal rave” whilst we’re down there I’ll chuffin leave you there 😋.

    Stay safe!

    Take nothing but photos,
    Leave nothing but footprints.
    Give me a shout

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      A great attitude to have, I hope you find like-minded people to explore with.

    2. Joe blogs says:

      There is now no way it, it is sealed tight shut!

    3. Riley Griffin says:

      Hey Garf,

      I used to go out all the time. If you ever fancy going out caving some time, feel free to reach out

  3. Jake says:

    Hey. Me and my mate are really interested in exploring this mine. We have a good entrance point and we’ve got all the necessary equipment, the only thing we need before attempting this is a high resolution map. Can anyone help with this? Happy to pay.

    Also if anyone who knows the mines would be interested in showing us around, we’d be well up for that. Thanks.

    Number is 07771848055

    1. Matty says:

      Hi Jake hope you had some luck getting in, if you had any joy with a hi-res map and potential entrance point to get to the heart of the mines could you please forward/contact me via email, much appreciated!

      1. Jake says:

        You need to leave your email mate

        1. Lisa says:

          Hi Jake,

          Did you get in? We were hoping to try on Friday

          1. Matt says:

            Hi, did you manage to get in at the end?

        2. Doug says:

          Hi all, just visited the mines and found a way in. I didn’t have suitable gear with me to go too far in. If anyone has a high res map I would appreciate it as I’m going to head back again to explore?

          My email is

          I have got pictures of the entrance which I’m happy to share to help you with a way in. Be sensible, careful and have fun.

        3. Rich says:

          Hi Jake, Did you get a map in the end bud? Email is if you did.

    2. David says:

      I’d be interested in a high-res map too & I’m willing to pay.

      1. C p says:

        There has been fencing put around the cave entrance but it is still accessible by the grate

        1. Jimmy says:

          Hi do you have a location for the grate please? Possibly a “what3word” location.

          Many thanks.

    3. Amber says:

      Hey, we’ve just been to Swan Mine and was wondering if you did have any luck entering this one? If you did any information would be really helpful. Thank you :)

      1. Leon says:

        Hi Amber,

        Yes I have been in all the mines on multiple occasions over the last 10 years, a lot has changed in the last 10 years with Box mine, Swan Quarry, Monkton Farleigh, and the others some are easy to access, some are quite a pain thanks to Hanson blocking up the entrances and putting fences round.

        If you would like to know any more details I’ll be more than happy to help but it is not for the faint hearted, Box is starting to decay in certain places and collapses are happening on parts and on other routes towards Cathedral and the red door, as it’s now blocked off and alarmed for over a year now, thanks to other Urban Explorers pissing around and setting off the alarms and breaking into the gate that was there going down to the red door.

        I’ll be happy to help anyone out regarding exploring but you enter at your own risk, currently going over North Wales at the moment I’m doing a lot of mines there as it’s a lot different to Corsham and a hell of a lot bigger.

        1. Adam says:

          Hi Leon

          If you have a “what3words” location to an active entrance or if anyone has a hi-res map can you forward it to

        2. Joe says:

          Hey Leon could you send the info on this place, ie where it is, how to get in and any maps you have, my email is Thank you much appreciated

        3. Amber says:

          Thank you so much for that I don’t suppose you have any entrance locations for any caves left here in the UK? We’ve found a few places but people keep ruining things for us and trashing them which is a real shame.

    4. Jamie says:

      Me and my mates are looking at finding this place do you have an entrance location and a way for a high res map if you could email me thanks.

      1. Sheridon says:

        Hi Jamie,

        I’m thinking of going tomorrow or Sunday 18/04/2021

        I’ve met someone on Instagram who is sending me a high resolution pdf map.

        Are you interested in going?

        1. Stephen mellor says:

          Could you send that map please?

          1. Jordan Carter says:

            Hi, looking to go [*soon*], any chance I could get the hi res map as a pdf?

            *exact date removed for your own good.

        2. Billie says:

          Hi there. I am interested in a map if anyone has one I’m visiting from the North and would love to explore some Southern mineworks.

        3. Sam says:

          Hi Sheridon
          If you still have the map could you sent it to me at

    5. Michael says:

      Hi Jake, did you get any info? If so can you share please, I went around the system many years ago and would like to go again, cheers.

    6. Douglas says:

      Hi everyone. I just wanted to put an update on here as there hasn’t been a post for a little while about Box mine.

      On [date/time removed] I ventured down to the area and found a way in at [specifics removed], I didn’t go in too far as it was my first visit and I didn’t have the right equipment. After gaining a map I noticed I wanted to be heading into the mine at the backdoor entrance so I’m off there [date/time removed] to have a little look at access. I will post on here again and update as I’ve found this page useful for myself.

      My goal is to get to the cathedral and explore a little more down there. I’ll be sure to update the page again.

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        Backdoor always used to be the legitimate, access permitted, way in to Box until unprepared, under-equipped people started going in and having to get rescued leaving no option but to revoke access at Backdoor (and other locations). I don’t think you’ll have much luck at Backdoor anymore, sadly.

  4. laurence williams says:

    Hi everyone. Would love to explore but are the entrances now welded shut?

    1. Robler says:

      Too many YouTubers went there and got caught by police. Also groups of teenagers and inexperienced explorers got stuck and had to call cave rescue. Not sure if you can enter still, might need to source someone who has been many times.

      1. Robyn says:

        Can definitely still get in, a friend has been there most recently last weekend. I can’t help much more than that I’m afraid.

    2. Jim says:

      There is still one entrance open but it’s pretty hard to find and quite and squeeze to get into

  5. Mick says:

    Good morning dude,

    Hope you getting through this madness they call C19.

    My map is a little worst for wear, do you have one you can email either on pdf or a photo please.

    Thanks Mick

  6. Lewis says:

    Hi, I’m looking to explore box mine, I would appreciate it if anyone know if there’s any entrances where I can get in?

    Also where I could get a map. Been exploring different places the past year around that area, this has been one I’ve wanted to explore for a while.

    If anyone can help could you please email me.

    1. Callum Jury says:

      If you have any luck please share the love!

      1. Victoria smith says:

        Did you ever hear of any ways in, desperate to go again x

        1. Callum Jury says:

          If you have any luck contact me x 07471090782

  7. peter says:

    Thinking of exploring this on the weekend does anyone know if you can still get in? If anyone has any info on entrances would be much appreciated

    1. Dre says:

      Jack’s entrance is the only route in and out of the mine, does anybody have an update on the stability and security of the ladders at the top of the miners stairs?

      1. Alex says:

        The ladder to the miners stairs is wobbly as usual.
        A few of the stairs are loose but still intact.

      2. Megan says:

        Jacks is barred off? Are you referring to the ladder to the shaft?

        1. Rhys says:

          Would anyone be willing to give me a rough location of this entrance? And Possible a high res map. Heard nothing but good things about this mine. Thanks in advance

  8. Newman says:

    If anyone knows of any entrances can you get in contact with me via email, everywhere I go seems to be blocked off! Even got stopped by the police

    1. Cobbii says:

      Hey, my husband went down today but can only get into a small area near the folly. No longer any access to the main mine area. It seems the heart of the mines have been blocked off.

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        I know a group that went the same day. They got in and managed to explore plenty of the mine. It’s not as easy as it used to be to access Box, and those who put in the time & effort to find entrances will eventually have success.

        1. Derri says:

          Any idea where I can get another map from. I got mine years ago from the Quarrymans Arms. The pub down the road. They gave them out years ago along with a key. But have now lost mine. Any ideas where I can get one. Tried printing one off Google but quality is shite

          1. The Urban Explorer says:

            Sure, if you send me a message from the contact page I’ll be able to sort you out a high print-quality version.

            1. William says:

              Hello would you be able to send me a map of the caves please!

            2. Megan says:

              Would be ever so grateful if you could send me a map, desperately want to find the cathedral after having no luck a few years ago when Jacks entrance was open.


            3. dylan cordukes says:

              Hi there. I was wondering if you would be able to send me a high quality print version of the map! Me and a friend used to be able to get to the cathedral from the backdoor entrance but now that’s blocked off we have to go through the **[removed]** entrance. If you could give me a hand that would be amazing. We are wanting to go tomorrow again. I can also give you my mobile number so we can have a chat.

