Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Apostles, Bristol

Soon to be converted in to “luxury apartments” we took a trip to Apostles Cathedral with Rookinella and Scott, from 28DL after a rather unsuccessful explore in Gloucester!

The cathedral, once also known as Clifton Cathedral, is in a pretty terrible state, but some of the windows and the basement proved quite interesting.

Apostles Cathedral had a bit of a troubled beginning. Building work started in 1834 but stopped just a year later when there were complications with the foundations which had been laid on an un-even hillside. Almost ten years later in 1843, work commenced again but soon failed and the cathedral was left derelict for a further five years. Eventually a new cathedral was built in the area and the original Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Apostles used as an episcopal see. It later became a Steiner School facility until 2002 when it was put up for sale.

UPDATE: Development of Apostles Cathedral is now complete.


15 responses to “Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Apostles, Bristol”

  1. matty lawson says:

    Has anyone found out about the death in that picture above? I can’t read the name.

  2. Hannah says:

    Is it still standing? And worth the visit? And is it easy to access?

  3. Henri LeBon says:

    Has anyone done the slave tunnels under Bristol or are they a myth?

  4. Sam says:

    Hi, I’m a student in 6th form studying photography and was wondering if you know any decent derelict locations near to where I live. I live in Sherborne, NW of Dorset, and need a good place to base my A level photography shoot at. I am fascinated by the history of abandoned buildings and hope you can help me out. Cheers.

    • Henri LeBon says:

      Mate, head to Penselwood, outside of Bourton, near Gillingham. There’s an abandoned mill there which is pretty cool, next to the river stour. Not a massive site but quite groovy.

    • Rob says:

      Hi Sam, there is a government war bunker in Corsham somewhere me and friends are going there soon.

  5. Me says:

    Unfortunately this building is now student accommodation

  6. Dave says:

    Hey this place looks pretty cool! In what part of Bristol is this place? How do I get there?

    • The Urban Explorer says:

      Dave, a simple search on Google will show you exactly where the Apostles Cathedral is. However, I’ve not seen any new reports from here in years and it’s been ear-marked for redevelopment for longer still. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s finally been converted.

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