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Ancient Dorchester Tunnels, Dorset

dorchester-tunnels dorchester-tunnel-mob
“The tunnels under Antelope Walk no longer connect to one another, but visiting each part individually it soon becomes clear where they once linked up.”

DERA QinetiQ Bincleaves, Weymouth

QinetiQ The 300ft corridor running the length of the workshops at QinetiQ Bincleaves
“Not knowing if & when we'd get this opportunity again we headed straight for the end of the Breakwater. What we found on the way was fascinating...”

East Weares Rifle Range, Portland, Dorset

Firing-range-2 The iconic stop butt on the East Weares Rifle Range
“The firing range was constructed between 1889 and 1903 and the huge stone stop butt is the area's most iconic feature”

Dorchester ROC, Dorset

dorchroc Dorchester ROC bunker
“The ROC would have been responsible for giving the UK public the infamous "four-minute warning" and monitoring any possible fallout from a nuclear attack.”

Underground Naval HQ & Communications Centre, Portland, Dorset

portlandhq portlandhq_sq
“A long walk, a climb, evading CCTV and regular patrols, this kind of explore really puts your stealth skills to the test.”

Royal Naval Cordite Factory, Holton Heath, Dorset

rncf RNCF Holton Heath, Dorset - Version 2
“Having previously visited the laboratories at Holton Heath it was a long time coming that I actually pulled my finger out and explored the rest of the site!”

Draycott Cross Colliery, Derbyshire

draycott Draycott 3 - Version 2
“The brickwork was black and the torchlight from all three of us was being sucked up by the darkness.”
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