              Thanks in advance,

            4. UK Urbex says:

              Hey, would you be so kind and email me a high res map? Hoping to get down to Box next weekend. Huge thanks in advance.

            5. Daniel Beck says:

              Hello can you still get into this? I have the maps, just a hint of a way in would help out. I’ll do the leg work, I know you can still as see people have. Anything would help, not here to give it out.

        2. Mark says:

          Would love a high res map of Box if you have one. Mdstone_2000@yahoo.con


        3. Mike Roger says:

          Hi, just had a wander round the woods and found the gated entrances. I looked in two or three small areas of open tunnel but nothing obvious leading onward and no draughts found…. not much temperature differential today though. I was on my own so I didn’t go for any low crawls.
          Can anyone tell me where to get in nowadays?
          I used to go under a lot but only occasional nowadays and the present situation made me think a trip to Box would be fun. We used to mainly use the Back Door but I see that’s a no go now.
          Cheers Mike

      2. Christian says:

        I can happily say I know a very secret way in to the main mine, but got lost its in the same woods as **removed**. 😊 Please could someone email me a map of the mine and a dot to Jacks Entrance and Back Door so I can work out the map. Many thanks Christian

        1. Alex says:

          Jack’s entrance isn’t on the map most people have.

          I’ve only found maps for main of Box and Clift Quarry in the North. I’ve checked it against a map layover and it’s not on the main one. You go off the bottom of the map.

          1. The Urban Explorer says:

            Indeed. Jack’s is on the southern map, shown here: Jack's Entrance

        2. terry durling says:

          You can’t go in the back door anymore it was caved in. I live local and spent a lot of time there as a kid. Only [** access removed **] now :(

      3. Alex says:

        That isn’t Box Mine.

        That mine is known as Browns Folly and only links up to Monkton Farleigh CAD. Graham’s Grovel is interesting in there if you can avoid Brian and don’t mind crawling 200 yards over rocks. 🤔

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Christ! Brian isn’t still bothering people is he?! Does he not have anything better to do?

      4. Anthony says:

        Going for a trip up Wiltshire way wild camping. Not far from Corsham. Does anyone have a map with accessible points located on it? I’ve heard Jacks Door and Back Door have been welded shut. This may not be the case now. Thanks again. Any help is appreciated.

    2. Mmmmm says:

      Did you get any replies? Are all entry points still blocked?

    3. Megan says:

      Did you have any luck? I’m also looking for a way in as Jacks is now barred

    4. Em says:

      I understand theres still an entrance available in our current day 2021, finding that is the difficult part, especially living a couple hours away I’d hate to waste a day and fuel coming down to not being able to find an entrance.

      Could anybody assist me here?

      I’d love for anyone to email me the map also! I’m prepared as I’ll ever be with hard hats and definitely going to either bring a big bundle of string or leave a trail to find my way out. So if anybody can assist me it would mean a lot.

  9. Edd says:

    Anyone noticed anything different about the red door recently?! :D

    1. Charlie says:

      Hi, I’ve been down Box a couple of times but haven’t been back since I’ve heard the entrances are blocked, is there still a way in or is anybody going back down there as I would be interested in coming along if possible.

      Thank you

    2. Christian says:

      Hi I believe theres now CCTV there and I’ve seen on a YouTube video there’s a PIR activated alarm above the red door.

  10. Troy says:

    Does anyone still know a way in as we can’t find one no more as jack’s entrance has been blocked off too email me on

  11. AJ explorers says:

    Hi everyone, just looking for some information. I have been going to Box mine, Corsham for last few months exploring and got my bearing sorted I can do Cathedral and then to the red door in good time. I’ve seen the air duct and stairs. I was wondering if anyone has ever gone down the route to the left of the red door before you go down the slope, the bit were you got like a net of barbed wire. I am aware of the dangers of exploring mines risks I am taking. Thank you

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      As far as I’m aware it’s a dead end. There’s several routes to the north of Brewers Drift which all arrive at a dead end.

      1. AJ explorers says:

        Thank you saves me trip. I have a look at other routes of interest.

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          If you’ve not explored the Northern section I’d recommend it. Plenty of features, cranes, tool stations etc.

        2. Kial says:

          Think you can buy parts of the map for the mines ( about £10 for one piece out of like 5)

        3. Gary says:

          Hi is there any way of getting in? If you know any please email me

          1. Ty N says:

            Hi, is there any access to Box mine still? I haven’t been down in a while and a few old mates want to take a trip down with me, if anyone has the high res map and the entrance point please email me as I know they have blocked a lot of entrances up and it would be a pain to go all the way there to not get in!
            Many thanks -Ty

        4. Alex says:

          If you mean before the fencing I went through that way today. You can get through left at the end. You come back to the shafts/stairs. If you go that way head west you should end up on Clift Quarry main passage, which Urban is calling the North part.

          That is the crane route and on to finis Laborandi (“works ending”).

          1. The Urban Explorer says:

            I’ve quickly put together a little overlay of the two sections central & northern to show that area – the grille in to Brewers Drift is circled. Box central & northen overlay

    2. Matt says:

      Hey, I was at Box mine today after spending a good hour maybe 90 mins trying to find a way in we were unsuccessful. Found a few open chambers but none that lead anywhere would love to have a chat via email or something and get in there myself.

      1. aloysius grimm says:

        Hi Matt it’s Ronnie, crane country here we come. Going all the way man.

    3. Chris says:

      It’s not a dead end, it loops back round to the robots area

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        Chris, looking straight ahead at the grille before Brewers Drift, heading left (North) will bring you to a dead end, I’m sure. Turning around and going South/S.West will take you back to B12(17) – robots. There’s so many different ways of navigating Box I’m sure we’re probably taking about the same thing.

    4. Lee Melluish says:

      I am a miner as full time job. I am doing mine rescue training if you know the mines around I am willing to go with you. 07923894940 Wiltshire

      1. Dan says:

        I’ve been down the southwest mines of Quarry Hill before which have now been blocked off, does anyone know of other entrances to the Quarry Hill mines, where can I get a map from, if someone could help me and my partner out with this information it would be greatly appreciated. Email

        Many thanks

    5. James Shelley says: I would love to have a quick chat if possible. Please could you contact me via the email. We are after hitting the cathedral over this weekend and looking for the routes if you could help us out at all it would be a god send it a fair drive from where we are to not get it.

    6. richard penney says:

      Hi there,
      Can you still get in? We spent 6hrs down Swan mine and Browns Folly yesterday. I would love to get to the Cathedral in Box mine. I have a copy of a large map of Box mine but can’t get in. I’m going to keep searching for an opening that’s not barred unless someone can give me a hint of how to get in.
      If people are going down Swan or Browns Folly we have left some laminated maps and bottles of sealed water just in case someone gets lost down there.
      If there is someone who is willing to show us around Box mine I would be most grateful.

      Thanks for your time
      Best regards

    7. Jay says:

      I can get in would like a tour if you up for it

      1. aloysius grimm says:

        Hopefully you will come out of it alive and well

    8. aloysius grimm says:

      When you are stuck, for example you break your ankle don’t expect an ambulance crew or other regular medic. I’m talking serious rescue crew stuff. Guess what hits the local rag? “Stupid person stuck down mine with busted ankle or whatever with no thought to the safety of others.”

      These pits of hell are dangerous and are sealed off for a reason. Anyway, say that in 1912 on the 4th March at exactly 10:30 a huge rock comes loose. What are the chances of that occurring at that precise moment? Astronomical I know. It could happen to you. A large rock embedded in your brain, for which it will not learn from hindsight because it will be non-functional, i.e you’ll be brown bread… just a thought.

  12. Jake says:

    If anyone wants in then I can get you in but be sensible, you must get a map (obtainable from the Quarrymans Inn) and a compass. You will still get lost even with these but it will help you better with than without them as so many people have gotten lost and had to be rescued which is why it’s all gated now and as far as I’m aware, there’s only one way in and I don’t want to see that gated too.

    If you’re at least half capable and sensible then email me @

    1. Benny ryan says:

      Hi mate emailed you, also very interested in Tunnel Quarry too if you know anything?

