Underground Naval HQ & Communications Centre, Portland, Dorset

portlandhq portlandhq_sq
“A long walk, a climb, evading CCTV and regular patrols, this kind of explore really puts your stealth skills to the test.”

Royal Naval Cordite Factory, Holton Heath, Dorset

rncf RNCF Holton Heath, Dorset - Version 2
“Having previously visited the laboratories at Holton Heath it was a long time coming that I actually pulled my finger out and explored the rest of the site!”

HMS Osprey Helicopter Control Tower, Portland, Dorset

tower osprey
“Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that the features in the Helicopter Control Tower which made it such an interesting explore were removed altogether or vandalised even further”

Bourne Valley Culvert, Bournemouth, Dorset

culvert Bourne Valley Culvert 5 - Version 2
“I can safely say I really enjoyed my first time down a drain! I expect it wont be the last time either!”

Portland Underground Hospital, Dorset

underground-hospital Portland Underground Hospital 7 - Version 2
“We finally had a bit of luck getting in to the second tunnel. The bars on the gate had been bent and there was enough room for us to squeeze through”

Breakwater Fort, Portland Harbour, Dorset

breakwater Breakwater Fort, Portland Harbour
“The sheer scale of the Breakwater Fort becomes apparent as you approach the small, secluded harbour. We moored up and headed straight to the Fort, the outbuildings would have to wait.”

Bourton Mill, nr Gillingham, Dorset

829 Generators - Version 2
“With the graffiti and sheer carnage aside, there's still some nice features and machinery in place at Bourton”

West Lulworth ROC, Lulworth, Dorset

825 DSC_0016 - Version 2
“Hoping we'd found "a minter" we soon found that the door at the bottom of the hatch had been previously kicked in and anything of any interest that was there, gone.”

Holton Heath Laboratories, nr Poole, Dorset

613 Chemical Store - Version 2
“We'd pretty much given up when we spotted our access - staring right at us! "There's always a way in!"”

Norden Railway Train Graveyard, nr Corfe Castle, Dorset

train Wheel close-up - Version 2
“It had always been a dream of mine to photograph a train graveyard, and while this one wasn't quite epic, it didn't disappoint at all.”

Underground Fuel Storage Bunkers, Poole, Dorset

403 Fuel bunker - Version 2
“Rather wet in the entrance and got even wetter inside. Flooded in fact. We opened the large heavy door and was greeting by a nice long passageway”

WW2 Underground Shelter, Poole, Dorset

231 Poole WW2 Shelter 1 - Version 2
“No one bats an eyelid as we uncover the man hole and start descending into the depths of Poole Town Centre.”

Upton Fort, Osmington Mills, Dorset

upton UptonFort 1 - Version 2
“Possibly one of the best preserved Victorian forts in the area, especially when compared to the Portland High-Angle Batteries”

Portland ROTOR Bunker, Dorset

rotor Portland ROTOR 2 - Version 2
“The entrance tunnel, gently sloping into the bunker is breath-taking and by far the most incredible feature of the ROTOR.”