Tone Works (Fox Brothers & Co.), nr Wellington, Somerset

Fox Brothers & Co. Fox Brothers & Co. - Tone Mill, Devon 6 - Version 2
“As we emerged in to the main manufacturing area of Tone Works, our mouths just dropped in awe”

Butleigh Hospital, nr Street, Somerset

butleigh DSC_0049 - Version 3
“There's still a nice, creepy feeling to Butleigh Hospital. Even though most indicators that this huge building was even ever a hospital have been removed”

Tonedale Mill, nr Wellington, Somerset

831 Cotton Winding Machine - Version 2
“The structure is quite magnificent, vast in fact. We made our way to the top floor and found the piéce de résistance, the winding machines and other remaining equipment.”

Clutton Hill ROC, Somerset

clutton Clutton ROC 5
“Driving along an incredibly icy road the TomTom bleeped as we approached another ROC, a sound that I'm now used to hearing on every car journey”

Sandhill Park Hospital, nr Taunton, Somerset

sandhill Sandhill Hospital 5 - Version 2
“We started in the outbuildings. Completely demolished by thieves and bone idol kids. Our priority was to explore the main house.”