Underground Fuel Storage Bunkers, Poole, Dorset

The first explore of the year was a much-needed affair since I’d not been underground or smelt decaying pigeons in weeks!!

A big thanks goes to Lock1999 from 28dayslater for the random heads-up on this one. He told me about it back in October 2010 but I just hadn’t had the time to go exploring.

The site is seriously overgrown and getting in (without climbing a dodgy spiked fence) involves wading through some proper spiky foliage! So after cutting my legs to shreds, we found ourselves in the compound and looking straight at the first bunker up in the hillside. A quick hop up, torch on, peer round the corner…. padlocked! A nice big, heavy metal door.

We knew (thanks to Lock1999) there was more than one tank… we just had to find it in amongst the shrubbery! Walking to the end of the compound we found it… rather wet in the entrance and gets even wetter inside. Flooded in fact. We opened the large heavy door and was greeting by a nice long passageway. All in all, not a bad little explore to whet the appetite for 2011!

Last updated: December 2014


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  1. Laurence B says:

    Hi Adam.

    Yet another brilliant bit of coverage!

    This looks like a fun little afternoon out! I hate to be cheeky, but is it best to try to get in here near the gate from the main road, or around the left boundary fence?
    This looks like a nice little local afternoon stroll. :-D

    • The Urban Explorer says:

      Hi Laurence,

      Thanks! Yeah it’s best to keep out of the public gaze and try the perimeter fence. It was down in several places when I explored the site.

  2. Richard Attwells says:

    There are to my knowledge 19 sites classed as interest in Poole and Bournemouth from 1700 to 1967. From Holton Heath, Purbeck Mounds, Hengistbury Head, the Civil Offices in Poole, Dorchester. Several in Poole, Parkstone, Alder Rd, Branksome Chine, Swanage, Arne Ridgeway, Corfe, Blandford Estate, Lulworth Castle, Railway on old S&D line, Portland, Hurn etc. some small like bunker in Charmister Ave.

  3. David B says:

    I know exactly where this underground storage site is. Back in the early 1970s I have carried out work to the pipe lines within that structure, mainly cutting ,adaptions and welding of pipe lines. I know it was 2nd world war constructed but the work that we carried out was in relation to the Suez crisis at that time or so I am led to believe. It was a fascinating site at that time but now my recollection of the internal layout is a bit hazy

  4. lawrence says:

    I have just visited this site access easy as hole in fence by main gate I went up on hillside there is an open door and various accessible rooms also further up on hillside by foam storage shed under big pine trees is a ‘hole’ behind a fence which looks pretty dodgy but goes into back of bunker far away from other entrance ?? I’m getting in there soon

    • Dean says:

      Hi, could you tell me where this is please?
      Hoping to check some places out on Saturday.

      • Jean says:

        Same! Seems like a real gem, especially when it appears that most areas are far away, it’s always nice to have one that might be local!

  5. Steve says:

    Hi… Just wondering if this site is anywhere in the vicinity of Rockley Heath Trail? Examining Google maps and looking for clues!

  6. Aaron Darkwood says:

    Once again this looks a great place to explore. Is there a group of you go to these places, would love to come along.
    Would appreciate any details, and chatting with like minded persons.
    Aaron (in Bournemouth)

    • Hi Aaron,

      I’d suggest you join the forum 28dayslater.co.uk – there’s plenty of local guys and girls on there who would be happy to hook up with you I’m sure.

  7. steve s says:

    Looks a cool area never knew about all these Dorset ones lived in Poole for 30 years, would you be able to send some info on the Dorset areas please

    • Hi Steve,

      What info would you like? I’m afraid if you’re after location details I’m very reluctant to give them out. However there’s usually plenty of hints in my comments and all the Dorset locations are easily found with a bit of research

  8. Tim Hale says:


    Although I spent my childhood in Hamworthy, I am unaware of any underground sorage bunkers. Most of the area around Lake and Holton were off-limits and I have some photos from the 60’s.

  9. Ryan williams says:

    are they near wareham road ?

    • Hi Ryan,

      No sorry, they’re not.

      • callun Hatt says:

        i went to this site today it was great funbut couldn’t find the entrance to the long tunnel i found general stored and a lot of welded doors and hatches but was just wandering where in the site is the entrance to the long tunnels?

        • Hi Callun,

          Sounds like you were in the right place. Rumour has it that the doors to the bunkers have been welded. The green and blue doors in my photos are the entrance doors – so if you found those shut & welded then I’m afraid you’re out of luck!

  10. Matt says:

    Went to this site recently and all is still there however the only access now is to a small tunnel and into some storage, there was a door sealed shut within this, found the entrance with the bars, still welded shut and gap was not big enough to get through, I think the door was sealed aswell beyond the gate, found a small entrance surrounded by a fence with an hole, entrance was collapsed and flooded below.

    May return with waders and get down there, altogether bit disappointed with what is accessible now. Not a great site to navigate either, lots of prickles and thorns.

  11. Matt Dopson says:

    Hi there I have an idea where it might be. But just want to get a heads up before I go to make sure its the right place. If you can tell me it would be great.


    • I’ve got no real problem with giving out the location for this particular site, but how about you say where you think it might be and I can tell you whether you’re right or not? ;)

  12. george.washer says:


  13. Nick B says:

    Hi there.
    Awesome photos! I have recently seen the Holton site which was pretty neat. I am thinking of doing an explore here next. Any chance you can send me details of the position of the bunker you can enter. I know the vague area of the bunker but not specifics. Any help would be appreciated! :)

    • I’ve recently been contacted by someone who knows the landowner and they’re not particularly keen on people visiting the site. However, if you just look on Google Maps in the Hamworthy area these bunkers stick out a mile!

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