    2. Dan says:

      Hi mate, wanted to go to Box for a while I am popping up that way tomorrow any help would be great.

  13. Ollie says:

    Hi, can someone tell me where this place actually is as I don’t have a clue and would really like to go here…

    1. DJ fraser says:

      Went up to Box at the weekend. All entrances are now caged up. Even the southern entrances are now blocked with cages. Can see someone cutting them open but we had no luck finding a route in :(

    2. Jake says:

      I can get you in and recommend what you need… Just drop me an email

      Was there a couple of days ago and went to the red door as well as other sites

  14. Addaway says:

    Hello there I’d love to go down here with few mates. I’ve been down this way and looked for it and just couldn’t find a way in if anyone could help out with pin pointing or directing me that would be great just drop me a email

  15. Robbie says:

    Anyone able to help out on entrances as took a look recently but could not find a way.

  16. Jordon says:

    Has anyone got the maps I could buy? Or would like to maybe come down and explore one weekend? Would love to see the red door 😊 pop me an email

    1. Danny says:

      Can me and my brother come

      1. Jordon says:

        We are possibly going down [* date removed *], and also going to check out Burlington as we may have a new possible way in. Fingers crossed 🤞

        1. Alice Smith says:

          Me and a group of friends (6-7 of us) tried to get in on Saturday but could not find any entrance after looking for ages! Only found a small cave off to the side of a blocked entrance. All other gaps were way too small for us to get in!

          Are you going down soon or can give us some tips where we might find a way in?

          1. Jake says:

            You can’t get into Burlington through the red doors as they lead to Rudloe site 2 which is seperate from Burlington and active with military personel. Both doors are alarmed too if you get near them.. there is a thick blast door and reinforced wall down the wind tunnel passage that leads to Burlington but you ain’t getting through that lol

            1. The Urban Explorer says:

              Sorry Jake, but you’re wrong with that one. Through the red door is exactly the route I took in to Burlington.

  17. joe says:

    Hi guys an e-mail would be good, been looking everywhere and can’t find one still. Please e-mail me any help would be good

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Hi Joe.

      Do you have a map? Start with getting yourself a map if you don’t have one. Study it. Find the entrances that have been mentioned here as blocked, mark some as possible entry points and then get outside and go look yourself!

      No one is going to just give you an access location I’m afraid. Get used to finding places on your own steam, once you get the hang of it, it becomes very easy.

      Good luck.

  18. sluggy says:

    I thought as of July 2017 Jacks and Backdoor had been sealed – is there still access?

    1. DR1ko says:

      Hiya Sluggy,

      Yes there are more entrances still, I’ve found three… very close to the large one that has been blocked off.

      1. MR JAMES says:

        Hey man, what entrances have you found, I think I found one not far from [** details removed – access to this location is sensitive and shouldn’t be discussed in public **].

        1. Louise says:

          Can you email me please… looking to go soon.

        2. Ed says:

          Yo Mr James, been there today to find an entrance and I did! Going again tomorrow morning if you wanna join.

          1. Jay says:

            Hey mate I’m going up today any chance you could email where the entrances are?

            Many thanks!

          2. Bradley Allen-Ross says:

            What entrance did you find and do you have access to a map, email me at

          3. Cole says:

            Where is this entrance we are going today? :)

            Can anyone email a direct location or maps for it?

            1. Tom says:

              If you’re going today, and don’t even know where the entrances/exits are, I’m assuming you’re not very well prepared for being underground. Preparation is key for places like this!

            2. Ed says:

              Hi there, all entrances I used to use are now blocked. So, unfortunately I don’t think people are going to freely give you the location of an existing entrance.

      2. louise says:

        Hi, can you give me some more info please.

        1. Harry says:

          Louise my email is email me if you want info. I have a way in.

      3. J18mortly says:

        Where abouts are these entrances? Went about trying to find a way in today but only found blocked access.

        1. Ed says:

          I am going back on Saturday 28th April email me if you want to join

      4. j says:

        Can you email me where I cant find it

      5. laurence says:

        Hi, any chance of a description of the entrances you have found? When you say “the large one” do you mean Jacks entrance or some other one? Any assistance would be very useful thanks.

        If possible could you txt me the answer

        Many thanks

        Laurence Gwilliam


        1. MR JAMES says:

          As of 17/05/18 I know of at least 2 entrances that definitely get you in. Also I’ve noticed the entrance to [(*edited) another quarry] has been tampered with and looks like you could get in but the best thing to do is just spend some time walking around and you will find them easily enough. Just make sure you take enough equipment and supplies to last 24 hours down there.

          * Editors note: Don’t mention access points. That’s how places get locked up.

      6. George says:

        Any information would be greatly appreciated, I searched 2 seperate locations and saw them to have the main entrances blocked off. Are the other entrances nearby a tight squeeze?

      7. Caverdan says:

        Just get the other entrances blocked up tosser

  19. Ellis says:

    Hello everyone I am going back down tomorrow 25/03/18 at about 1pm so if anyone is interested in coming along email me for more information.

    Anyone is welcome to join

    Ps – I know of two entrances you can still go though but I couldn’t explain how to get there if I tried sorry

    1. keiran says:

      Do you have a map or are able to give me a place where I can get one? Went in today but didn’t want to go too far.

    2. DR1ko says:

      Hi Ellis,

      If you have any plans in returning to the area let us know.
      I’ve been visiting the local Mines / Quarries for sometime now. Haven’t been to deep into Box Quarry as of just yet, it’s on the list.

  20. Ellis says:

    Hello everyone I am going into box mines today (18/02/2018) at about 2pm with 2 of my mates, I am an experienced explorer in box and know my way round to all locations including all the red doors.

    So if anyone is interested in joining you are more then welcome to join our quest, just bring a torch with extra batteries, sensible footwear preferably boots and old clothing as it’s quite muddy down there.

    Any more information then please get back to me on here or email me at

    1. Mike says:

      Were you able to get in, I’ve heard the entrance is now blocked off?

    2. Patrick Houghton says:

      I thought the quarry was blocked off for good now, How did you get in?

    3. Matty says:

      Hi Ellis
      I went exploring around Quarry Hill yesterday and all I could find was the blocked entrances, have you got any tips for accessible locations and are they a squeeze?

  21. Mat says:

    Hi everyone, disappointing day today. Went to Jack’s entrance after watching a video on here on how to get there and found it to be completely grilled up, they’ve even bolted it into the surrounding stones and it looked very new and as we all know Back door is off limits as well. Also visited Box tunnel on the Corsham side to try and find a way into the side tunnel at the bottom of the steps. Found a hole in the fence by the bunker and squeezed though. Managed to get to the edge of the tunnel on the other side by following the fence along on the inside but heard someone opening a gate on the other side so turned back. Looks like I joined this too late as only success I’ve had is Farleigh Down tunnel!

  22. Brucey mc. Bruce says:

    Well big thanks to the assholes that have made them close off all access to the mines.

    1. Chris says:

      There’s still entrances don’t worry, you just need to look harder

      1. Brucey mc. Bruce says:

        Thats good to hear! I haven’t been to look since hearing that it’s closed off… ✌ cheers mate.

      2. Victoria smith says:

        Was gutted to hear it had been sealed off; do you know of a way in still if you do please share x

        1. Chris says:

          Yeah can do

      3. Scott says:

        Hi Chris, struggling to find a way in been around Jacks entrance? And the tennis courts can you help? ?

    2. Liam Mathew McCarthy says:

      Hi there, been to Backdoor and Jacks today and both are grilled over with no access hatch. We traveled from Devon to explore today. I checked the place out four weeks ago and could gain access, today we couldn’t myself and my group were very disappointed is this the end of Box mine if so it’s very sad that a few idiots have spoilt it for the rest of us.

      1. Bob says:

        Hi, I was there on the same day as you and managed to gain access, had a successful trip for once making it to the cathedral and the MOD part of the mine! Just gotta look harder for a way in!

      2. Brucey mc. Bruce says: email me next time you’re going and will show you how to get in. There’s still a few entrances.

    3. Adam says:

      Same buddy. Have done this mine before. Went this weekend (2nd September) to find it locked down. Totally gutted. All thanks to a bunch of unprepared kinds. Gutted.

