DERA QinetiQ Bincleaves, Weymouth

QinetiQ The 300ft corridor running the length of the workshops at QinetiQ Bincleaves
“Not knowing if & when we'd get this opportunity again we headed straight for the end of the Breakwater. What we found on the way was fascinating...”

East Weares Rifle Range, Portland, Dorset

Firing-range-2 The iconic stop butt on the East Weares Rifle Range
“The firing range was constructed between 1889 and 1903 and the huge stone stop butt is the area's most iconic feature”

Underground Naval HQ & Communications Centre, Portland, Dorset

portlandhq portlandhq_sq
“A long walk, a climb, evading CCTV and regular patrols, this kind of explore really puts your stealth skills to the test.”

Royal Naval Cordite Factory, Holton Heath, Dorset

rncf RNCF Holton Heath, Dorset - Version 2
“Having previously visited the laboratories at Holton Heath it was a long time coming that I actually pulled my finger out and explored the rest of the site!”

HMS Osprey Helicopter Control Tower, Portland, Dorset

tower osprey
“Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that the features in the Helicopter Control Tower which made it such an interesting explore were removed altogether or vandalised even further”

Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot, Hampshire

mortuary Mortuary - Version 2
“Immediately we bumped in to another set of explorers, photographing the metallic autopsy bench, complete with bone saw blades”

Burlington Bunker, under RAF Corsham, Wiltshire

burlington Burlington Bunker 10 - Version 2
“Under the Corsham Cotswalds approximately eighty feet below ground, and around a kilometer in length lies the UK's largest underground bunker and for sixty years one of the best kept secrets in modern MOD history”

Breakwater Fort, Portland Harbour, Dorset

breakwater Breakwater Fort, Portland Harbour
“The sheer scale of the Breakwater Fort becomes apparent as you approach the small, secluded harbour. We moored up and headed straight to the Fort, the outbuildings would have to wait.”

Fremington Army Camp, nr Barnstaple, Devon

835 Army Camp Sign - Version 2
“The camp, although abandoned, has a sense of feeling that it could quite easily be used again at the drop of a hat”

Holton Heath Laboratories, nr Poole, Dorset

613 Chemical Store - Version 2
“We'd pretty much given up when we spotted our access - staring right at us! "There's always a way in!"”

RAF Chilmark, Underground Ammunition Bunker, Wiltshire

473 RAF Chilmark 6
“This place was definitely a nice surprise. The underground was in really good condition with a lot of nice features. One of the nicest underground ammo stores I've ever seen”

Underground Fuel Storage Bunkers, Poole, Dorset

403 Fuel bunker - Version 2
“Rather wet in the entrance and got even wetter inside. Flooded in fact. We opened the large heavy door and was greeting by a nice long passageway”

Water Eaton Grain Silo, Kidlington Oxfordshire

386 The top floor of the derelict Kidlington Grain Silo
“There's still a lot of nice workings on the upper levels. Floors are very scary in places and if you're visiting, be really careful!”

Farleigh Down Tunnel, Batheaston, Wiltshire

100 Farleigh Down Tunnel 1 - Version 2
“The tunnel was linked to the Monkton Farleigh Central Ammunition Depot approximately 1 mile away. Ammunition would be brought to the railway sidings, loaded in to carts and sorted in the yard below ground.”

Ilford Polish Camp – (Ilford Park), Newton Abbot, Devon

144 Ilford Park 1 - Version 2
“Room upon room filled with war memorabilia, journals, letters, newspapers - some of these things should be in a museum!”

Portland ROTOR Bunker, Dorset

rotor Portland ROTOR 2 - Version 2
“The entrance tunnel, gently sloping into the bunker is breath-taking and by far the most incredible feature of the ROTOR.”