Beer Quarry, nr Seaton, Devon

Beer Quarry Beer Quarry, Devon 15 - Version 2
“As we stood at the entrance, the thawing icicles above the opening were falling off taking stone with them. A little concerning...”

Fremington Army Camp, nr Barnstaple, Devon

835 Army Camp Sign - Version 2
“The camp, although abandoned, has a sense of feeling that it could quite easily be used again at the drop of a hat”

Dairy Crest, Great Torrington, Devon

827 Abandoned Creamery (1) - Version 2
“All in all not the best explore, but an explore nonetheless and wherever there's flaky paint and the stench of rotting pigeons, I'm there!”

Stoke Damerel Girls School, Plymouth, Devon

119 5265448183_ccdd70b34c_o - Version 2
“The upper floors are fairly weather beaten and not much remains but you can find some really nice features hidden away.”

Ilford Polish Camp – (Ilford Park), Newton Abbot, Devon

144 Ilford Park 1 - Version 2
“Room upon room filled with war memorabilia, journals, letters, newspapers - some of these things should be in a museum!”