      1. Brucey mc. Bruce says:


    4. Piers says:

      Hi I’d love to explore this quarry with a mate. Does anyone know if there are any entrances that are still open. My email is Cheers

  23. Jo says:

    I’ve heard on the local news that after another bunch of kids needed rescuing this week that ALL access will be shut off, I don’t know how true it is but just a heads up to you all.


  24. Chris says:

    So now that Jacks is closed off, Backdoor looks like it’s a hard entrance now. Has the possibility of exploring this mine ended?

    I am quite gutted the actions of a few has spoilt it for the rest of us.

    1. Chris s says:

      Entrances are still open, just a bit harder to find

      1. Scott says:

        Can you help us gain access?

  25. Edd says:

    Very weird trip down here last night. Arrived at backdoor sometime around 7pm.

    * Large boulder propped up against the door from the inside.
    * Fair bit of broken glass around the entrance, not there last time.
    * Just got inside and bumped into a guy called John coming out. Hi John.

    Did our usual thing, wanted to find something, couldn’t find it, came back after a couple hours. But on leaving…

    Bumped into another bloke. This bloke claimed to be from Hanson, and that he and ( who I assume was his partner ) were there recording how many bats came out the other grill a few meters down. He gave a little lecture on how going in the mines was trespassing, that he as the mines manager was responsible for our safety, and that ‘this time it’s a friendly warning’…not sure what else he thought it could be, wouldn’t really have been prepared to wait there while someone of authority got there to give us a telling off!

    He did asked a lot of questions about how we got there etc, where the maps were from etc, of course didn’t say. He went on to say that earlier that day he’d been at Jacks fitting a new grill without a door on it, and that there were working around the others that week. Not sure how much truth there was in that as I’m sure John said that he came in through Jacks earlier that day(?) He did however tell us about two other entrances we didn’t know about, thanks!


    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Interesting, thanks for the update. It seems there’s been a lot of scaremongering regarding Box for a while. It wasn’t that long ago that people believed rumours that Backdoor was completely inaccessible with a new fence around it – obviously untrue.

      Can you remember what this “Mines Manager” looked like?

      As far as I’m aware, the quarry is open to cavers and the like through mutual agreement granted by Natural England. (There used to be a sign saying as such but I think this has long disappeared). The Natural England website (Designated Sites section) has plenty of info to wade through, but I believe one of the assessment criteria on the “Backdoor” is that there’s “Ability to prevent unauthorised access” – which in turn says to me that there needs to be access for “authorised” persons, so an inaccessible grille would be very controversial and probably opposed by many. Jacks also has the following condition; “accepted that access cannot be prevented to the site” – so take that how you will.

      While we’ve been able to explore this quarry for decades without any trouble the natural rise in “Explorers” and generally kids getting stuck down there, being loud & disturbing the surrounding homes means that I suppose it’s inevitable that the locals will start getting twitchy and Hanson worried about potential legal issues with people being underprepared etc.

      I suppose the best thing would be to see as much of Box as you can before any of this potentially becomes reality.

      1. G S says:

        As a reply to the comments posted yesterday, Hanson have fitted a new grill to Jacks entrance, with the full consent of Natural England and the MOD. Further bat surveys are being conducted prior to additional grills and fences being erected.

        For absolute clarity no one has authorised access to Box mine, Hanson are working with Natural England and the MOD to protect this internationally important bat habitat and prevent all access to Box mine. Hanson are also working with the HM Mines inspectorate to fulfil its legal duty of care to prevent access in to the mines it owns and operates.

        Hanson would greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation in helping to preserve Box mine as a SSSI and important bat habitat by not entering the mine.

        The Mines Manger.

        1. Chris Smart says:

          There was an agreement between the Council of Southern Caving Clubs and Hanson in the past! The CSCC minutes for December 2005 state…

          “10.3 – Box Mine
          CB had attended a meeting with Hanson (the owners of the mine) and English Nature Wiltshire (the statutory body charged with protecting the bats). In what seems to have been a feat of diplomatic guile he succeeded in reversing their opening position to secure unlimited, unrestricted, but unauthorised, access for cavers and mine explorers. The currently open, commonly used, entrances will now be gated in April/May 2006. All other entrances will either be permanently filled in or fitted with bat grilles with no pedestrian access as previously indicated (see CSCC Minutes, February 2005). The gates will require an Allen/Hex key to open from the outside, but not from the inside, and will close under gravity. EN is paying for the works.”

          It would appear this agreement has been cancelled by Hanson without letting CSCC know. Grilling Jacks has now resulted in two rescues due to the piecemeal appraoach and lack of information!

        2. Chris s says:

          Strange that you i.e. Hanson have never bothered before, I’ve been going down box for over 20 years, never had a problem.

          The truth is that you will never be able to keep people out of Box, just like you couldn’t keep them out of Monks Park, Copenacre etc.

          People will always find a way!

        3. ginge says:

          go fuck yourself Hansons

      2. Wayne fox says:

        Hi, I went to Jacks on 1st July and entrance has been renewed with new grill without a door, no way in without heavy cutting equipment. Gutted

      3. Brian R says:

        After yet another rescue tonight of 2 very frightened and hypothermic 25 year olds completely unprepared for Box, I would be surprised if them and any future ones are not prosecuted.

        There is no agreement for exploration, it is all private property.

    2. John says:

      Edd, good to meet you yesterday, shame you didn’t make it to your intended destination! Another 3 guys followed you down as I was leaving, maybe 20 minutes or so after I left you.

      I think the Hanson guy was having you on. Jack’s was open when I visited earlier yesterday, and unless he is on very good overtime it is a bit suspicious that he would be around at 9pm!

      It would be easy to restrict access at Back Door to keep people out for good, my opinion is that some sort of access agreement is in place otherwise it would have been sealed a long time ago. The owners of Box are responsible for managing access to the mine under the Mines and Quarries Act, if they wanted to keep people out they would have gone to a lot more effort.

      Give me a shout if you are ever up in the Derbyshire area, I will give you info on some really good underground stuff up here.

      1. G S says:

        Hi John
        I was out by back door undertaking some bat surveying that night, as I said on a previous post Hanson are working with Natural England to prevent unauthorised access in to Box Mine.

        Please stop going in as it is not safe and is damaging the habitat for the bats.

        Thanks Hanson Mines manager.

      2. Edd says:

        Good to hear from you John,

        Bit weird to know three people came down afterwards! Didn’t hear anything at all. Appreciate your offer, my email is, drop me a line. Likewise next time you want to come this way let me know. There are still ways in various ways in.

      3. Brian R says:

        It’s now the Mines Regulations 2014, and as such access has to be restricted.
        The only reason grates are put on rather than filled in, is for bats.

  26. Brucey mc. Bruce says:

    We went here today was wicked ? found some old tools nice to see they were still there after all this time ? had no maps but followed the arrows and didnt struggle too much ?

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Pretty risky business trusting the arrows without maps, but glad you had a good time underground!

      1. Spurtious gooeyness says:

        You’re absolutely right aloysius, these mines can kill. What is done in there. Autopsies on non-terrestrial beings, aliens that is. What is going on in there really

    2. M says:

      Hey bud don’t suppose you can tell me the location on where the back door is? I’ve been looking myself but I’ve had no luck if you could that will be a big help.

      From m

      1. Brucey mc. Bruce says:

        You know where it is mike

        1. essexmole says:

          Hey Brucey, my mum happens to live in Corsham so when I go visit her I’m going into the mine as well I have a survey map lots of lights and of course as an Urbexer, bat enthusiast and history enthusiast I want to have a look but I think I will take a guide or a fellow explorer with me if you could give any more info privately rather than public on here feel free to email me.

          1. Brucey mc. Bruce says:

            An email address would help ☺

            1. Toby says:

              Hi, can anyone help me gain access please? Email is

  27. Edd says:

    First time posting, but have used this forum to pick up advice/tips before, so many thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge!

    After seeing a lot of talk about backdoor being a no-go recently, CCTV, big fences etc me and two others decided to take a look. No issues at all using backdoor yesterday, no cameras, no fences, and didn’t see a soul.

    Quick trip over to Cathedral and that was about it. Good day out, although might have been wiser to go on a dryer day!

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      This is great Edd, thank you! I’ve seen so many rumours and yet not one photo of the fence, CCTV etc. Did you take any photos of the area?

      However, I have heard from a reliable source that someone has been putting a large rock in front of the grate causing serious problems for anyone trying to get out!

      1. Edd says:

        There is new fencing, but not near the entrance. They have put some wooden fences up along the lane where the stone wall is – going down the hill, but that’s it. We went in over the wall at the higher point on the lane and went down the steeper part of it. Did this to avoid drawing any unnecessary attention. Although the woodlands are definitely not her property, there is little point in drawing attention as it will only cause further problems for everyone else. That said, was tempted to leave that way as it was a damn steep climb back out on to the lane, but I resisted!

        The key is still the same of course, and whoever is missing a pair of blue pliers will find them just as you go in! There is a fairly large concrete block near the entrance, however it doesn’t look like it has moved for a while, and even if it was pushed up against the gate, it wouldn’t stop most adult blokes from pushing it away with the gate. Would attach a picture but don’t know how to!

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Photos can be included in comments with HTML code if they’re online. Otherwise, please get in contact with me via e-mail and I can attach it for you.

          1. Edd says:

            Sorry for such a late reply. Yes, would love to email over what I’ve got. Not the best pics in the world but more than happy to share.

            Did Browns Folly at the weekend, very enjoyable! Can’t believe I lived nearby for so long without knowing about all of this.

            The ultimate goal for me and mates is of course Burlington. Any advice welcome!

    2. Ashley says:

      Just wondering about your post to the box mine, I’ve been before in one part of the mine but wanted to enter through the back door and wondered if you could pin point me an exact location?


  28. Stephen says:

    I’ve grown up in Box but never dared enter the mines so seeing this discussion is very interesting!

    Concerning the Back Door being in someone’s “garden” and being on “Private Property”; I would challenge that. As far as I’m concerned, the wooded area is “public property” and is marked on the map as woodland. It is not included within the property boundaries shown.

    To see the area in question, look at

    then search for this postcode: SN13 8HQ

    Can anyone give us proper legal advice on this? If I was challenged for being on someone’s property at this point, I would request that they prove ownership rather than try to claim they own the whole country…

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      I completely agree Stephen. I’ve yet to actually see the newly installed deterrents put up by the nearby household, but I’ve heard enough to know they seem to have had enough of people traipsing through their garden. It’s really easy to walk along the wooded area, quietly and as far away from their garden as possible but it seems there’s a few lazy people who prefer a more direct route alongside their boundary.

      I don’t know the reasons, but it seems they’re playing with peoples lives too as a few times it’s been reported that a large rock has been pushed up against the grate.

      Access via the grate is granted by Natural England so perhaps it’s worth asking the designated staff member listed on their website about this?

  29. Dan says:

    Hi, really interested in visiting these mines, I have the 3 maps, and have done a quick recci trip and have found an entrance which is unblocked. Just looking for any advice/tips prior to going in there properly, if anyone can help please email me

    1. Dave Sawyer says:

      The BackDoor is a no go now. CCTV, big six foot close boarded fence where people used to access the garden. According to John at the Quarrymans the woman that lives there will call the police if anyone still manages to get in to the garden.

      I shot a video showing how to access the quarry via Jacks if anyone doesn’t know how to get there. It is still very much accessible.

      1. The Urban Explorer says:

        Thanks for the update Dave, it’s a shame it seems a few have spoilt it for the rest of us. We’ve walked alongside the garden there respectfully for years, keeping as far away from their property as possible.

        Appreciate the video. I’m sure it’ll be handy.

      2. Dan says:

        That’s brilliant thanks pal!

      3. Hannah kent says:

        Hey me and my partner are planing a visit here tomorrow do you know if the gate is still open we have watched your YouTube video went to Browns mine the other day had no luck finding a way in.

        1. Newman says:

          If anyone knows of any entrances could you let me know via email, everywhere I go seems to be blocked off!

  30. Mike WC says:

    Folks – while this mine is a brilliant explore (& I have been doing that since the 70s) you need to understand that it is a very vulnerable environment. There are many considerations & choose your own order of importance.

    (1) Too much light, flashes, any spray paint and smoking are extremely harmful to the nationally important bat population. So are large parties sitting around and steaming, even one person stopping to point a torch and breathe near a hibernating bat is bad news for that bat’s chances of surviving winter. This (the bats, site of special scientific interest, etc) is a main reason for it all being gated in the first place and such damage if continued will lead to it being secured again.

    (2) Box Mine is actually full of social history and priceless (often faint) Victorian graffiti. Spray paint over that and it is lost forever. Old footprints and hoof-prints get trampled by unseeing visitors; mineral features caused by drips, running water, etc get thoughtlessly walked on;

    (3) The underground connections to MoD property represent a security issue that will also compel closure to all visitors, if it is not self-policed by responsible explorers.

    (4) Getting lost is easy, while route finding is very challenging (and remember …. there should be no spray-painting, it is simply vandalism …. instead, learn what the existing signs mean);

    (5) falling blocks of stone can kill – and blocks do fall (what do you think you are climbing over);

    (6) you need to understand you are trespassing and potentially liable for any damage or injury you cause, or which happens as a consequence of visit. Thus, don’t take other people with you without thinking it through, especially if they are unaware of all the above.

    Nearly finally… tell someone where you have gone, with an ETA for a safe-call. Remember that MoD Police will log your car number if you park anywhere around MoD Corsham – see this as helpful, so long as you are behaving responsibly.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Can’t argue with any of that. Thanks for voicing, Mike.

    2. Scott Barnett says:

      Hi Mike,
      Would you be interested in doing a guided tour for me and my wife?
      Please get in touch:

  31. Glazedeyez says:

    Drove from Surrey to Box for first time the other day. Went in through an entrance called the backdoor. Was a good visit, only went as far in as the Cath but do want to go back soon to reach the burlington bunker!
    Message me on

    If someone is up for a bigger visit, we always go prepared and I have a survay map also. If you have a problem with smokers then don’t contact me ;)

    1. luke says:

      Hey dude me and a few friends are going down on the 12th. If you’re interested add me on Facebook. Luke Terry O’Brien

    2. Jamie hanlon says:

      I’ve been into Burlington maintaining the CCTV a few years back. It’s pretty impressive but not quite what most people would expect. There’s lots of other parts of the mines just as interesting like the railway sidings with specially made surface made by Royal Engineers to prevent sparks when unloading bombs! Would like to go to the “outside” parts such as cathedral if anyone is going soon?

  32. Jake says:

    Hi is anyone going down next week either Wednesday 21st or Thursday 22nd September me and my friend have been down a few times but never found anything of great interest drop me a text if you are 07947183952 thanks.

  33. ES says:

    How does one gain access to these caves?
    Are they always available to the public, or only trough tours?

    1. Ben says:

      Hello all, my names Ben I live in Bath and would love to explore Box mines properly sometime. I know where a couple of the entrances are but haven’t been inside. If anyone is interested in going sometime soon leave a reply on here and I’ll post my email address so we can arrange something. Cheers :)

      1. Xael Wish Fermor says:

        Hi Ben, my name’s xael (aka alex) and I am always excited to do some underground adventuring. my email address is:
        I’m in the Bath area most of the time :-)

      2. Jake says:

        I would be up for going with you I’m not very knowledgeable but I know the start of it.

  34. Urbanx says:

    I have to say this place is absolutely insane, please be prepared for it. Map and compass are a must, good torch and plenty of batteries! Water and food help also! Thanks to info and comments from this site and 28DL it was a successful explore! We’re planning another trip if people want to explore this amazing place!

    1. BigBaller69 says:

      Hi. Would be keen to join you (or anyone else willing to have two of us tag along) email me on if interested. Went in yesterday for the first time. Tried to research before and had a “map” and a described route to get to the cathedral but these were really no good. We found the cathedral on our own marking our route with spray paint. Been in Swan mine a few weeks ago which was pretty simple Box on the other hand seemed a complete labyrinth.

      1. Peter says:

        Spray paint!!!!!
        The site is a protected area.
        If you can’t navigate your way to the cathedral don’t bother going in
        It is a simple map read or follow the other marks
        I have done many trips into Box without leaving any new marks or the need for spray paint…

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          I quite agree! I missed this comment when it first came in, but yeah… please don’t be spray painting the place! Not only is Box a protected site, you could be painting over historically important markings, pencil drawings etc.

        2. Bigballer69 says:

          TBH the spray paint thing never crossed my mind. But I agree it’s basicly vandalism. The place is covered in the stuff though, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

    2. Xael Wish Fermor says:

      Hi Urbanx. I’m definitely up for an explore of the mine – I’ve lived in Bath for some time now and explored several smaller caves :-)

      my email is:

      let me know when you’re next intending to visit.

    3. trace skelton says:

      Hi me and my son have been trying to find these caves for what seems like forever we would love to come alone with you,
      many thanks,
      Trace and Jed

  35. Bears Ball says:

    Just a heads up chaps, very soon access to Box will be removed. Best to get your visits in sooner rather than later

    1. Lander says:

      Any idea when? Heading back down in two weeks.

      1. Urbanx says:

        Lander when you heading down next. We’re planning a visit also

        1. Lander says:

          Hiya, my mate broke his foot a day before we were going, so didn’t go. How was your trip down? What’s the current state of security like? Need to get back down there!

    2. Joel says:


      I too am aware of the potential end to the access to the site. But please could you drop me an email at regarding from where you heard this? Cheers Joel

  36. Lis says:

    Are you still able to get in without a key? If so where are the entrances? Thanks

    1. Will m says:

      I am also interested in checking out these locations. Please get in touch. I live in Corsham.

    2. Ellis says:

      Hello Lis, no you do not need a key anymore to get in we only ask for you to just shut the gate when you leave and enter. If it’s your first time going down then just to warn you it’s so complex down there getting lost is very easy as it’s hard to remember all them left and right turns. I would get hold of the maps and a good compass, also go well equipped. Hope you have a good visit just leave the mine as you found it :)

      1. Joel says:

        Hi Ellis… who do you speak on behalf of when you say ‘we’? I don’t mean to seem rude… it’s just I’ve just been trying for sometime to get in touch with someone I can talk to on an official level about access to Box Freestone Quarry/Mine… if you are part of an official organisation it would be great if we could chat. I’m a local outdoor instructor. My email is:

  37. James says:

    Does anyone know where I could get a decent map for this place?
    would really like to have an explore


    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      You used to be able to buy them from The Quarrymans Arms pub, however if recent comments are to believed they’re no longer selling them. Give them a call first, failing that I may be able to help you.

      1. Ryan wilshire says:


        I’m visiting the quarry this weekend and would really appreciate your help in obtaining a map of Box mine.

      2. Ryan wilshire says:

        I’m visiting the quarry this weekend and would really appreciate your help in obtaining a map of Box mine.

        Many thanks

    2. Tom says:

      Have a look for ‘surveys’ as apposed to maps that’s what will give you the best results just looking at the wording that has been used in other answers they often say surveys rather than maps and that helped me find it. SMCC is a good place to start.

    3. Ellis says:

      The pub no longer sell them but they are still available online :)

      1. Lorraine Hedges says:

        Hi there, I’ve still got my map that the pub gave us 5yrs ago. I really want to visit again as we only got as far as the cathedral. I have heard that the MOD are patrolling it?


    4. Jim says:

      Hi I have A3 size laminated copy of the original maps, northern region, southern region and central region all double sided with the routes on the back, all for sale

  38. Lander says:

    Went down a couple of weeks ago, can confirm the pub no longer lets out the key or sells the map. The landlady spoke of a boisterous visit from MOD police who had the audacity to enter their premises armed and tell them they’re not to sell the map. She also said the MOD plod were confiscating maps from people wandering up there.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Really!? Wow… that is somewhat surprising. I assume you had no problem or did you not go in at all?

      1. Lander says:

        Yeah, all sounds quite dramatic. The fencing, CCTV camera crudely nailed to a tree, barbed wire and anti-climb paint over the backdoor entrance is courtesy of Hanson (building supplier, not boyband) it is avoidable though. Who owns or controls the mine? It seems a pretty grey area. Are the MOD within their rights? We still went down, had a good look around, and a tense stand-off hearing voices as we exited, turned out to be some young lads woefully ill-prepared for going down.

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          I assume most of the Backdoor nonsense is down to a combination of Hanson and the people who own the garden. I suspect both are fed up of, as you quite rightly commented, ill-prepared kids traipsing through their property and then having to be rescued. I believe Natural England permit the entry to the mine with a caveat that mistreating it would result in limited access. Perhaps this is what’s happening? But more than likely the aforementioned taking matters in to their own hands.

          Modern times have seen a massive increase in traffic to the mine, especially after a load of explorers shared their previously private accounts of Burlington, peaking the interest of everyone. I get e-mails about Burlington more than anything else and some of the schemes people share with me on how they’re planning to get in is quite shocking sometimes! I guess the MOD have had enough of the continuous attempts of forced entry and now that a large percentage of the underground space is in use it makes it probably even more sensitive than when it was a top secret (albeit empty) location!

          I wouldn’t like to speculate on whether the MOD police have any right at all to seize maps from people and stop them entering the mine. My initial thought is that they don’t, but if any police officer suspects you of something I’m sure they’ll exercise all the powers they have.

  39. Shey says:

    Unfortunately you can’t get the key from the pub anymore cos some idiot woman went down there, bumped her head and then sued through a “no win, no fee” company and has ruined the fun for everyone else.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      No way?! I can’t believe that! What an absolute idiot!

  40. Ellis says:

    Hello everyone, I’ve been down to box a quite few times now I love it so much! I went down today to find that the garden where Backdoor is located, was fenced off and the owner wasn’t too happy to find me in there… Just thought I would warn people to be a little more stealth if you go through that way, and if you are new going down there and use Backdoor please respect that it’s someone’s garden.

    1. Aaron says:


      Hoping to go down very soon is there any proper ways down in there or any other access routes thank you.

      1. Jordan says:

        There is a way into the mines at Sally in the woods, below the tower down the hill, there is a cliff face and a small entrance at the bottom, me and my friends go there often.

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Sounds like an entrance to Browns Quarry to me, yeah?

    2. Greg says:

      Hey Ellis,

      I’ve spent ages now, trying to work out where any of the entrances are from what people say, aerial maps etc. I don’t want to give up, can I get some help?!

      Or anyone else reading this, that knows of an entrance! :)

      If you could drop me an e-mail on, would much appreciate!

      Such a shame the pub doesn’t give keys out anymore, always one isn’t there :/

      1. The Urban Explorer says:


        Purchasing an official map will answer all your questions. They’re not expensive, and if you look hard enough you can even find them online.

  41. Alfie says:

    I have been in Box and Browns folly a few times now, with route maps and all the shebang!
    But we have never found the Burlington door, I have been most places you have photographed and entered mine via Back door, I’m a Geocacher/Explorer by the way and some of the toughest geocaches in Uk are in these mines. Anyone wanting proper tour routes of these mines can access the routes by solving the puzzles on

    Do you have a map of box? or route to get to Burlington?

    Cheers Alfie

    1. Ben says:

      Hi, do you know if there is still access? The pub say that they no longer do keys to the mine but are any of the doors left open?

      1. Joe says:

        Hi Ben,
        Me and my friends recently went exploring in the mines, and we entered through the back-door entrance which is theoretically blocked off, but you can squeeze through as one of the grates is broken!

    2. Tony Rudall says:

      Hi. Just moved to Corsham and been through both the locked Boxhill entrances on my own so just looked round the start of the tunnels. Would love to team up with someone.

      1. Damon says:

        Hey Tony, me and my mate are going to Box Quarry tomorrow if you want to tag along?

        1. Tony says:

          Sorry, I missed this. Did you go?

      2. Will m says:

        Hi. I live in Corsham too. I also would love to check all this out. Please get in touch with me. Hope to speak soon. Will.

  42. Jay says:


    Does anyone know of tour guides for this place?
    I’ve been down a few times with freinds and know my way around ok but I’m looking to take my charity group down for a tour just to the red door and back.

  43. Ben says:

    Hi, I am really interested in going down and exploring this mine with some friends but I was just wondering about the way to get in..? Do you have to find an entrance in the local area that is not caged off? Someone said something about an entrance through the Quarryman’s Arms pub, do you just go in and they give you a map and key? If possible could you drop me an email?
    Much appreciated.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Hi Ben, send me an e-mail via the contact form and I’ll try and help you out.

      1. Adelaide says:


        I have recently moved to Corsham and have heard about all these exciting places to visit.
        I spend a lot of time exploring underground, as I am from a mining community.
        Can someone give me advice on how to get there please and if I do need to make arrangements at the Quarryman’s?

        1. Will m says:

          Hi there. I am in Corsham too. Don’t know many people. Can you help me with checking out these locations?

      2. Jozef Lackovic says:


        I and few of my friends are thinking to make a day out to Box Freestone Mine, Wiltshire. I’ve seen some pictures and topic regarding this abandoned mine and look interesting. Is there any chance you would have an underground map of mine and open entrances? What equipment would you suggest to take with us. Thank you very much for any info.

        Best regards Jozef

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          Hi Jozef,

          I would recommend at the very least taking: Overalls, wellies, helmet, headlamp, torch, batteries, spare batteries, maps, spare maps and it’s always a nice idea for one of your party to carry a wind-up torch too… because you never know!

          Maps are available from The Quarrymans’ Arms pub. Along with the key you’ll need to open the grate.

          1. Christopher says:

            Great site love the reading and pics, where would you say the best entrance is into this place? Cheers

            1. The Urban Explorer says:

              I’ve only ever used ‘Backdoor’ and ‘Cliftworks Passage’ – although the latter is almost definitely going to be locked.

      3. Sam Cross says:

        Hi There.
        We are two Architectural Masters Students, studying in Oxford- part of our thesis projects involve subterranean. We are looking to go into the tunnels to inspect and analyse a possible site for our design projects. If you could message regarding entrance leads and best times to enter the site that would be great. We are ideally looking to go up either tomorrow or Thursday.
        Many thanks in advance.
        Samuel Cross

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          You’ve not given me much time to help out I’m afraid. If you’re looking to go again in the future please give me at least a weeks notice and contact me via e-mail instead.

    2. Xav says:

      There is an entrance through the Box woods. It can be tricky to find but do a little exploring of the woods and you will see a cave that is caged off in steel bars but someone broke the bars and now you can get into the caves no problem. I think if you look hard enough there is some maps on the internet that you can use to find the bunker.

  44. Mitch says:

    Went here last week, and I’m not gonna pretend I wasn’t absolutely terrified. I climb buildings and do all sorts of silly things, but going in this mine without a map was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.

    We parked on a nearby street, hopped over a wall and down a bank into someone’s garden. They had a tennis court so easily viewable on Google Maps. There were four entrances, two were too dodgy, two had gates on. We went into the largest one and made our way through the mine, after about twenty minutes we starting following markings on the wall, but once we lost them it started to get a scary. Sun setting, nobody knew we were there and only half a litre of water between two.

    We managed to find another entrance after half hour of wandering around, the other gated entrance, crawled prone though a short tunnel a square foot in size, then spent fifteen minutes trying to get the gate open.

    Safe to say I’ll stick to climbing and abandoned buildings in future, I’ll leave the mines to you!

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Jesus! Yeah… going in any underground space without the proper equipment is a silly idea! And without a map? Brave or stupid… I’ll agree with you and say stupid! Haha!

      With a map it’s a fairly simple mine to navigate and really interesting even if you just do the main route without going off the beaten track. A group of kids had to be rescued last week – for a moment there I thought it was you!

  45. Antony says:

    Went to this place today and didn’t even scratch the surface of it. Looking to go back but would love some advice on best equipment to take as my head lamp only lasted an hour. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Antony, if you drop me a quick email I’ll do my best to help you out with some recommendations.

      1. tiger says:

        Where is this place?

        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          It’s in Box. There’s a lot of information online about it mate.

  46. Hello everyone,
    I’m a ghost investigator with my lovely team Spirit Seekers. I 100% want to come and visit this!!
    If this still accessible? and can we just walk in when we want or is there security? Does anyone know who I would need to speak to to get in? etc.

    Thanks everyone! Keep exploring x

  47. Jay says:

    This is a great place to go down for a wonder, been here a few times now as I live nearby and it’s fairly easy to navigate with all the graffiti, spent six hours quite comftably down there last weekend . One thing I would advise leave spare clothes and shoes in the car! You will get covered in clay also take water as the atmosphere can get a little harsh on the throat

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      You’re right Jay, it’s a great place to explore. But I wouldn’t recommend navigating the mine using just the graffiti for direction, a lot of it is quite misleading.

      At the very minimum I’d suggest, Wellies, overalls, hard hat, torch (and back up torch), compass & set of maps. Good call with the water too.

      1. Will says:

        Hello – I have been down a few times with a friend. We actually recently made this. However we have never really got any further than the cathedral. Would love to borrow your knowledge to help us find the red door and some other of the landmarks. I am more than happy to front the cost for a beer or 2 at the The Quarrymans Arms. Thanks. Will.

    2. Matthew says:

      Been in there today and didn’t see anything in the pictures is there another way in to the mine

  48. Raven says:

    Hey, been the quarry a couple of times and managed to see the cathedral. I really want to go and explore more of the quarry. If anyone wants to join me next time that would be great, as my mates who came with me last time got very claustrophobic and wont go again.
    Message me if you’re interested

    1. Steve says:

      Hi Raven (or anyone else),
      I’d love to go and see the Box mine – is anyone going there over this Easter weekend? I’m available any day apart from Sunday. I could probably go down by myself, but would prefer someone with me :O)


    2. Cris says:

      Hi I’m in Marlborough until Tuesday, I’d love to have a sniff around if anyone is going Monday or Tuesday.

  49. Dion says:

    Hi, I am going to the quarry next month with a few mates this will be our first time on anything like this so was wondering is this place fairly straightforward for first timers we are all confined spaces trained and also a firefighter so we have some savvy about us just looking for a heads up we are going through the pub entrance thanks.

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Should be fine, Dion. I hadn’t done anything like this before visiting either. Just keep checking the map and it’ll be easy enough. It’s quite easy to travel further than you think you have on the map though, and you will no doubt get lost at one point, especially on the way out! Good luck.

  50. Jay says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thinking about going here as I live close to it. Can’t find many details on how to get to this place. Do you still go to the Quarrymans Arms and just ask for access?


    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      They will definitely help you there mate. Maps are available from behind the bar, as is the key for the grille.

  51. Rhi says:

    Hey there!

    I love exploring abandoned and cool beautiful places. I have been to the Swan Mine which was literally amazing!

    If anyone is going to Box Mine, or any other cool places, and game for me (and possibly my mate) to tag along, that would be epic, as I’ve been there once but didn’t get very far as I didn’t know anything about getting a key or a map haha! :)

    Hit me up on

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Swan is a lovely little mine.

      I hope you get to see Box. Everyone should!

    2. rachel says:

      Hey Rhi, I just e-mailed you I hope you get it :) I would love to go it looks amazing.

  52. scamp says:

    A few of us are off to Box Mine next month, had such a great time down there last time hope to spend 12 hours in the mine…

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Sounds like a good jaunt! You’ll get to see a lot of the quarry, that’s for sure.

  53. Joel says:

    I’m a young local outdoors-man. I’ve taken groups of friends down into these Mines in Box quite a lot recently. We have just gone to and from the cathedral most times. But I was wondering Is there anyone out there who would be willing to take me, a somewhat experienced caver, and a good friend of mine, also an outgoing adventurous guy, to ‘The Red Door’ ? I’m moving in the new year so to get this done in the next few weeks would be great! Thanks!

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      If I lived closer I’d try and do this often as it’s an incredible place and more people should see Box. There’s a lot more to it than the impressive Cathedral.

      Hopefully someone can help you out, Joel.

    2. Ben says:

      I was just wondering, as it hasn’t been particularly clear, how you get into the mine itself..?

      1. Joel says:

        Hi there Ben, if you go to the Quarrymans Arms pub in Box they can provide you with a key and maps for the mine. But depending on your experience you may also want to hire a guide for your trip. I am lead to believe the pub holds some details for guides who could take you. The entrances to the mine are clearly shown on the maps however, so enjoy your exploring!

  54. Lee says:

    Went down there today for a short visit to see the cathedral with me and my a friend.

    Definitely worth visiting the pub before to get a map and a key for the backdoor entrance.

    Brilliant down there, very easy to get lost with all the small passageways but the cathedral is easy to locate and well worth a visit.
    Would be intrested in exploring more and going deeper if anyone is going soon and experienced let me know.


    1. elliot says:

      I was wondering, where is the backdoor entrance located? So how do I get there and how far is the cathedral? Also how do I get maps and a key? Do I just go to the Quarrymans Arms and get them?

      Cheers Elliot

  55. Joe says:

    Hey, it’s joe again ( see August 3rd)
    Still really interested in visiting the site if anyone experienced is willing to go and show me about,
    I can be available most weekends with some notice,
    Will buy a pint for anyone willing after,

  56. Mike says:

    I went to the Box Quarry today with 2 friends. We used the Backdoor entrance and found our way to the Cathedral. It was really amazing and we are planning to go again soon.
    If anyone wants to join us feel free to get in contact.
    We have only been there once and managed to find our way without the map (we bought one but never used).

    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      I’d recommend the route which is printed on the back of the map. It’s one thing getting to Cathedral without the map, I’m sure you’ll use it a lot more for the rest! Good luck.

      1. Mike says:

        Never was good with maps hehe :p
        We went further than the cathedral, couldn’t tell you where though lol. Would love to see the rest of the Quarry.

    2. jerry says:

      Hi Mike
      I’d be interested in joining you if you’re planning a visit soon.

      1. Mike says:

        Hey, sorry for late reply, don’t check my mail often lol. Sounds good. When were you thinking?

        1. Jerry says:

          Hi Mike, one weekend in the near future?

          1. Mike says:

            Sure, I’ll see when my friends are free next to go and I’ll let you know.

            1. Jerry says:

              Thanks Mike, sounds good. Email is

  57. Daniel says:


    I’m very interested to go mainly for field recordings, is anybody planning to go there in the near future? Please contact me.


  58. No says:

    Hi there,
    A small group of us are interested in exploring this site, 2 of us are trained in working in confined spaces, H&S for all manner of building and demolition sites etc. but are not foolhardy enough to attempt this without some sort of guide.

    Do I contact the pub direct to arrange a guide?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Probably a good place to start. The pub sell maps (with guides on the back) and also I believe arrange tours etc. for interested parties.

      For a group such as yourselves, the main tourist route on the maps shouldn’t be too difficult to navigate, but of course, safety & common sense is always paramount.

    2. Daniel says:

      Hi Joy,

      have you visited mine already? If not, is there any chance to join you?


      1. jamie says:

        Have you visited the mines yet?

        I am thinking of heading down soon.


  59. Dave Wood says:

    Hi there,

    I am touring the south west from mid April to early May. I have a huge interest in underground places and have good experience working in confined spaces underground/underwater.

    Is there anyone reliable who would be willing to show my wife and I a flavour of the mine perhaps for a few hours, all risks would be ours ?

    We are both fit, in our early 50s and probably most importantly – have common sense.

    This ‘ask’ may not be the way to go about things but my project work has led me to trust the value of local knowledge and expertise.



  60. danny says:

    Could you send me the location please?

    1. Joel says:

      Hi there Danny,
      If you follow the map found on this website it takes you to the Quarrymans Arms Pub. From the pub you can collect a key to the mine as well as a map (Maps are 6 Pound and key is free but you’ll need a 10 Pound note for ‘security’ so they know you’ll take the key back) The staff in the pub are very friendly and will point you in the right direction for the mines. Here is the link—–


  61. Paul Smyth says:

    Hi Adam,

    I have the same question as Gary, Where are the mines located as me and a friend do a little Urban decay photography and would love to explore the mines?

    Many Thanks,

    Paul Smyth

    1. Joel says:

      Hi there Paul,
      If you follow the map found on this website it takes you to the Quarrymans Arms Pub. From the pub you can collect a key to the mine as well as a map (Maps are 6 Pound and key is free but you’ll need a 10 Pound note for ‘security’ so they know you’ll take the key back) The staff in the pub are very friendly and will point you in the right direction for the mines. Here is the link—–


  62. Tommy says:

    Hey guys, I’m looking for impressive abandoned or derelict sites where the access is legal and I don’t have to scurry over fences under the cover of darkness!

    Any info for me?

    Thanks guys! Appreciated!

  63. Boc says:

    Went down Box today and made it to the “red door”. As I’d heard that the bunker behind it was no longer in use I found it odd to not only hear but feel a generator the other side working overtime. Has anyone else heard this or know what it is?

    1. Hi Boc,

      What you heard was the CDI fan. A massive (approximately 12ft in diameter) inlet fan at the end of a passage which leads in to Burlington.

      It came on around 12-18 months ago. I assume it’s helping airflow with something they’re doing down there!?

  64. Georgia says:

    Hi there,

    I was thinking about going and checking these out as I’ve heard some amazing things about them.

    Do you know where I can obtain a map from? Also, what the best entrance is.. and so forth…? I’m rather new to this but would love to go and check it out with my friends.

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Maps can be bought at the near by Quarrymans Arms pub (They were a fiver each the last time I checked).

      Personally I’ve only ever entered via Backdoor. But recent reports suggest that entrance is becoming a little unstable.

      Good luck & happy exploring!

    2. Martin says:

      The Quarrymans Arms pub is the way to go, you can arrange a guide to take you in and around the mines from there and also purchase a map, you will hear trains passing through the Box tunnel which runs below. Google the pub and it should give you all the info you need regarding the guide etc.

  65. Matthew Lane says:

    Hi There

    i am looking for some information ob the Box freestone mines. i am trying to organise a youth charity exploring activity in there. but i need to justify that they are safe to access.

    i have emailed both B&NES and wilsthire council who both say they are not responsible for the mines.

    do you know who is responsible for there safety and would possibly have a safety report for them?



    1. The Urban Explorer says:

      Hi Matt,

      I wouldn’t particularly fancy taking a group of ‘youths’ in Box, but each to their own! How young are the youths just out of interest?

      The quarry isn’t open to the public and access is obtained on a mutual agreement with English Heritage (or National Trust/Natural England, I can’t remember which!) that no one disturbs the roosting bat population. The site is a SSSI (Special Site of Scientific Interest).

      Contacting those will probably help you on your quest, but I suspect they’ll advise you against it.

      In my opinion, Box is generally an easy place to navigate if you’re a competent map reader and have experience in being underground for several hours. That being said, it’s also an easy place to get lost!

      1. Matthew Lane says:

        Many Thanks for your swift reply.

        I have explored them with friends on many occasions. Anybody can gain access by simply obtaining the key from the quarryman’s arms pub. And most explorers access via the ‘backdoor’ passage. The group of youths would be ages between 9 – 16 yrs and adult supervisor will be 1 : 2 ratio. I have large A1 maps of the mines and would find it extremely difficult to get lost within them, given the amount or chalk arrows on the walls previous groups have marked throughout them.

        I appreciate your advice and will contact the English heritage for further enquires

        Thanks very much


        1. The Urban Explorer says:

          “Anybody can gain access by simply obtaining the key from the quarryman’s arms pub. And most explorers access via the ‘backdoor’ passage”

          Quite! I wasn’t suggesting that you need to obtain ‘actual’ permission from those bodies, but that’s the arrangement for the gate to be a gate and not a grate!

          Good luck with your tour. I wasn’t suggesting you’d get lost, but one of your group might. Let me know how you get on!

          Cheers, Adam

          1. Gary says:

            Hi I’d like to look at this site with my son. Can you give me the location of this mine

            1. Hi Gary,

              Not somewhere I’d recommend going if it’s your first time underground, but I’ll e-mail you to discuss further.


              1. Doug says:

                Hi would appreciate it if you could send me location of the back door entrance as not been there in 2 years and can’t remember location, cheers, Doug

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